For a married woman, what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking her husbands last name?

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Married woman last name

Advantages: None,Disadvantages:,People will know youu2019re married and to whom (this is private information of relevance only to you and the Registrar General);,You are presenting yourself as your husbandu2019s property - and by the way, the title Mrs.

goes with a manu2019s name, never a womanu2019s except for a cook;,It takes time, money and effort to alter legal documents.

Why bother to do something that is entirely pointless and unnecessary?,Itu2019s sexist (few men use their wives names except those married to aristocrats);,Itu2019s degrading to be called u2018Mrs.

u2019 which is short for u2018The Mistress ofu2019;,People who meet you wonu2019t know your real name.

This is dishonest.

Would a man behave like that?,In Quebec, unless you both use both surnames, it is a criminal offence to use your husbandu2019s surname.

This has been the law since 1981.

A similar law now applies in Italy and the move in France is for all married women to be addressed automatically by their own names in government communications.

,Need I say more? One day, women will start behaving as the equals of men rather than their property, their skivvies or their unpaid childminders.

They will then deserve equal rights with men.