What is a sample complaint letter to a bank for a wrong transaction?

Complaint letter sample

What do you mean by wrong transaction? Pls ellucidate it or send pic of this particular transaction so that an appropriate letter can be drafted otherwise bank wont listen.

You also have an alternative to go bank with your statement and explain your objection personally accross the table and it will get sorted out.

Letter of complaint

For Consumer Complaints in Consumer Courts in India:,What are some tips to filing a consumer complaint?Some tips before filing, and to file, a consumer complaint are:,u00b7 Confirm first that you are a u2018consumeru2019 within the meaning of Section 2(1)(c) of the Consumer Protection Act.

Although livelihood is not commercial in nature, commercial users cannot maintain a consumer complaint, i.


, purchase of goods or avail of services for resale or a u2018profitu2019 or u2018business motiveu2019.

Whether a particular good or service is for a commercial motive or not would depend on the facts of the case,u00b7 Confirm whether the subject-matter complained of falls within the purview of u2018goodsu2019 u/s.

2(1)(i), or u201cserviceu201d u/s.

2(1)(o) of the Consumer Protection Act.

Further, there must be some kind of u201cdefectu201d u/s.

2(1)(f), u201cdeficiencyu201d u/s.

2(1)(g), u201crestrictive trade practiceu201d u/s.

2(1)(nnn), u201cspurious goods and servicesu201d u/s.

2(1)(oo), or u201cunfair trade practiceu201d u/s.

2(1)(r) of the Consumer Protection Act, for consumer complaint to succeed,u00b7 Preserve all communication / correspondence with the Opposite Parties,u00b7 Notice of some sort in writing to the Opposite Parties should be given highlighting the grievances of the consumer.

The said notice should be given to all the relevant Opposite Parties,u00b7 Preserve all postal acknowledgements of letters posted and all other documents and paperworks as may seem to be relevant for a consumer complaint,u00b7 Identify the u2018cause of actionu2019.

Cause of action means the reason or u2018causeu2019 because of which you have to file the consumer complaint,u00b7 In the consumer complaint, implead all the relevant Opposite Parties, because non-joinder of parties can be fatal to the consumer complaint,u00b7 Identify if the complaint is a u2018representative complaintu2019, i.


, where there are numerous consumers having the same interest.

If so, seek permission of the Court after filing case to implead other persons having benefit from the same cause of action, and if Court grants permission, one may inform and invite such other persons,u00b7 In the complaint you have mentioned with proper arguments : the introduction of the parties, that the complaint is not time barred, that the complaint is filed in the correct jurisdiction,u00b7 Copies of all relevant documents must be evidenced in an organized format.

Explain how you would like it to be explained to you.

It is always advisable to get the documents attested by notary or by self-certification as u2018certified true copyu2019, because it is better evidence and one can take a stand in Court that one is being totally truthful,u00b7 Mention a precise and specific gist / summary of complaint explaining in extremelyfew lines why the Opposite Parties are liable, and what provisions are violated, and what wrong-doings have been done by the Opposite Parties.

,u00b7 Once summons on the Opposite Parties are served, they should enter appearance in the Court within 45 days of summons reaching them.

If this does not happen, complainant must insist for u2018ex parteu2019 hearing, meaning u201cwithout the partyu201d.

Preserve postal acknowledgement of summonsu2019 post because otherwise you will have to re-send the summons for the sake of the postal acknowledgement, and the 45 days countdown will refresh,u00b7 Do not miss Court hearings, and keep track of all important events in Court hearings, eg.

, when any directions to either parties have been given, when Opposite Party is absent, deadlines, etc.

,u00b7 Consumer Court has power to summon, enforce attendance of any defendant, and also to summon and enforce attendance of, and examine on oath, a witness.

Court also has the power for discovery and production of any document or other material object producible as evidence.

Court also has the power of reception of evidence on affidavits.

Court also has the power of requisition of report of an analysis or test from a laboratory or other relevant source.

Court also has the power for issuing of any commission for the examination of any witness (i.


, deposition of witnesses who are beyond territorial jurisdiction).

All these are powers are for hearing of consumer complaints,u00b7 Consumer Court has the power, if satisfied, to direct the removal of defects, replacement of goods, return of price/charges, award compensation, discontinue unfair/restrictive trade practice, not to offer/withdraw/cease manufacturing of hazardous goods for sale, issue of corrective advertisement to neutralize the effect of misleading advertisement at cost of erring party, to provide for cost.

