How do you fit furniture in a small bedroom?

A small bedroom can be dealt with by smartly choosing the right furniture units.,The process starts with measuring the dimensions of the room.,Accordingly plan the placement of different furniture units in different areas.,Its Better to go for furniture units that won't occupy more area rather go for space efficient furniture units which can be put

How do you differentiate fake memory cards (Samsung, Kingston, and SanDisk)?

Q: How do you differentiate fake memory cards (Samsung, Kingston, and SanDisk)?A fake card can boost the value of a cheap or even reject/faulty card from relatively worthless to tens of dollars or more, giving the counterfeiters a big profit for their efforts.,Detecting these fakes can be, by all accounts, extremely hard. The seller of the fake car

I have a Canon 700D (t5i), 18-55mm IS STM, 55-250mm IS II, and 50mm 1.8 II. My budget is $500, give or take. I like photographing wildlife, macro, products, and people. What lens should I get next?

You already have basic coverage for most things. Not the best lenses, but you have to think about whether you're going to upgrade your existing collection or start to buy more specific-purpose lenses. ,For the APS shooter with a couple of kit lenses looking to get into macro photography but also interesting in shooting people (I live on 26 acres in

What are some great outdoor du00e9cor ideas that are cheap and effective?

I love outdoor showers in the summertime. Few things are as fun as a warm shower out in the sun, or under the stars, with a friend. At the beach it's a great way to keep sand out of the house:,,nLINK: Summer Showering OutdoorsFor the winter, a firepit is mesmerizing, a natural gathering place for a group of friends:,

Which colour of shirt suits royal blue pants?

Not really an interior decorator but just suggesting. If your logo is royal blue and orange, I think peach or beige color would look nice on the office walls. I am assuming your logo is something like this,,nHope this helps.

Why do YouTubers never tell their real earnings to their subscribers?

It was never a rule haha, that was all made up, this is the real reason:,YouTube does pay a lot of money once youu2019re at a certain bracket, if you have fans asking how much you make, youu2019re probably making a lot.,They wonu2019t tell because 1, itu2019s just personal, people at a big corporation most likely wonu2019t tell you how much they ma

What is the split complementary color of blue?

Blue has two split complementsu2014red-orange and yellow-orange. Orange is the direct complement of blue on the color wheel. The split complements would be the colors on either side of the complementary colors.

What makes a strong income statement and balance sheet?

Some of these may be slightly subjective and are my opinion and what I look for. Remember, these financial statements do have limitations as they can be a snapshot in time, there can be timing differences, and accounting rules not reflecting economic reality and value. These are indications that a company will thrive and stay in business, though th

What is the best laptop of 2019?

From my personal experience of laptops made in the last 15 years, I recommend Dell and Lenovo (formerly IBM ThinkPad).,I have refurbished about 200 laptops, maybe more.

Which is the oldest building that a McDonalds is in?

Richard and Maurice McDonald founded the original McDonald's restaurant in San Bernardino, California, and invented the u201cSpeedee Service System,u201d now commonly known as u201cfast food.u201d,Ray Kroc built and owned the first McDonaldu2019s of what became McDonaldu2019s Corporation after he became the franchise agent for the McDonald brothers

What is on the secret menu at McDonalds?

Technically, yes. Essentially, no.,There are items on the register that crew know how to make that arenu2019t on the posted menu boards. These include the Quarter Deluxe and the Daily Double, which are McDonaldu2019s answer to the Whopper and Whopper Junior respectively, featuring lettuce, tomato and mayo. The latter hasnu2019t been on a menu Iu201

How do I make my own headers?

Hello, thanks for requesting! So if you would like to learn how to make GIF headers, check out Daniel Choiu2019s GIF headers tutorial. As long as you have Canva, and a way to screenshot, you should be able to follow the tutorial. Here, Iu2019ll be teaching only how to make picture headers. Now, letu2019s go!,,1 Find the picture you want u2192 This

How do I change my Bitcoin wallet address?

