Do younger Chinese, especially the well educated Chinese born after 1990, support the Chinese government more?

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I was born in 1992, I got my BA degree in one of top 5% universities in PRC.

And I am studying a MA program in Russia.

,I guess I am one of those well educated Chinese.

In short, maybe CCP is not perfect, sometimes CCP even did something stupid, but this model is the best one for developing our country.

My major is political science, after reading so many books and researching so many different political systems.

I donu2019t think any other political parties can develop China better than CCP.

,I love our country, I support our government.

But it doesnu2019t mean than I agreed with everything that CCP had done.

For example, the time of cultural revolution was the hell for Chinese people.

GFW is bad for getting new information.

Sometimes we also think CCP does too much they shouldnu2019t do.

,But one thing you have to remember is that after 1840, we had never been so close to the historical position than today.

(Someone may argue about if we chose a democratic system the future of PRC would be better.

But if you really do some research about Taiwan or India, you will find sometimes democracy is prison for developing economy.

uff09,Ask yourself why do you want an election? Why do you want to change?Usually, we need an election to vote for those political parties that swear to make our lives better.

Or those politicans who can protect our interests.

Sometimes politicians are good liars, they told everyone about their perfect plans.

But in the end of their terms they did nothingu2026 You were very very angry, and then decide to vote for another party, another politician.

Itu2019s that democracy? For many developing countries, their politicans just simply keep talkingu2026,Letu2019s see what CCP have said and what they have done.

As usual, when they made a 5 years plan, they would not only achieve their goals, but also overfulfil them.

If you want more people to share your cake, first of all, you should make this cake bigger.

For most ordinary people, they donu2019t really care about who will be their leaders, they care about their own interests.

Me, as an ordinary Chinese citizen, I got more Benefits from CCP than I lost.

To be honest, I gave up some of my freedom in order to benefit securities from orderly government.

(There are many educated chinese people like me) .

If someone ask me right now, if PRC became an democracy country today, which party you would vote for? My answer is that I would definitely vote for CCP.

How could we judge a government is good or bad? Of course, the judgment method wonu2019t be if this government has elective government and democratic system or not.

Otherwise, such countries like Philippine and Liberia would be the best countries, because they all have complete democratic system.

,One of the best judgement methods is whether this government really improved the living standards and living qualities (HDI, life expectancy,GDP, urbanization rate etc.

) of own people and led this country to be modernized and industrialized.

(through comparative analysis with other similar countries, for instance: india vs china, UK vs France, Vietnam vs Thailand, but if you compare USA vs N.

Koreau2026) As you can see, CCP did lead PRC from a poor and broken country to a modern industrial country.

,Form WB From WB As a proletarian party, CCP will never make everyone happy.

And CCP will seriously punish those who dare to challenge this political system.

So no matter how much CCP did for the most Chinese people.

There are still some people dislike or even hate CCP.

Well, I think itu2019s ok, even elected politicians or parties wonu2019t make everyone happy.

Heres an analogy to help you know this system:,You are a pretty smart and hard-working Asian scientist today.

But when you were a young boy, you wanted to get freedom, you wanted to play computer game all the days, you wanted to be an artist.

You wanted to date a neighbour little girl.

But your dad said NO, he thought that you should only study hard.

You should be a scientist with a PhD degree.

Your dad forced you to study math, physics and chemistry every single day before 18 years old.

Maybe you were not happy at that time.

Because your dad you wonu2019t never be a waiter or a local Ruffian.

At the same time you lost the opportunities to be DOTA champion or the most famous artist in the world.

Right now, you get a good salary, you have a good job, you are a successful scientist.

,Should you say thank you to your dad or not?,CCP did force our chinese people to do something that we didnu2019t really want to do, but those things were mainly good for Chinese people (again, not everything).

Because of some decisions that CCP had made.

We did lost some opportunities.

(for example, if we chose democratic System we might be the best partner for the U.


in Asia after 1949, we might develop very fast like Japan) .

If we were not lucky enough.

We might be a bigger India or a bigger Iraq.

who knows? All of these things might be true But no one can be a Prophet of future.

We just simply chose another way that we thought itu2019s good.

And it helped make PRC what it is today.

,As for one man one vote.

One reporter asked our former premier Zhu Rongji when we could see direct election and competitive election in PRC? He answered: we would like to get it as soon as possible.

CCP did try direct elections in some cities before, but it didnu2019t work very well in PRC at that time.

Then, CCP stopped promoting such systems.

,There were many u201cifu201d in the history.

But there are no u201cifu201d in the history.

I personally donu2019t want to guess what the history would be.

But if we are talking about today.

I donu2019t think another party can do better than CCP.

,There is Old saying in China: The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up.

(u6c34u80fdu8f7du821fuff0cu4ea6u80fdu8986u821fu3002) It means that if our govement mainly did well, we would support it, if mainly did wrong.

We might overthrow this goverment.

Chinese people arenu2019t stupid, we wonu2019t unconditionally support any goverment, the CCP goverment knows this point better us.

,In 1992, GDP per capita in PRC was 493$, 25 years passed, the number is about 8500$ in this year, our gdp per capita was growing more than 1700%.

Amazing? Unbelievable? This year, average salary in PRC is higher than Mexico and Brazil .

Some elites of these two countries always talk about how cheap Chinese labor forces took their jobs out.

Now congratulations! Their labor forces are cheaper than ours! Unless there will be some special circumstances.

PRC will be a high-income country before 2025.

Remember, our territory is double than whole EU, our population is higher than whole Europe.

So it means that CCP will make a continent, not only a country becoming high-income region.

,As a master student who is studying political science, I have to admit that democracy is a great system.

But itu2019s simply one of many ways to develop a country.

,Most of young chinese people arenu2019t crazy fans of CCP, and we donu2019t specially support CCP, we just simply support the ones who make our country and our lives better.

The writer of a famous book , one of the most famous political scientists - Francis Fukuyama once said in 1990s: The end of history means liberal democracy is the final form of government for all nations.

There can be no progression from liberal democracy to an alternative system.

But he said another words in 2016: China has posed the most serious challenge to the concept of the end of history.

If China could successfully resolve all kinds of pressures and continue to maintain a strong and steady state in the next stage.

Then I will think that Chinese model will really become an alternative way to libaral democracy.

(I will continue to write about this topic)

Thank you for giving me this opportunity

Are the following sentences correct, u201cThank you for giving me the opportunity to work for you.

u201d or u201cI will forever be grateful to you.

u201d?Both sentences are correct grammatically.

,Culturally, the second one would not be used in the context of work.

Itu2019s a very emotive statement, and might be used in a more personal context of giving thanks to someone (for example if someone saved your life).

,I would NOT use the word u201cserveu201d in this context, which was mentioned in another answer.

Itu2019s not used in Anglo-Saxonic contexts, and implies servility.