All these powers are for judgment and passing orders,u00b7 Any Order of the District Forum may be appealed to the State Commission within 30 days (upon payment of costs, if required by the Order being appealed),u00b7 Frivolous complaints may be dismissed quickly with costs upon the complainant,u00b7 Get acquainted with the http://confonet.


in website, and learn how to check your case status, roznamau2019s, judgments and causelists,u00b7 Keep updating yourself with the u2018roznamasu2019 (also called u2018daily ordersu2019).

Roznamas are summaries of each hearing written by the Judges in their records.

One should not only be acquainted with the roznamas of their consumer complaints, but also during the hearings, they should ensure that their strongest and other important points should be written in the roznamas by the Judge.

One should verify the roznama before that dayu2019s hearing ends, because oneu2019s important points should not be left out from that dayu2019s roznama,u00b7 Seek help from Consumer Protection Councils and Consumer Protection NGOu2019s which can be found from Google and from the Consumer Courts

Customer complaint letter sample

If I ordered 2 items from a business and they gave me 4 items u2026 can the business charge me for the 4 items ?In the US, they cannot charge you for the unordered items but they have the right to ask for the items back and pay the shipping.

Its now a gift to you.

,Your Rights When You Get Unordered Merchandise By law, companies cant send unordered merchandise to you, then demand payment.

That means you never have to pay for things you get but didnt order.

You also dont have to return unordered merchandise.

Youre legally entitled to keep it as a free gift.

,SOURCE: What To Do If Youu2019re Billed for Things You Never Got, or You Get Unordered Products.

,Furthermore u2026Brushing Scam PSA from USPS,If you you received a package in the mail, but didnt order anything? Watch this video and visit the website to learn about brushing scams before you get taken [or your identity is stolen],,SOURCE:,Credit and Debit CardsSample Letter for Disputing Credit and Debit Card ChargesDo you need to dispute charges to your credit or debit card? This sample letter can help you write a letter to get your money back.

,Refunds & ReturnsBuyeru2019s Remorse: The FTCu2019s Cooling-Off Rule May HelpThe Cooling-Off Rule gives you 3 days to cancel sales made at your home or certain other locations.

But not all sales are covered.

,Sample Customer Complaint LetterHeres a sample letter to help you write your own complaint about a product or service.

,Solving Customer Problems: Returns, Refunds, and Other ResolutionsIf you arenu2019t satisfied with a product or service, these tips and strategies and can help you resolve the problem.

,What To Do if You Were ScammedFind out what to do if you paid someone you think is a scammer, gave them some personal information, or if they have access to your phone or computer.

,What To Do If Youu2019re Billed for Things You Never Got, or You Get Unordered ProductsBilled for products you never ordered, or for products you ordered but never got? Federal laws protect you.

Heres what to do.

,Other Issues You May ConfrontFile a Consumer Complaint,Register for Do Not Call,Report Identity Theft,Get Your Free Credit Report,Refund and Recovery ScamsIf youu2019ve been scammed, someone might promise to help you get your money back u2013u2013 if you pay in advance.

Thatu2019s another scam.

,Free Publications from Federal Trade Commission (FTC),Get Consumer Alert emails

Reply complaint letter

It would depend on WHAT the complaint was, if it was directed to me, concerned me or affected me.

Complaint letter exercise

u201cWhat do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contemptu201d,The first letter of complaint is from ~1750 BCE.

it is an inscribed cuneiform clay tablet that is 4.

6 inches high, 2 inches wide, 1.

0 inches thick.

,This complaint letter was to a merchant named Ea-nasir by a customer named Nanni.

Ea-Nasir was a traveling salesmen and was selling copper to Nanni in Mesopotamia.

Nanni sent his servant with the money to complete the transaction.

Nanni was a regular customer of Ea-Nasir.

,On inspection, it turned out the copper was not up to Nanniu2019s standards and wanted a refund.

So Nanni wrote a letter to Ea-nasir.

He also complained that his servant had been treated rudely.

,The Birth Of Customer Service,Mesopotamia is one of the birthplaces of commerce as we know it.

This letter of complaint has the classic prose we may find in a complaint letter today.

,Here is a translation of the complaint letter:,n> u201cTell Ea-nasir: Nanni sends the following message:,When you came, you said to me as follows : u201cI will give Gimil-Sin (when he comes) fine quality copper ingots.

u201d You left then but you did not do what you promised me.

