Who is the most intelligent criminal in history? Why?

Frank Morris.In June 1962, Morris and two associatesu2014brothers John and Clarence Anglinu2014escaped from the supposed u2018inescapableu2019 Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.,Orphaned at age 11, Morris spent the majority of his childhood in foster care. He was convicted of his first crime at age 13, and, by his late teens, had received his first con

What defines us that we belong to middle class family?

What Screams "I'm Middle Class," here is my list reflecting back on my upbringing and neighborhood in Belleville, New Jersey:n* Dutifully mow your own lawn and trim own shrubsn* Vacation in Disneyworld or Disneyland, and return regularlyn* Neighborhood parents or grandparents wrapped their living room furniture in plasticn* Camper parked in the dri

I have a Thinkpad x131e from my school, it was broken in the dumpster in the back of my school, so I fixed it and I tried replacing the useless Chrome OS and it said "developer mode disabled" how do I bypass this?

Long answer warning!,You will probably have to re-flash the bootloader. Or, if you are being truthful about the laptop having been thrown away, talk to your school officials. They may let you ask their IT personnel to de-enroll the laptop from their monitoring software. After that, you may be able to access Developer Mode, though I'd bet you'd have

Does Huobi charge a listing fee for new cryptocurrency listings?

I am unsure if they charge a price as they do not state it on their u2018apply to listu2019 web-page, but it does say the coin needs to have a trading volume of $100,000 for 30 consecutive days.,That doesnu2019t cost money, but does mean you likely need to be listed on another exchange before Huobi Exchange will accept you.,Hereu2019s a link to the

How can I stop growing hair from a mole on my face?

You can safely laser it away. The best laser for that is a long pulse ND Yag which will penetrate and not affect the dark mole area.,Do not let anyone try laser with any other method of hair removal as those lasers will burn the dark skin of the mole.

What are some first date tips?

YES, I GET TO HELP SOMEONE PLAN THEIR FIRST DATE!!!! AHH, I LOVE DOING THIS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE A2A Rodrick Evans!!!,Okay, so depending on where you live, thereu2019s a lot of things you can do. Iu2019m going to give you suggestions assuming you live somewhere with differnt seasons and itu2019s not too hot all the time or too cold.,Minigol

What colors make light green?

Light green might mean a thousand different nuancesu2026,So, to remain a bit vague: letu2019s just say that if you take green and add white, you will get a variant of light green.

Why is almost everyone becoming blind due to hatred?

Imagine visiting to a beautiful place surrounded by lush green forests.,We all dream of living in such a place and enjoy the scenery, pure air and the beauty of the place.,If even a sick person live in such beautiful and healthy place, he will be cured of his illness.,However, this same place can become a hell by the mischief of just one person.All

What are the fashion trends in 2022?

if we talk about colors - u201cGreens and blues are in for 2022.u201d About Shades Pantone has revealed that Very Peri, a blue-purple hue, will be the color of the year in 2022. The color has been described as a "warm and pleasant blue tint with a careless confidence and joyous attitude." Very Peri is just one of the blues Pantone says will be popu

What are some Chinese New Year traditions?

Historically, celebrating Chinese New Year in China was meant to pray for good blessings on farming in the new yearu2014hence, worshiping ancestors has always been a critical component. Family reunion dinners falling on Chinese New Year Eve also include ancestral worship rituals that connects the 3,800-year history of the holiday to the present.,Ea

Is the $2,000 free money cash app real or fake?

Many people want to earn money without doing anything like a survey. For this, they can do anything. But all this does not happen. This is a trap laid by scammers. In which you guys get stuck. These people lure you. Like you can earn $2000 for free without doing anything on Cash App.,You must have received such emails. I had also got it but I did n

What are some things I should know about New Zealand?

We donu2019t have snakes: Frans du Plessis's answer to What are some of the venomous snakes found in New Zealand?We have only one species of venomous spider, called the katipo, which is famous in New Zealand, because it is the only venomous creature that we have. However, almost none of us have ever seen one, because it is an endangered species and

What are some easy to make non-vegetarian breakfast recipes?

