What is the easiestcheapest business to start from home (like cleaning, for example)?

Cheapest business to start from home

How about thisu2026 a few years ago, I was driving through Charlotte NC, returning from a job.

I know nothing more about this business then the 1 billboard I saw.

u201cyukkou2019s we pick up your dogs poop because you donu2019t want to.

u201d,Good God, I love this country! America the land of opportunity!,With covid, my business has tanked.

I have been considering this.

How much could it cost to start a pick up your dog poop business? Throw in changing cat boxes.

You need things you already might own, a bucket and a shovel.

Maybe a dust buster for vacuuming around cat boxes if you get that fancy.

,Post on Nextdoor and facebook and see if you get any calls.

If you do, follow the rules.

Do what your say you are going to do, for the price you said you would do it.

At the time you said you would do it.

Once you have picked up dog poop three times, on time and effortlessly for that customer, pitch them the next job.

Something you would rather do than pick up poop.

Be it rake leaves, clean and organize garage, put up and take down Christmas lights, etc.

Once you have become a known reliable source for service, the next job is easier to get.

Small profitable business ideas

As world economies tumble because of the ripple effects of the global crash in the price of crude oil, many individuals are steady looking for what small business ideas to start up.

While there are several thousands of ideas to pick from, it is extremely crucial for new entrepreneurs to maximise their first tryout at entrepreneurship by starting a business that is profitable.

,Here are couple of profitable business,Personal Shopper:The fast-growth of Instagram has led to the rapid proliferation of personal shoppers.

They setup Instagram accounts, flaunt highly trendy fashion collections by mostly rocking them themselves, and help people asking questions on how to get them, acquire them.

,These personal shoppers have used the fashion rave of the Instagram platform to carve a niche for themselves, where they earn good profits from styling prospects without leaving their environs.

,Social Media ManagementMost of the successful businesses rely on social media marketing these days.

And in turn, customers frequently use social media to determine businessesu2019 worth.

,Every business understands how crucial social media is, but not all spend the necessary time to manage it well.

So, if youu2019re a social media geek and have your hand on every platform out there, from Twitter to LinkedIn, they maybe itu2019s your time to offer professional services.

,You can become a successful solopreneur and help businesses to promote their brand.

What you have to do first is to kick ass your own social media presence.

,Food TrucksPeople love to eat, no doubt about that.

The yummy culture seems to have taken over the worldu2019s megalopolises.

Cafes are on every corner with the most varying foods and interiors.

,The competition is too high there for a small business.

And the solution to that are food trucks! Give it a cool look, fill it with the tastiest food and hit the road.

Park in places where you can attract a hungry crowd.

Anything from festivals, local events, or the local square would do.

,Online CoursesAre you passionate about sharing knowledge? If yes, this might become your dream business.

The demand for online education is growing these days.

So, it makes to the top of small business ideas for 2017.

And secure your place you will need quality content and good marketing.

,You can go for academic training, become a wellness instructor, teach people about business and hobbies.

The possibilities here are endless.

Just take up the subject youu2019re most proficient in.

Because there are millions of people out there interested in everything from science to art.

,But because there are so many courses out there, originality should become the key for you.

Try to offer a new perspective or a new teaching method, promote it well and you will attract the online crowd like a magnet.