You put ingots which were not good before my messenger (Sit-Sin) and said: u201cIf you want to take them, take them; if you do not want to take them, go away!u201d,What do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contempt? I have sent as messengers gentlemen like ourselves to collect the bag with my money (deposited with you) but you have treated me with contempt by sending them back to me empty-handed several times, and that through enemy territory.

Is there anyone among the merchants who trade with Telmun who has treated me in this way? You alone treat my messenger with contempt! On account of that one.



Complaint letter sample bad attitude

I was working in CID and was pretty much in the (largely non-existent, except when it suits colleagues and bosses) role of u201csenior detectiveu201d, in the department, despite having two colleagues who had undergone the same training as me (minus the Child Protection courses) and a Detective Sergeant, who kept snatching interesting courses (as in training courses - not u201ccasesu201d as had been suggested in edits.

He definitely didnu2019t want anywhere near the cases!) out from under my nose, as he u201cneeded oversight of thingsu201d (preparing for the next step up, in reality) - and despite the fact that due to the calls and cases, which he and the other two kept punting to me, those courses would have been to my benefit and the benefit of those victims I dealt with.

,My wife, meantime, was working in a specialised role, under the aegis of the CID, dealing with overseeing all cases relating to Child Protection.

She pioneered the role, wrote a paper on why it would benefit the area command (based upon her previous experience on a long-term secondment to the Force Child Protection Unit, at headquarters) and submitted it to the then boss, and he bit.

Great idea, she was told.

She started three months prior to being accepted into post, without ever really knowing about it (what I mean is, they decided she was already doing the job).

She checked and rechecked every existing file to do with CP work, archived and live, and ensured that they all met the requirements of the Inspectorate, which was going around the country, dip-sampling cases, in different Force areas, at the time - just in case.

It took her 18 months, and in that time she fell pregnant (unexpectedly, but happily).

She had almost finished the work, and had only some tidying up to do - stapling and punching documents, which she had obtained from partner agencies, which had previously been missed, then they were to be files in the right files.

,Meantime, another female uniformed officer, with a background in basic child protection, and who we had both known in her first station (Aviemore), was transferring up to Shetland, onto a uniformed shift, having returned from her own first maternity leave, with her hubby, also a cop.

He had worked with one of my brothers (whose judgement I now have cause to question) who called me and basically said he had volunteered me to help them out in settling into Shetland, any way I could, if I was u201chappy to do sou201d? This put me in the position of being a dick, if I said no, and I thought it wouldnu2019t hurt.

I told Amanda about their moving up to Shetland and she messaged the female cop - who for the purpose of this story I shall call The Treacherous She-Snake.

Amanda suggested to her that, as she was coming into the shift she had been allocated on a part-time basis, only, to begin with, perhaps she could help Amanda out and put off going into the streets until she was happier to do so and life at home with a wean had adjusted? Yes, The Treacherous She-Snake would be u201cmore than happy to helpu201d.

Meanwhile, I visited potential properties they were interested in, sought out others and took numerous photos of all of them, inside and out, submitting them to the couple for their attention, with my own observations.

I must have viewed six, at least and ruled out at least a dozen more, as unsuitable (never a word of thanksu2026).

,So Amanda went to the boss and suggested to him that TTSS would come into her office, part-time, and assist her with getting ready for the inspection, as the inspectors had announced by this time that they were, indeed, coming up to Shetland.

She did so, with his blessing, and she carried out the bits and bobs of punching, stapling and filing while Amanda continued to screen every single file for omissions, mistakes and missing papers, and ready them all for the inspection.

Having completed her side of the task, Amanda was suffering from pre-eclampsia, by this time, and had to be rushed down to Aberdeen for a few days, to be checked over by the gynaecologist there.

He sent her home, with orders to rest and return to work in a week or so.

Meantime, the inspectors had arrived on the islands.

,Now - my apologies, but this being The Police, a further bit of background is essential, as this Sorry take involves not one, but three twisted so-and-sou2019s, who came together in a collective u201cperfect stormu201d of backstabbery and maliciousness as has rarely been glimpsed outside your average stage on the ill-fated unlamented Jeremy Kyle Show - or the House of Commons (all three of the aforementioned being particularly fruitful breeding grounds for the sort of twisted f**kwittery and horrendously self-serving conduct that would have made Rudolf Hess weep into his bowl of Spandau sauerkraut).

,The uniformed inspector at this particular moment in time was an horrendous example of cadet policing gone wrong.

