Why is the year 2022 referred to as the water tiger year?

Tiger year 2022

It is evidently related to the 12 different Chinese zodiac animal signs and also with the various u2018Five Elementsu2019 of the system, of which I have next to no knowledge, outside of being able to look the stuff up on websites dealing with the subject.

,My internet source states that it begins February 1, 2022.

water tigeru4e2du6587

I donu2019t know if there is a chart which can describe which personality you are.

In Wikipedia there is a so-called Sexagenary Cycle, a cycle of 60 years.

If you switch to other languages than English (for example to Chinese u4e2du6587) this calendar composed of 5 Yang-Yin elements or 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 zodiac animals (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig) or 12 Earthly Branches becomes clearer.

,The 10 Heavenly Stems are:u7532u4e59u4e19u4e01u620au5df1u5e9au8f9bu58ecu7678 (jiu01ce, yu01d0, bu01d0ng, du012bng, wu00f9, ju01d0, gu0113ng, xu012bn, ru00e9n, guu01d0),The 1st two relate to Wood, the 2nd two to Fire, the 3rd two to Earth, the 4th two to Metal, and the last two to the element Water.

,The 12 animals and 12 related Earthly Branches in Chinese are:u9f20u725bu864eu5154u9f8du86c7u99acu7f8au7334u96deu72d7u8c6c (shu01d4, niu00fa, hu01d4, tu00f9, lu00f3ng, shu00e9, mu01ce, yu00e1ng, hu00f3u, ju012b, gu01d2u, zhu016b),u5b50u4e11u5bc5u536fu8fb0u5df3u5348u672au7533u9149u620cu4ea5 (zu01d0, chu01d2u, yu00edn, mu01ceo, chu00e9n, su00ec, wu01d4, wu00e8i, shu0113n, yu01d2u, xu016b, hu00e0i).

,The cycle begins with the Wood Rat and the Wood Ox, the first being a Yang sign, the latter an Yin sign (in Yin the Y is silent) .

Next are the Fire Tiger and the Fire Hare, the Earth Dragon and the Earth Snake, the Metal Horse and the Metal Goat, the Water Monkey and the Water Rooster, the Wood Dog and the Wood Pig, the Fire Rat and the Fire Oxu2026,As you can see, after all 5 elements are u201cexhaustedu201d, they start again in the chronicle order of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, each coming by Yang Yin couples.

The last constellation of elements and zodiac animals is the Water Pig, next time beginning in the year 2043.

,The actual Sexagenary Cycles began on February, 2 in 1984 with the Wood Rat and will end by January, 29 in 2044.

,In German for Hinoe uma - Wikipedia (Feuer-Pferd, the longest Wikipedia entry) for example you will find a table of this Sexagenary Cycle (60-Jahre-Zyklus).

On the top there are the the 5 elements Holz=Wood, Feuer=Fire, Erde=Earth, Metall=Metal and Wasser=Water, then you will see Tier=Animal, u5929u5e72 (tiu0101ngu0101n = Heavenly Stem) and u5730u652f (du00eczhu012b = Earthly Branch).

The 12 Earthly Branches repesent the 12 zodiac signs (animals), the 10 Heavenly Stems represent the 5 Yang Yin pairs of elements.