Most wallets will generate a new address each time you receive money, but there might be an option to force them to generate a new address. This will depend on which exact wallet youu2019re using.,P.S. Donu2019t generate more than 20 empty addresses in a row, as this might cause issues.

How do you calculate daily protein intake from grams to calories?

For crude protein, multiply grams by 4. So, 1 gram of crude protein = 4 calories.,If you are trying to figure out how much protein to eat, you basically canu2019t eat too much without forcing yourself. So, if you eat to the point you feel full, youu2019ll probably be fine.,Most people get an insufficient amount, largely because they calculate their

What is the recipe for a killer pizza sauce?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how to make pizza sauce from scratch. You may be surprised when you find out how easy it really is. I'm fairly certain you will be equally surprised by how good it tastes!,A good sauce requires quality ingredients. Do your best to get the freshest ingredients and the flavor that results will reflect

What is the default username and password for a Sky router?

Which username and password? The login username and password is normally printed on the back, as is the WiFi SSID and password.,The ADSL PPP dial details are never given out. This was an issue because it meant that you canu2019t use a third party router (unless you wanted to use the Sky router as the modem and WAN2 on the other router). However, Dr

Which is one of the best and most affordable places to visit?

Hi nI am mentioning 20 countries where you can travel from India costing below INR 50000.1. THAILANDnAIR TICKETS: The round trip would cost between INR 20,000 u2013 23,000, from New Delhi or Mumbai. From Kolkata it may cost around INR 10,000.nSTAY: Thailand is full of budget staying options starting from as low as INR 800 per night per personnFOOD:

What can we learn in Tally?

You will learn posting of basic accounting in tally. You can do bank entries , cash entries ,purchase sales journal entries in tally. Above this you can convert all this data into excel, PDF for further working .

What are some must-try campfire sandwiches for your next outdoor trip?

There are various recipes for campfire sandwiches that you can make. However, you will need a grill grate for most of them. If you don't have one, you can try cast iron pie iron for camping. It can easily substitute a grill grate, or you can simply prepare one single sandwich.,Hot sandwiches on the grill are a simple, nutritious dish that can be ea

How do I become a better customer service agent?

The core of customer service is helping people so reps need to be helpful. But itu2019s not enough that theyu2019re helpful if you really want your customer service to stand out. They would also need to be empathetic. It is one of the core traits customer service employees should have. In fact, itu2019s not just for customer service but for custome

When did World War One start?

Austria-Hungary delivered its declaration of war to Serbia by telegram at 11:10 am on 28 July 1914. The telegram was received by the Serbian government at 12:30 pm the same day.,Interestingly, the telegram was written in French, which was still the primary language of diplomacy in those days.,Wien, den 28. Juli vormittags,Le Gouvernement Royal de S

Why is the Philippines considered the poorest country in Asia?

-Because Philippines is more popular than other Asian countries so Philippines gets the more spotlight.,-Because a lot of the foreigners are not well versed with geography so they donu2019t know anything about other Asian countries which have a much worse poverty rate than PH.,-Because they only see the negative side of the Philippines, or they onl

What are some small scale business ideas?

Looking for inspiration to identify the best small business ideas for 2020? With so many business ideas, finding the right one is easier said than done.,It may seem like all the good business ideas or the best small business ideas have been taken, but they are not. Most successful small business ideas come from people who work for someone else but

What are the top 10 home based business courses on Udemy?

The question is a bit too vague: what are your objectives ?,Learning to become an entrepreneur ? You are already entrepreneur, but you want to expand your skills ? What domain ?,Udemy provides lots of courses over a broad domain, from programming to cooking or learning to play with a music instrumentu2026

What is the meanest thing your mother in-law did to you?

My former MIL is one of the smartest women I know. I married her oldest son (she had five sons) at a young age and learned a lot from her. The tides turned when I realized how controlling she was and how perverse her relationship was with my husband - he put her before me. All of my sister in laws would joke about who was in the lead for daughter i