She had joined as a child and matured into a full-blown gorgon, an outright harridan, desperate to make everyone fear her and so she behaved more masculinely and abusively - particularly verbally - than any male officer I have ever worked with (and Iu2019ve worked with transferrees from Strathclyde! - Eh, Malky? ;) ).

Every sentence directed at a junior officer contained personal insults, effing and blinding, and often my own personal kryptonite - the dreaded four letter u201ccu201d word (rhymes with hunt) - vile from the mouth of a male and seemingly all the more so from the twisted maw of a (alleged) female.

,While the two of us (she and I) had been working on separate shifts in Inverness, me as a uniform cop, and Baba Yaga, as I called her (long before John u201cf*cking pencilu201d Wick!), as a temporary Inspector, four years previously, our paths crossed, she and I.

She was a Hindsight Hero - that is to say one of those types who had never been able to do The Job themselves, but who would, instead, peruse the previous 24 hours incidents and look for incidents she felt should have been dealt with u201cbetteru201d.

Then she would add actions to incidents, even unfiling them, where other inspectors had filed them as complete.

I had received a call, involving an old man who accidentally set fire to his house, a semi-detached.

He had Parkinsonu2019s and fairly advanced dementia and had been out of hospital for a day when he tried to light his pipe and dropped the match onto papers next to his curtains.

When I arrived, at the locus, his front room was well ablaze, with smoke chimneying up the stairs - thick black smoke, the kind that kills quickly.

He was standing in the living room, not moving.

I tasked my probationer to get the neighbours out, heard that Fire Brigade were stuck in traffic and were at least ten minutes away and so I kicked his front door in.

I got him out, into the garden and he told me his wife was u201cupstairs sleepingu201d.

I looked up the stairs and thought u201cshit!u201d My probationer saw my face and begged me not to, but I went back in anyway.

I found bath sheets in the hall airing cupboard, and soaked them in the kitchen sink, telling myself if I ran upstairs quickly enough, I could do this.

I could do this!,I got to the top step and quickly realised that, no, I likely could not.

I went to my knees almost immediately, hacking and coughing, feeling the heat all around me drying out the sheet in seconds, burning my bare forearms beneath the now crispy Egyptian cotton towel.

But that old lady was sleeping in her bedu2026.

I literally crawled from room to room, searching over my head by hand, keeping my mouth to that diminishing air gap, just above the floor, but I found no one on any of the thre beds upstairs.

I knew if I stayed any longer I wasnu2019t going home that night, or maybe ever again.

I stumbled and fell back downstairs, finally realising what people meant when they spoke of u201clittle sparkly thingsu201d in your vision, when hypoxic, and ended up in the arms of a fireman, who helped me outside and gave me oxygen to suck on for a few delicious minutes, interspersed by coughing up the lining of my lungs and what appeared to be chunks of tarmacadam, due to the preponderance of soot in my airways.

,I looked at the old fella and sorrowfully told him I hadnu2019t found his wife, when the neighbours overheard me.

They came over and imparted the news that his wife had died three years earlier and he hadnu2019t been the same since, tapping their temples.

I looked at the old man, while standing next to the Fire Master, also a trained Fire Investigator.

We saw him try and light his pipe again, with trembling hands, only to miss and drop the lit match.

The Fire Master smiled at me and said u201cThere is your cause of fire, Iain.

u201d (we knew one another of old).

He wrote it up, I contacted Social Work and with the aid of a decent inspector on my shift, we had the old boy in a residential care home by the time he left hospital, the next day.

I went back to work, with my head hair and beard a good deal shorter, and minus any hairs on my arms, due to the heat, and was later told by my inspector that he had already filed the incident and had had a call from the fire master, had spoken to my probationer and the neighbours, and was putting me in for a commendation - which I later received.

,Now, the purpose of all this is background, remember? Baba Yaga came on shift, after days off, saw this incident and decided (and youu2019ll love this, Malky) that the old man u201chadnu2019t been interviewed under formal caution on suspicion of wilful fire raising and reckless endangermentu201d, u201cno Force fire investigator had been called or had attendedu201d and my submission that u201cthe Fire Brigade investigator had ruled on itu201d was u201cevidentially meaninglessu201d.

She unfiled the incident and added those actions, then told her bosses at the command briefing, that she had addressed a few incidents of u201csloppinessu201d, on the previous daysu2019 shifts, my own among them.

,I read her comments and thought, u201cWTF?u201d I spoke to my inspector and he assured me I had done all that was required, she was full of nonsense and he would sort it out.

