What type of government does the United States have quizlets?

The United States is a Republic.,A republic (Latin: res publica) is a form of government in which the country is considered a u201cpublic matteru201d, not the private concern or property of the rulers. The primary positions of power within a republic are not inherited, but are attained through democracy, oligarchy or autocracy

Why are Starbucks coffees so expensive?

u201cJohn, use my partner numbers.u201d,Before I could answer, Jen, my 6u20326u2032u2019, giant, giraffe of a manager, shoved me aside and entered her employee identification. The price came out to zero for one venti brewed coffee.,u201cHeu2019s a cop,u201d she said. u201cAll cops get free drinks.u201d,A couple minutes later, Commando Katie came to

What cities in Asia fly non-stop to SFO?

Quite some Asian cities have flights direct to SFO. Below is the list -,Beijing Capital International (PEK) -,Air China CA985 - Boeing 747u20138,United Airlines UA889 - Boeing 777u2013300ER,Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL),Air India AI173 - Boeing 777u2013200LR,Air India AI183 - Boeing 777u2013200LR,Auckland Airport (AKL),Air New Zea

How did USDT cryptocurrency achieve being fixed to USD to prevent volatility?

Tether (USDT) achieves being fixed to USD because it is fully backed by the US Dollar. That actually means that each coin is worth and will always be equivalent to one US Dollar with few cents of variations.,It is the perfect escape when the markets are volatile. The last dip was a good example!,So when the market dips from $115B to $80B in a day o

What foods should I eat more for getting a twin pregnancy?

All the suggestions people will make will be based on superstition, because the type of food you eat has been shown to have zero influence on the gender or the amount of babies youu2019ll get pregnant with.,The suggestion Tilly Bradley made (IVF) is the only one that makes sense on a scientific basis. People who have IVF treatment are significantly

How can I get cheap plane tickets to Japan?

Cheap airline tickets, discounted airline tickets do not have to come at the cost of service. We are at Future.Travel are committed to providing great service to our customers regardless of the price they may pay for a ticket. We so believe in people that we donate from every single online transaction to social enterprise to help the local communit

What makes a good leader?

My dad served as a senior advisor to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. One of the things Gates did while interviewing potential candidates was ask these candidates' subordinates what they thought of this person.,His idea was that a good leader will have people under him who donu2019t have terrible things to say when it is safe to do so.,A leader c

How many people have over $100,000 in student loan debt?

I have $180,000 in student loans from attending pharmacy school. I graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy.,On a 10 year repayment plan at 7% interest, the monthly payment is roughly $2500 per month.,An IBR is usually 10% of discretionary yearly income divided monthly on a 20 year repayment plan. After 20 years, whatever balance is left over is taxed a

What exactly happens when you die in a dream but do not wake up?

Possibly because your death is symbolic in the dream. You're not actually afraid of dying or you'd likely wake up. For example, in falling dreams a person usually awakens before hitting the ground.,In your dreams it's likely that you're reviewing the potential implications of a major life change (symbolized by the death of your old self), and the i

How do we write a grant for a concept paper?

The first sentences are important. Capture their interest; engage them to continue reading the rest of your concept paper. Purpose In simple terms, state the problem that your project will address or the need that your project will fulfill. Provide evidence as to why this problem is important.,WRITING A CONCEPT PAPER FOR A GRANTWRITING A CONCEPT PA

How does your school system work and how do students feel about it?

My highschool has a grading system that was suppose to help students, and lessen the effects of getting some low grades on your final grade during the year. This was abused by a group in my batch, and it got really extreme during our last year. Not to mention they shared it to the lower batches, and after we graduated, the whole grading system was

What should you never say when accepting a job offer?

Thanks! But you do realize that Iu2019ll be leaving as soon as I can get a better/pays more/higher level job I like/can stand/my SO (or mommy) approves of.,Thanks but you know Iu2019ll only being staying until XYZ Co., the job I really want, gets back to me.,Can you give me a schedule of all your company holidays so I can plan my time off in advanc

What is South America famous for?

u201cWhat is South America famous for?u201d,South America is famous for strawberries, cocaine, crime, wind, potatoes, fernet, corruption, earthquakes, ice fields, palta, Gabriel Garcu00eda Marquez, corruption, micro-basurales, cocaine, Mario Vargas Llosa, coffee, crime, the Golden Lancehead Viper, cocaine, pisco, Jorge Amado, trees, warfare with th

What is the best laptop for an engineering student at a college?

Laptops having following configuration would be best for engg students :,RAM - 4GB is an minimum but you may suffer with it. If you have the budget money, go with 8GB one.,Disk Space - 1 TB disc space is more than enough. But with 4GB RAM varient one may get 500GB disc space, which again is sufficient.,CPU - To be safe, get a Core intel i3 minimum,

Can you share a picture of your book collection?

