Suppose you are a developer. You need to build a web browser, especially for Windows 11 operating system. To make this web browser, which types of computer language should you use and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this language?

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Types of browsers for Windows

Something that generates native code with 0 or minimum dependencies and manual memory management.

Something like Pascal, Nim (with disabled GC) or Rust.

Or at the very least for the sake of my sanity, C++.

,I expect web browsers to be a resource intensive application naturally, hence itself must run as efficiently as possible, not merely fast only.

The requirment to include a JS engine for standard compliance is already a resource hog factor, but everything else is not, so that everything else can be made much better.

And thatu2019s where my language choices excel.

,Pascal and Nim have relatively small to medium community, I donu2019t know about Rust but it seems to be more widespread, probably due to the big name that created it: Mozilla.

It canu2019t be denied that language popularity correlates to whou2019s behind it.

These 3 are still considerably smaller than other popular mainstream languages community, except C++ which is kinda on par.

Thereu2019s no obvious disadvantage because your question asks me as Iu2019m proficient enough and know what they can do.

But it might be a hard time shifting some programming doctrines for those not knowing or having very little knowledge about them.