To be certain, I contacted our Force fire investigator (we had only one, at the time) and asked him about the Fire Brigade investigator.

u201cHe is plenty competent,u201d he assured me, u201cI hope so anyway, as he trained and certified me!u201d Armed with this, I updated the incident and left it to my boss to file it.

Baba Yaga unfiled it.

Rather than speaking to him, she came on shift early, with no tie or epaulettes, neck of her shirt undone, and her nicotine-stained lips and teeth drawn back and ready for battle (her fingers were similarly stained, as she rolled her own unfiltered, and smoked like a chimney).

She approached me in an open plan office populated by two shifts, then in the process of changing over, my own being the officers going off duty.

,u201cRight, you lazy bastard,u2026u201d began her opening sally at me, and it got worse from there on in.

I told her politely and respectfully (even calling her u201cmau2019amu201d, which she appeared to hate) that my inspector had filed it twice, so perhaps she had best talk it through with him? I also passed on about the Fire Brigade investigator, or own Force fire investigator and his credentials, and finished with a repeated, u201cWith respect, mau2019am, shouldnu2019t this be a conversation you have with my inspector?u201d Her response was to screw her face up into a fairly hideous mask and yell at me, u201cDonu2019t you u2018with respectu2019 me, you cheeky f*cking c*nt, when I f*cking tell you to do something youu2019ll f*ckjng well do it or Iu2019ll make you wish you had never been f*cking born, you c*nt! Understand me?!u201d I stood upright, beckoned over my probationer and informed her in my best u201cstreet voiceu201d that I had been nothing but respectful toward her, despite the fact she wasnu2019t my inspector and wasnu2019t even on duty yet, and that if she swore at me one more time - u201cone more timeu201d, I repeated - then I would arrest her for a Breach of the Peace.

She told me I couldnu2019t do that, thunderstruck by my change in demeanour.

Rather than being cowed by her, I had grown in height and adopted a more quietly forceful attitude than even her own.

She could not process thisu2026.

,I assured her that whether I could or not was open to debate.

What was not open to debate was that I WOULD.

Her behaviour was more than competent to prefer a charge against her, were we on the street.

u201cI wonu2019t put up with it from them (pointing out the window) so what makes you think I will put up with it from you?u201d She opened her mouth and I said, as loudly and clearly as I could without shouting (years of dramatic practice in school plays and musicals helped!) u201cDo you understand me??u201d,I then suggested to her that she had a ways to fall and that her pips were temporary, while I couldnu2019t fall any further.

I had nothing to lose.

I counselled her to u201ctake a big step back, here, and consider your position.

u201d She looked around and every pair of eyes was fixed on us, the entire area silent and agog.

She wheeled and rushed out the door to the bathrooms.

My shift then began to clap and cheer, as I thought, u201cShit shit shit!u201d And my probationer said, u201cHoly f*cking shit, Sooty, you could at least have warned me you were going to go all u2018Stone Coldu2019 (Steve Austin) on her! Iu2019m shitting myself, man!u201d Laughter ensued, which died when she suddenly returned and insisted on apologising in private.

I told her that she had abused me in public, so she could apologise there also, if it was genuine.

She ground her teeth, apologised and offered me her hand.

,My weakness? Decency, I suppose.

I shook her hand, accepted her apology and that was that.

I subsequently declined to make a formal complaint against her, when one of the sergeants who had been present (neither of whom had attempted to intervene) sent a Chief Inspector my way looking to have her pips taken off of her.

That isnu2019t how I worked then, or now.

(Now, her remains would never be found.




),But then, four years into my stint in CID, several hundred miles away, in Shetland, who transferred up as uniform inspector? Yup.

Baba Yaga.

My sergeant had been in Inverness at the time and had heard the stories.

I warned him anyway.

,To her credit, she never bothered me, other than to remark to my supervisor that I had u201can issue with authorityu201d (u201cNot that Iu2019ve ever seenu201d, he replied) and she grumped at me, one day, that no one had done what I had done to her, in 30 years in The Job.

I ignored the comment, as I didnu2019t want pulled into a slanging match.

It was in the past, I told myself.

,How wrong I was.

,Because NOT to her credit, she went out of her way to damage my wifeu2019s career.

She took to TTSS like bread takes to butter.

Like minds, I suppose.

,So while Amanda was off, resting, with her pre-eclampsia, Baba Yaga presented TTSS to the Inspectorate, during their trip, as the officer who had u201ctaken such great care over all the filesu201d, when they commended the area command on the high standard of work shown.

