How does big data technology power Alibabas Double 11 shopping festival?

Double 11 shopping festival

The Double 11 Online Shopping Festival, which has taken place every year on November 11 since 2009, has set new standards for online shopping around the world by continually generating record-breaking revenues and creating an innovative retail experience for consumers.

Double 11 event used Alibaba Cloudu2019s advanced big data algorithms, complex IT architectures, and sophisticated software and data applications.

,The big data capability for double11 festival is provided by max compute and AnalyticDB1.

Max compute:MaxCompute (formerly called ODPS) is a fast and fully hosted GB/ TB/PB level data warehouse solution.

On Double 11, MaxCompute supported all offline big data computing and acted as the one and only data warehouse.


Analytic DB:AnalyticDB, data analytics services was also run in conjunction with POLARDB during Double 11, enabling big data processing in order to gain actionable insights.

,Various big data scenarios achieved in double11 festival are,Processing of $1 billion in gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the first 68 seconds of the shopping event,Totally $38.

4 billion of GMV in 24 hours with zero downtime.

,970 petabytes of data to support the peak performance of 544,000 orders per second,87 million requests processed per second,the machine translation service was used 1.

66 billion times, with over 200 billion words translated in different languages(21 languages)

7 Chinese

The Chinese Yuan is not a freely tradeable currency that is why you find the huge discrepancy in price and supposed arbitrage opportunity.

If it were freely tradeable market would never allow such a situation.