I own two small home libraries in two countriesu2026. I will update their photos soon!,However these are some of my dream libraries:,Famous fashion designer and icon Karl Lagerfeld stacks his books horizontally in his floor-to-ceiling home library. Located in Paris, the library looks like it's turned on its side.The "Skywalker Ranch" u2014 film pro

What term defines a man or a woman based on biological characteristics?

A baby boy, born with a penis is a male. Penis = male = man.,A baby girl, born with a vagina is a female. Vagina = female = woman.,The two terms are penis = male (and) vagina = female.,NOTE: I am one of those annoying people who believe that there are only (2) sexes; female and male, period!,Short answer, but to the point!,Cheers . . .

Who should prepare a business plan?

The reason for preparing a plan is simple. You need something good, attractive to the investors. It shouldn't have an introduction per se, but the beginning depends on each start-up's/company's situation. Regarding the situation in which you will present the plan, some should indeed have some sort of introduction, but again, everything has to be ta

Can a USB cable be used to charge the Canon 450D cameras battery?

No. As of now, the only Canon cameras that support USB charge are G9X, G7X Mark II and G5X. They all use 3.7 volt battery and have microUSB port.,There are Chinese third-party chargers for Canon batteries with USB power support, but I wouldnu2019t trust them. So, your only way is wall power or car 12V to 100/110/220/240V inverter, which effectively

Is Tagalog hard to learn?

First of all, I want to tell you this: Broken Filipino is understandable by us, Filipinos.And by saying u2018Filipinou2019 language, I mean all the languages spoken in the Philippines.,But if you want a language that is almost understandable and spoken by all Filipinos, then learn Tagalog.,Learning Tagalog is not easy, but I would say itu2019s easi

In Chinese cuisine, what is a bao?

Itu2019s a bun - called u201cbaozi/baou201d in China and u201cbaou201d (also spelt u201cpaou201d) in Chinese communities overseas..,The bao usually have a cooked filling, filling can be sweet such as red bean paste, lian yong pau (lotus paste), purple yam paste (pic above), or liu sha bao (salted egg yolk custard (orange coloured bao); and or savor

Is there any way to tell if a watermelon will be sweet without opening it?

A tactic to identify Roderick's bass drum: if you slap the watermelon and it sounds like you're slapping...n,your forehead, it's not ripe yet.,your chest, just right (bass drum),your belly, too ripe.,nI also look for the ugliest -- ones with the most brown lines (ant tracks?) since ants go for the sweeter ones too.

If you have made Thai Mango Sticky Rice, what is the best recipe you have used?

I believe the basic ingredient is pretty much the same. However, the secret is to,,add 2 teaspoons of alum power the first time you wash the rice OR,use alum block to rub the (dry) rice thoroughly before washing.,Alum is used to remove the starch and make the rice looks more translucent. Then, keep washing the rice until the water looks clear then

Have your neighbors ever called the cops on you for something ridiculous?

Itu2019s never happened to me, though I can think of some good stories in this line:,A 90-year-old woman I knew sat on her front porch and saw boys down the street in their speedos cooling themselves off in a small above-ground pool in a neighboru2019s front yard. She called the police and said there was a bunch of naked men in a pool.,My new next-

What is your review of Skyscanner?

I'm a Spaniard living in New Zealand. This trip is one or the longest you can do by plane, often requiring 3 or more flights and more that 24 hours total length. I've made this return trip once per year since 6 years ago, I believe this gives me some credit to talk about travel agencies.,In my life I have bought flights using different agencies and

What types of boys does every girl like?

Every girl is different, and everyone has different wants and needs. How can one type satisfy all?This q needs to be edited and changed to u201cWhat type of boys generally girls would like?u201dI usually come across such questions which seem to be asked by clueless teens (irony: I am a clueless teen too lol) and ignore them because I think I don't

Is there a consensus on GMO safety?

Yes, there is. The scientific community has been in consensus for decades. Most of the worldu2019s scientific academies (nearly 300) have issued statements in support of GMO safety, based on literal thousands of independent studies, mostly run by scientists without any financial ties to any agribusiness company.,More than 280 scientific and technic

What is the best budget wireless gaming headset for 2022?

When looking for gaming headphones you should go for wired ones as wireless headphone have high latency that mars the gaming experience.,Some of the names I can suggest are:,JBL Quantum 100,EKSA E900,Redgear Cosmo,Also check out this blog post.

How do you extract an image from a background in Photoshop CC?

Removing a Picture from it's Background Photoshop TutorialSTEP 1Open your image, and double click on the u201cbackgroundu201d name in your layers pallette. This will turn it into a layer.,STEP 2Open the extract tool: Image>Extract or Option/Alt+Cmd/Ctrl+X,STEP 31. Take the,marker tool and trace around the image you want to extract. Keep the mark