They said TTSS was u201ca credit to the Forceu201d, and u201ca great resourceu201d, and this went straight into her appraisal folder, from Baba Yaga.

Of my wife, not a single mention was made by either one of them.

Sadly, the area Commander was also absent that week, as his knee had been badly damaged - a recurrence of a serious injury - and would eventually see him retired on ill health (the last decent boss I ever worked for, now the Convener of Shetland Islands Council).

,Amanda was distraught and felt betrayed.

TTSS portrayed it as though she hadnu2019t realised she had been given all the credit.

Amanda went off on maternity leave a couple of weeks later and TTSS strolled onto her post, to keep her seat warm, while she was off.

,When the time came for her to come back, the new Area Commander - an ineffectual lazy milksop and chronic lickspittle - called her in to his office.

He had u201cbad newsu201d for her.

Despite the fact that the role was hers, and she was still formally on maternity leave, he was u201cchanging the role somewhatu201d.

This meant he was keeping TTSS in place, and that Amanda was going back onto shift.

,We were stunned.

Surely he couldnu2019t do this? We sought out the Federation rep - a marginally-better-than-useless-but-not-much, toothless type, who talked a great game, but was, himself, holding down a post by dint of being mates with the previous holder (who just happens to be my brother-in-law).

Eventually, after seeking advice from brother-in-law, Fed Rep comes back and assures Amanda u201cthey canu2019t do this, not while you are on maternity leave - even in the Police - the job is yoursu201d.

,However, the Divisional Commander (twisted soul #3 in our sorry tale of woe) - a malevolent, malicious little shit of a man - had already advertised the role, so u201cOops! We will have to take it to interview, now, anyway!u201d u201cOh no you donu2019t!u201d said Brother in Law, to Div Com, when I told him of this.

Finally, the impasse was breached.

Amanda was told she and TTSS were the only two in for the role, which had also merged in management of sex offenders (which had formerly been part of my role, as well as catching and reporting them, with Amanda assisting me in said management), and which Amanda actually already had all the training in, while TTSS had none! u201cSurely she scored more than XXXX on the required criteria?u201d Brother-in-Law demanded.

u201cOops! We didnu2019t apply any criteria! Our bad! Tell you what,u201d (and this next was word for word) u201cif Amanda turns up to the interview and answers the questions, which are on her role anyway, the post is hers, no question!u201d u201cOkay,u201d agreed the Fed Rep, as Brother-in-Law was off to Edinburgh, higher up in the Police Federation, by this time.

,So Amanda went for interviewu2026.


and came home crying.

u201cIt was awful,u201d she said, u201cThey asked a ton of stuff that I wasnu2019t expecting, some of which isnu2019t even about Scots Law, but the content of u2018Meganu2019s Lawu2019 (the American legislation)u201d.


I thought.

Oh no.

u201cWho did the interview?u201d I asked.

u201cThe Divisional Commander came up to do it, with Inspector ******** from Headquarters.

u201d Hmmmmmmmu2026.




u201cHi, Amanda, really sorry to tell you you didnu2019t get your job.

Sorry about that.

u201d Click brrrrrr.

,She was devastated.

TTSS had scooped the post.

She and Baba Yaga had won the day.

Baba Yaga couldnu2019t attack me, as I didnu2019t report to her.

Instead, she came at my wife and made her life a misery, because she simply couldnu2019t accept that she had been wrong to behave as she had, those years before.

Playground bullies are like that.

,So rather than deal with her or TTSS face to face, Amanda went into her office, late one evening - or what had been her office, prior to her maternity leave, and found all her stuff had been cleared away.

She searched the various desk drawers and found it all, stuffed at the bottom of the drawer, but then stopped, dead.

Pulled up short by what she saw, lying in the top drawer of an open desk, face up.

,It was the list of interview questions, typed out, with details of where to look for the answers and points to concentrate on, all written in unfamiliar handwriting.

She copied them all and got in touch with the Fed Rep.

but he wasnu2019t much interested.

So I spoke to my Brother in-Law, and he contacted the Divisional Commander, to say what had been found.

u201cThatu2019s impossible! I chose all those questions, myself, at random from the pool, only the day before the interview.

She must be mistakenu2026 or lying!u201d u201cNo, because she has copies of the questions and someoneu2019s handwritten notes on what answers to give.

u201d Silence.

Then u201cIu2019ll look into this.

u201d,Brother-in-Law got in touch and relayed this on to us, stressing the most interesting point.

