Has the Philippines ever attempted to colonize any country or territory?

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Formally no, but the 12 million Filipino diaspora has created considerable presences around the world.

These are obviously not Philippine-sponsored missions to colonize new territories, but the demographics are worth appreciating.

Data from 2014 includes nearly 1 million Filipinos working in Saudi Arabia, and 700,000 in the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile the 2016 Canadian census points to more than 800,000 Filipinos.

,The United States by far has the largest disapora - 4 million Filipinos of full and partial descent in 2019 .

After English and Spanish, Tagalog is the most widely spoken language in California and Nevada.

In Hawaii, another Philippine language, Ilocano, holds that rank.

Meanwhile, of Guamu2019s total population, 26% are of Filipino descent .

,Closer to home, the Republic of the Philippines has a contentious dormant claim on Sabah in whats now Malaysian Borneo .

It inherited these claims from the Sultanate of Sulu whose realm previously extended to the northern strip of Borneo.

In 1878, the British North Borneo Company entered into a contract with Sulu to use Sabah.

,In Suluu2019s version of the contract, all payments by the British were deemed rent money.

Meanwhile Britainu2019s copy explicitly said they were purchasing the territory.

When Sulu was incorporated into the Philippines, and Malaya (later Malaysia) was formed by the British, the new states inherited the dispute.

Only two Philippine presidents have asserted claims to Sabah.

,The borders however remain porous between Sulu and Sabah, reflected by the movement of people.

Of Sabahs 3 million population, an estimated 800,000 are Filipinos.

Moreover, Kuala Lumpur claims that 300,000 Filipinos live and work in Sabah without proper working permits.

Both countries have agreed to gradually repatriate undocumented workers .

,In 2013, more than 200 militia sent by one of the claimants to the throne of Sulu infiltrated Sabah in the hopes of forcing more favorable terms between the Philippines and Malaysia.

Presently Kuala Lumpuru2019s stance is that Sabah is a non-issue, while Manila has kept the door open for future negotiations.

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Services, yes.

But also payments.

This refers to Obligations.

,Article No.

1197 of our Pinas new civil code (as amended, a carry-over from the old codigo civil) refers to obligations wherein the date of performance is not specifically provided but can be gleaned or deduced or inferred from the contract itself (that is par.


Obligations must have dates for performance but dates are left open either because it is understood by the parties (resulting to misunderstandings).

Example here: a printing press proprietor commits to deliver Christmas Cards, say 5000 cards as specified.

You and me seems to have dates of delivery or performance and it is not January 8, 2021.

,The 2nd par of 1197 refers to obligations doable only by the person concerned: e.


you contracted me to paint your face (am the painter).

I agreed, took some advance pay and even daubed some paint in the canvas, then stopped.

Note only I can do the work and not Michael Angelo (there is only one Michael Angelo and he passed away).

What to do? Here the court or a third party authority (say, arbitration) will set the date or time frame of the performance.

,The last par.

of the article provides that once the Court sets the date of the doing or performance of the obligation (to do), then that will be it.

Do it.

,Now an unsolicited advice from an old warrior: If you are planning to pursue the study of Law, I strongly suggest donu2019t.

Make much money instead thru business and hire a lawyer; or marry one.

But if you have started, gardamit, no turning back, finish it and join the Bar.

Itu2019s fun and rewarding too (pero mahirap lang talaga) being a lawyer.

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I support government having exactly zero involvement in the marriage of two consenting adults regardless of whether it is a straight or gay marriage.

The complete privatization of marriage agreements and the state having no role other than enforcement is the way to go.

,Libertarian writer David Boazu2019s idea of a new marriage contract modeled after business contracts is something worth looking at.

The partners agree upon the terms of the marriage and add a contingency in case of a divorce.

The stateu2019s only role would be to enforce that contract.

,There is a theory that marriage rates are declining because marriage has become a three way contract between two people and the government.

The marriage system is theoretically designed to screw men rather than simply recognize two peopleu2019s love for each other and desire to be together forever.

,The beauty of this new system is that the stateu2019s role would decline and religious institutions that refuse to marry gays would be free to do whatever they want without fear of leftist legal retribution.

At the same time, gays would continue to be free to marry without any further political squabbling.

,Letu2019s privatize marriage contracts.

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I hope I am not out of line in bringing myself to your attention.

I have prepared, reviewed or negotiated countless such agreements.

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