Who is a better method actor between Al Pacino and Daniel Day Lewis and why?

Similarities between range and variance

I love Al Pacino.

He is one of my favorite actors of all time.

That said, Im sorry, but Daniel Day Lewis is by far the better Method actor and I would go so far as to say that he has even proven to have more range overall.

,Throughout his career, Daniel has taken on so many different variances of characters.

Pacino, on the other hand, relies more so on his overall charisma, which is amazing in its own right.

But you have to think: Has he really played a wide range of characters in his career, like Daniel, or has he played the same character different ways? Theres a difference.

,Consider this.



,Al Pacinos notable characters in:n,nThere are many more for sure.

And yes, in recent years he, like De Niro, have been playing the same character.

But if you look at these characters above, many of them mirror others and are merely different versions of the same character as far as range goes.

Hes amazing, dont get me wrong, but hes not, by any means, a chameleon actor that disappears in a role.

Hes the Al Pacino we love playing a cop, a mobster, or a rage-oholic.

,Now look at Daniel Day Lewis and his notable characters in his much shorter career thus far:,,nDaniel arguably displays much more range and variance in the above roles compared to Pacinos.

Even the similarities between his characters in Gangs of New York and There Will Be Blood are nothing compared to their differences.

,I will admit that Pacino has shined in Angels of America and You Dont Know Jack, two television roles that he won awards for, but he still doesnt reach the levels that Daniel Day Lewis has.

,We can argue that method isnt exactly about the characters, but how the actors throw themselves into those roles.

I dont doubt for a second that Pacino commits himself 100% to each and every role, even in his recent roles which are mostly all the same.

However Daniel does just the same with better results.

In fact, according to what weve heard as far as his method, he takes it much further and its much more impressive due to the characters that he plays being of the variety that are so much different than him.

,You wouldnt guess that the quiet and kind Daniel Day Lewis could be Plainview from There Will Be Blood or the dangerous character he played in Gangs of New York, let alone the man suffering from cerebral palsy in My Left Foot.

But you can expect the charismatic Al Pacino to play the characters that he has.

,I really do believe that Daniel Day Lewis will prove (If he hasnt already) to be the greatest actor to have ever graced the screen.

I think he can surpass Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando, if he hasnt already.

,The closest individual to him right now, in my opinion, is Christian Bale.

Both are chameleon actors.

They disappear into their roles.

Range and standard deviation Psychology


The issue is not IQ per su00e9, but that humans are social creatures and the thrice-goddamned 30 pointsu2019 communication range.

,Humans are social creatures and they thrive in groups.

Families, clans, tribes, societies, you name it.

We really long the company of each other.

Rejection and being isolated is the worst feeling we can feel save outright persecution, and it feels like physical pain.

,Yet there is the thrice-goddamned 30 pointsu2019 (two standard deviations) communications range.

All meaningful human interaction happens within two standard deviations on IQ.

If the IQ difference of two persons is more than 30 points (two sigmas), the communication breaks down.

They can have only small talk and mere customer-client relations, but not really meaningful interaction.

,That means also that finding a spouse, getting a job, studying, hobbies, friendships etc happen always only within the communication range.

And the closer two personsu2019 IQ is each other, the better they get along.

,If someoneu2019s IQ is dramatically deviant from his environment, s/he is singled out as freak, deviant, nerd, geek, egghead and ostracised.

S/he is too different and s/he is ousted from all social circles.

And that isolation is disastrous to sanity.

S/he is sure to develop psychological problems.

But if s/he attempts to dumb it down, pretend s/he wasnu2019t that intelligent and descend to the level of the others, it is incredibly consuming.

This is why I am a heavy drinker.

Drunkenness lowers IQ and the stuff of the normies really begins to makes sense when Iu2019m plastered.

,It isnu2019t the IQ per su00e9, but the ensuing social issues.

This can, however, be avoided if the person in question gets to grow up and socialize all h* life in an environment where s/he is surrounded by intellectual peers and people are in h* communication range.

High IQ societies really do have a function - to work as peer support group for people who otherwise would be ostracized and ousted from normiesu2019 social circles.