The Divisional Commander had stated he selected the questions personally, just 24 hours before the interviews.

So u201csomebodyu201d had obtained all these and given them - and the notes - to TTSS, to study for, in that short window of time? Hardly likelyu2026.

There would be handwriting to compare, was the best news, though.

After all that is how police investigate matters of fraud and deception.

Surelyu2026?,Meantime, Amanda was told she was going on shift, regardless, and TTSS was going into the role she had cheated her way into.

Brother-in-Law dropped the entire affair into a chat, with the then-head of Professional Standards (one of the few decent types we have had, and who loathed the Divisional Commander).

But Div Com heard about this, and u201ccarried out his own enquiriesu201d, when he became aware of PSC taking an interest.

,We heard that a Detective Sergeant, who TTSS had u201cworked withu201d (she actually had an affair with him, which hubby had discovered - hence their move North - one of many she was supposed to have had with colleagues and supervisors, during her time in The Job; some people feel a need to do so, to get on, it seems) had taken the fall for the questions and the handwritten answers.

He had been innocently trying to help a friend and this was accepted by the Div Com, who reprimanded him.

Then promoted him, because he was u201can honest sortu201d.

Because he has copped to the questions, no one ever checked the handwriting.

No one ever explained to us just how the Det Sgt had obtained the exact questions, which the Div Com had stated he had selected personally, only 24 hours before the interviews.

Some questions are only answered when you are above a certain rank, it seems.

,Meantime, TTSS was investigated by Professional Standards.

They found she had reams of answers to probationer exams, as well as other Force examinations, tests and assessments, as well as the Force driving exam (written section) and she had been busily distributing this to probationers, and other officers, over several years, incurring favours, which could be collected upon later on.

Several probationer officers - at least eight - were binned as unfit for service, following the investigation, due to their use of such dishonest means to pass examinations and tests.

What of TTSS? She transferred back south, cuckolded hubby in tow, and was given u201ca verbal warningu201d by the Divisional Commander.

Within a matter of months, he had her acting up as sergeant and then, at the first opportunity he gave her full sergeant stripes, making her up to Detective Sergeant, doing what she would have been doing in Amandau2019s role, as a PC, in Shetland.

,The kicker? I was later assured, by a senior figure in the Crown Office, that it was common knowledge that TTSS and the Divisional Commander had (allegedly) had an affair, when he was a lowly Det Sgt working alongside her, years previously (spotted a pattern yet?).

,The twist of the knife? The Divisional Commander fabricated a tale, involving some information I had passed to my inspector, which identified a previously unknown source for a breach of confidentiality, locally.

Div Com and his lackey decided I had u201cprotectedu201d the source, who I had never met, by not naming him in my operational statement (I didnu2019t know his name when I wrote it, but had him named to me, later, by my own sergeant, who knew the family.

The Div Com also took issue with the fact I had discussed the matter with Amanda, while she was on maternity leave (as I said, she managed sex offenders with me, so knew all the players), ignoring the fact that the other members of my department had all discussed it with their wives, none of whom were or ever had been serving Police Officers, and he later reported us both to the Area Fiscal, on the most tenuous (fabricated) grounds he could, rather than handing the matter over to Professional Standards (who were mightily pissed off - and intrigued - by these machinations of his).

Once again - and within days of the ill-fated interview, right after Amanda had told the Fed Rep about the evidence she found (which might well have implicated him) - the Div Com had u201csatisfied himselfu201d that there was u201cample evidenceu201d to support his allegations about us both being untrustworthy.

He was never able to produce this evidence, instead insisting he had it - even telling all my peers, in local partner agencies, that he had identified me.

He suspended me from that aspect of my duties and denied Amanda her role on the basis of us being u201cuntrustworthyu201d, when the Area Fiscal informed him there were no grounds for any complaint against us.

,He passed the enquiry on to Professional Standards, thereafter, and they scrutinised it (the old boss, his nemesis, having been moved on, by the Div Comu2019s sponsor and fellow Lodge member, the Deputy Chief Constable) before they ruled I had been guilty of a u201ctechnical breach of confidentialityu201d, as I had discussed it with Amanda, and she u201cwas not a serving police officer while on maternity leave.

u201d I subsequently spoke to a senior Crown Office figure, whom I knew, to enquire about this point, and they assured me this was garbage.

They suggested I request this ruling in writing.

I did so and this was declined.

I was told to accept my guilt and move on.

