Why is the French Empire more influential than the British Empire?

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What empire could rival the British Empire/Commonwealth humanities first true Superpower, which at its peak became the only Hyperpower in history - Starting in the early 16th century with North America and the Caribbean (West Indies.

Reaching its zenith between 1815 & 1922 u201cImperial centuryu201d & started to collapse in the aftermath of ww2, relinquishing control of Hong Kong in 1997, being viewed as the end of empire.

,Almost 1/3 of the countries in existence today were formed or founded by the British.

,Important cities founded or built by the British across the world include New York, Boston, Sydney, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vancouver to list a few.

,Maritime laws, governing all ships at sea regardless of nationality were laid out by the British 200 years ago.

,Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) also known as Coordinated Universal Time, is still the worldu2019s time standard, meaning all clocks are still set by British time.

,British legal system (common law with trial by jury) is used by around 25% of the world.

,Over half the worldu2019s nations use the British democratic system (parliamentary democracy),Sports invented and codified in Britain include Association Football (most popular sport), Cricket (worlds 2nd most popular), Rugby, Golf, Badminton, Rounders/baseball, Snooker, Tennis etc.

,The Science and Technology Agency of Japan, launched a massive project to list every item currently used by humans.

When the project finished they discovered that 54% of all things used by mankind today across the entire world, were invented or designed by the British, the rest of the world combined made up the other 46% (Japans share - 5%),I will close with the contributions of Edward Jenner the pioneer of smallpox vaccine, the worlds first vaccine.

His work is said to have saved more lives than the work of any other humanu201d and Alexander Flemingu2019s for his discovery of the worlds first antibiotic Penicillin.

,Imagine a world without Britains ridiculous contribution to Music, Art, Acting, Literature or Medicine.

Let alone the Industrial revolution, English language or often forgotten abolition of slavery, which finally ended 3000+ years of human cruelty at its worst.

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When I am at home in Davao I think of California as being 16 hours behind.

When I am on the West Coast I think of it as being 8 hours ahead, but a day behind the Philippines.

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Shu016bsaku Endu014d wrote u6c88u9ed9 Chinmoku, which is translated: Silence.

He talks about this topic a little bit.

,In my opinion, it probably has to do with nuances in the Japanese language, and the fact that the culture doesnt really, and never did, have a very high view of religion.

Religion in Japan is just another reason to have a party, it isnt really something that affects us, or should affect us.

This is largely because the pre-Christian religions in Japan dont really demand much of the individual person, and present themselves as more or less optional.

It is that sort of religious consciousness that is prevalent in Japan.

,Further, by the time Protestantism came ashore the Japanese coastline, Catholicism had already been there for nearly 200 years.

They had been persecuted and killed because Catholicism demanded allegiance to the Church over the State, a prospect that didnt please the Japanese Shogunate and Emperors.


Francis Xavier brought Christianity to Japan in 1549.

Sixty years later, while there may have been an estimated 300,000 Christians in Japan, the apparent success of the Churchu2019s mission was about to come to an end.

The shogun who had reunited Japan after years of civil war had grown suspicious that the foreign missionaries were paving the way for conquering powers.

In 1614 missionaries were expelled from the country and Japanese Christians were presented with a choice: either apostasize or be brutally killed.

The terrible persecution of Christians in Japan in the early seventeenth century produced thousands of martyrs, a fascinating underground hybrid church called Kakuro which survived hundreds of years in secret, and an enduringly ambiguous relationship between Japanese culture and Catholicism.

,So, Christianity was already unpopular, dangerous, and banned, by the time Protestant preachers came to Japan in the latter half of the 19th century, when the religion became unbanned via globalization.

Unfortunately, the Protestants viciously preached against the Catholic Church, which deeply undermined the Christian religion in Japan, and persists today.

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The origin of the Boston Celtics name Caleb from a discussion with the owner Walter Brown and the Boston Garden publicist Howie McHugh were put in charge to upstart the new NBA team.

Publicist McHugh was of Irish descent like most of Boston and figure that the Celtic name which is a symbol of the Irish would promote interest in the big amount of Bostonians who were of Irish descent.

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His midnight or your midnight? nIf it is his midnight, he is thinking of you late at night,nIf it is your midnight, chances are that he just doesnu2019t think of the time difference, I had a couple of friends who could never figure it out (mind you, with me it was 7 to 9 hrs and not exactly 12) but guys donu2019t think if this:nHe probalbly has time to text over his lunch break and doesnu2019t really think about the time difference.

nBut there is also the chance that he texts you at your midnight knowing that you are asleep and wonu2019t text back that instats.

Thay way he doesnu2019t need to worry to get into a conversation with you, been there, too, usually they come around and want a conversation later.

nMaybe you can remind him in a way like, hey you do know I am sleeping at midnight, right?

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San Francisco is located in the Pacific Time (PT) zone.

,Meaning itu2019s 2 hours earlier than Central Time (CT) and 3 hours earlier than Eastern Time.

,My favorite app to help with time zones is Figure It Out.

,Itu2019s a free app that lets you compare time zones.

Iu2019m also a huge fan of their Google Chrome extension.

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Be aware that the border between the CST and EST zones in FL was redrawn so that a railroad company could avoid paying its employees for an extra hour.

The line doesnt follow the county borders at the coast.

So to answer this question, you need to know exactly what location youre comparing to in FL.

Rule of thumb: most of Western FL is on CST.