Which countrys code is +99?

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There is current no country that has the code +99, but if we add numerical suffixes:,+991 u2013 International Telecommunications Public Correspondence Service trial (ITPCS),+992 u2013 Tajikistan,+993 u2013 Turkmenistan,+994 u2013 Azerbaijan,+995 u2013 Georgia (there are also subcodes within +995 for the regions of Georgia that are de facto independent),+996 u2013 Kyrgyzstan,+998 u2013 Uzbekistan

Country code 1

The logic you ask for was formed in the days of mechanical rotary dialling.

,Dialling took quite a long timeu2014from first winding the dial then letting it return, more than a second elapsed to dial just one 0.

It was almost a full rotation of the dial from the zero finger-hole to the stop.

,The 1 was a lot faster, being a much smaller arc of the circular dial from finger-hole to the stop.

*,The clockwork mechanism governed the return, anti-clockwise rotation to produce measured pulses down a telephone line.

So, the logic was that the most popular and populous countries that were part of the body overseeing the establishment of standardised international codes would receive the shortestu2014and easiestu2014codes.

The US (NANPA **, actually) would get +1 u2014 its network was well-advanced, its population was well-connected to the phone network, and a lot of people would want to call into the country.

,The only other single-digit access, +7, went to the USSR, on population, but it was the long-ish 7, because at the time the USSR didnt have a good network, nor much business with the rest of the connected world.

,The rest of the world had the numbering system divided between them on a regional basis, although why Africa got the +2u2014 series eludes me.

I would have thought +2u2014 would would have gone to Europe, but no, they got +3u2014 and +4u2014.

,International Calling Regions by First DigitGenerally, +5u2014 was allocated to Central and South America, +6u2014 to Oceania and SE Asia, +8u2014 to East Asia, and +9u2014 to South and Western Asia, including the Middle East.

In recent years this has got a little blurred.

,Similar logic was used loosely down the hierarchy, thus Australia, Japan and India (most-popular or populous) got +61, +81 and +91 respectively, though this doesnt explain Peru, Holland and Switzerland; +51, +31 and +41.

,The smallest nations got 3-digit codes: Tokelau (popu2019n 1200) was assigned +690 when it eventually got connected; Falkland Islands (popu2019n 3400) +500.

,Exception: China.

The mainland originally wasnt issued a country code at all.

Its current code, +86, was originally issued to the Republic of China, (Taiwan) whose exiled former-mainland administration was at that stage still claiming legitimacy to the whole mainland nation.

The use of +886 for Taiwan came much later.

,The claim by China (Taiwan) blocked the mainland from joining international organisations such as the UN and CCITTu2014the fore-runner of the International Telecommunications Unionu2014so China (PRC) missed out on a single-digit code.

,See also: Who assigns the country codes in telephone numbers?,BonusnPeople who enjoyed this answer also enjoyed: Paul Stockleys answer to Why do calculators and the number keypad on telephones have different orders of numbers?,* EXCEPT in New Zealand, from where I write.

Here, perhaps to avoid a patent, our dials were numbered with 0 being longest then 1, 2, 3.



getting shorter, until 9 was the shortest, quickest number to dial, a one-pulse decadic click.

,** NANPA: North American Numbering Plan Area -- Includes The US, Canada, much of the Caribbean, and, more recently, US colonies and dependent territories such as Guam, American Samoa and Northern Marianas.

Country code in usa

+1 for telephone numbers.

As Ken Westmoreland points out, this is shared with Canada and other areas who participate in the North American Numbering Plan.


us for country specific internet domains.

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Telephone country code

Looks like it could be a scam,My guess is that 00 is a local dialling prefix with your operator.

+678 is the country code for Vanuatu, a small island country in the pacific often associated with phone scams.

,My guess is you have this number in your missed call list, right?,What they want you to do is call back.

A machine will answer, ang you will hear a voice say u201cA message in english will followu201d and after that there will be like ten minutes in some local language that is incomprehensible.

And every minute you wait will cost you like 30 dollars.

Remember, you dialled so the call goes on your bill,Do you know anybody in Vanuatu? If you do not, never call back and please report the number to your operator so they can block it.

Once they do the scammers will move on.

,Other countries usually associated with this scam are Somalia +252, Afghanistan +93 and Congo/Zaire +242.

There might be more, but these I have come across,Setting up a scam like tis is fairly easy.

The scammer does not have to be on Vanuatu, all that is needed is a contact on Vanuatus telecom operator that gives them access to a suit of local numbers for a cut on the revenues.

Then they have a bank of PCs set up to war-dial all french numbers at random and hang up after one signal goes through.

If they are lucky they can be up and running for two or three days.

After that they moce on to the next victim country.

Hong Kong country code

At a high level, the PRC is more sensitive about Taiwan being seen as part of China than they are in Hong Kong.

For example, most of HK law has in their definition section that u201cChinau201d refers only to Mainland China and not Hong Kong.

,The reason for this is that since HK is obviously part of China (i.


there are PLA troops in HK), Beijing is less sensitive about symbolic issues regarding HK than they are over Taiwan.