Let us be clear, had they said, u201cyes, hereu201d and provided evidence of such, I would have accepted it as a learning pint and moved on.

However, they refused to do so.

What is more, at the relevant time, my wife still had her warrant card and was merely on maternity leave, therefore she was still a serving police officer, never having been relieved of duty, suspended or required to hand back her warrant card by the Chief Constable.

She was still subject to all the standard terms of duty and confidentiality.

,Still, the Div Com wouldnu2019t budge and told her, in a rather personal and heated call, which he made to her, in my presence, that she was u201cdirtyu201d and he knew it.

That was good enough for him.

u201cIu2019m warning you, I have evidence that could destroy your careers.

u201d he blustered.

She dared him to go ahead and asked why Prof Standards had never been given it?,She then made a detailed complaint against him, sixteen points, in total, against the advice of the Fed Rep.

The Force investigated, interviewed us both (Professional Standards - again - only decent types this time) and she was ultimately assured, in writing, that no such evidence existed as he had alleged, that he had been found to have failed in fifteen of the sixteen points and she then received a hand typed letter, from the Head of Professional Standards, hand delivered by the new acting Divisional Commander, who shook his head, seated at my dining room table and said to me, u201cThis is the biggest pile of pish I have ever seen in my puff! What was he thinking, the trumpet?!u201d The letter was five pages of outright apology - formal apology - from the head of Prof Standards, on behalf of the Chief Constable, for the manner in which she, and I, had been treated.

The new Div Com said he had never ever seen a letter like that, from HQ, in all his days, but we had a new Chief and the old Div Com was being sidelined, u201cout of favouru201d.

He retired shortly thereafter.

A waste of oxygen and skin to the bitter end.

As twisted and morally bankrupt an individual as many of those I have locked up, in my time.

,Finally, my wife was vindicated.

I still had my u201cverbal warningu201d for my u201cbreach of confidentialityu201d on my record, I was told.

But when I asked for a full copy of my entire service fileu2026.


there was no mention of any such proceeding, or warning, which had been given verbally, by one of the sleazebagu2019s lickspittle lackeys.

Go figure? I retired a couple of years later, without a single blemish on my service record.

,The motto of this incredibly long, interrelated and intertwining story? Donu2019t ever believe there are no depths to which bosses will not stoop, in an effort to shaft you, or to try and protect themselves.

Or their (alleged) mistresses.

,Here endeth that particularly rum lesson.

Letter of complaint question

This may be a stupid question, but would writing a complaint letter to a movie studio about a movie you hate actually do any good?It would matter why you hated the movie.

I saw Oblivion through my cable provider, I purchased it to view, the sound was AWFUL! Yet I was not the first to make this observation and so I didnu2019t write what was evidently a large problem.

I began to investigate the sound engineering and found that the creators had used some pretty new techniques to give the audience a unique u201cexperience.

u201d Dolby Atmos and the future of immersive soundIn this case, when a movie has an error that causes it to be unwatchable, the movie studio may want the feedback, however if you are not in the first round of commercial movie watchers, largly the movie, most times studios are made up of so many parts that they truly are businesses, and they create products that are either received well and reward their efforts or bomb in sales and cost them their initial investments.

,Also, I personally have an issue with violence against animals in movies, so I like when they show in the credits that u201cno animals were harmed in the making of this film.

u201d This has not always been done, but as films became better at faking these scenes, audiences complained about the ethics of their treatment.

However, since this disclaimer became a staple of films with animals, assuring people of their ethical treatment, it has become evident that not all films conform to what animal rights activists would consider u201charm.

u201d Why the No Animals Were Harmed movie disclaimer doesnt mean muchBeing part of the clockwork of studio movie making, there are so many levels of decisions going on that once a movie is created, the job is overu2026 any letter you send, may never make it to anyone relevant.

Also, what can they do after a movie has wrapped, itu2019s actors have gone on to other projects, itu2019s production and post production are finished, it has been marketed and sold and pre-sold through every viewing medium, e.


, theater, cable, commercial sales, video rentalu2026 This does not even go into the complex deals that are made to get financial backing for a movie, e.


distribution channels (which invest in a project up front in return they make a deal for distribution rights).

The list of financing avenues is long as is the legal contracts with each entity involved in every aspect that a studio is in charge of (if not also liable for).

,However, should something truly upset you, I would find the most appropriate department to send your letter to and then go ahead and write.

It may make a change in what happens in future movies.

,Good luck.