How do reproductive, endocrine, and nervous systems work together?

Reproductive system function

There are entire books written on this subject and it has multiple facets, it cant be answered in a few paragraphs.

What exactly do do want to know? Heres a short answer.

The endocrine system is regulated by the pituitary and includes regulating sex hormones required for ovulation and other body functions to keep the organism alive.

The nervous system works to keep the organism alive, locate and attract a mate.

The reproductive system allows mating and reproduction.

Female reproductive system

Humans are placental mammals.

So the males ejaculate sperm into the vagina.

The sperm swim through the cervix & into the uterus.

An egg cell is imbedded in the blood rich uterus.

After one sperm cell fertilizes the egg.

The fetus gestates for 9 months.

Nutrients from the mother is passed via the placenta.

Finally the infant is then expelled during birth.

,I prefer the salmon way of reproduction.

The females lay eggs on a river bed.

A male salmon jizzes over the clutch.

The female organ

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