Here are some non veg super tasty breakfast,Bread omlet,Ingredients4-5 bread slices,3-4 tbsp oil/butter/ghee,For the omelette mixture:4 eggs,salt - to taste,1 tsp red chilli powder,1/2 tsp turmeric powder,1/2 tsp black pepper powder,InstructionsFirstly, in a bowl, beat the eggs and add into it.,Into it, add salt as per taste, red chilli powder, tur

Do Arabs tell their ages in the lunar calendar?

Next solar month, I am going to be 25. I became 25 eight lunar months ago. I choose my age depending on the situation. When I was a teenager I tell people my lunar age although the difference might be several months to make myself look older. On the other hand, my mother uses her solar age, because the difference is more than one year, and you know

How long do you air fry bacon?

8u201312 minutes is average but it depends on how you like your bacon cooked. Longer time would be crispy bacon. I personally like it when its a little tender and has a slight chew to it. There is a fine line between under cooked, rubbery bacon and overcooked bacon.

How can you raise a bad credit score 100 points overnight?

u201cOvernightu201d??? You canu2019t.,There is absolutely nothing that you can do to increase your credit scores dramatically in such a short period.,AT BEST, if you were to pay off or greatly reduce the balances on all of your revolving accounts and even installment accounts so the balances are 40% or less than available credit, you could increase

What should I eat for breakfast if Im vegetarian?

Steam or boils some broccoli until soft. Mash them with a fork, add some olive oil and parmesan cheese. For some extra spice you can add some chilies. Add on top of the pasta. Very quick and simple.

What are some examples of monopsony market?

A monopsony is a market with one buyer, many sellers, and no close substitute for the good in question.,It is hard to find markets that fully meet this description. Examples of government procurement, like military hardware, usually donu2019t meet the requirement for many sellers. There are only 3 firms in the US that are capable of making a fighte

Do you have example vision statements?

I can share ours. "Client Focus's vision is to become the best place in the world to be an employee or a customer.",I am going to assume that you want more than just a statement, so I'll take the liberty of sharing how this came to be.,The thing is, we didn't sit around trying to figure out what our vision statement should be. Instead, it happened

How much wildlife does your garden attract? What makes your garden so attractive?

Our garden doesn't belong to just us, it also belongs to all the wildlife that lives there, plays there and even takes up residence in it. This could include hedgehogs strolling through your garden at night, birds stopping in the thick undergrowth right down to the beetles and woodlice under the stones at the end of the garden.,Ensuring that wildli

What is Britains worst contribution to the world?

This man:,,nWinston ChurchillEveryone has heard about Apartheid, Indo-Pak partition, Israel-Palestine conflict. But here is a man whose crimes against humanity have mostly gone unnoticed and he remains celebrated among Britons.,"I do not admitu2026 that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America, or the black people of Australiau2026

How much protein is required for a woman?

For people in general its about 0.8g per kg or 0.36g per pound. No difference for men and women itu2019s just that men typically take more (per day) because on average they are more massive than women.

Is it a message if you remember your dreams?

No. It's your mind untangling it's thoughts. Nothing to do with anybody else, no thought bubbles planted by hyperbeings, no mind infiltration, just your brain doing some housekeeping whilst you sleep. Yes sometimes your brain can clarify something that has been potentially bugging you or can go the opposite way and overthink something that is playi

What are some traditions similar to the Western baby showers in India?

In India, Seemantham/ Valaikappu is a ceremony similar to baby shower.,Seemantham is a pregnant womenu2019s ceremony performed during the seventh month of pregnancy. The ceremony is mainly followed in south India. It is an ancient ritual celebrated by the pregnant womanu2019s parents to take blessings from elders for safe delivery. This function ma

What are some interesting fact about the Statue of Liberty?

Very few people know that originally the statue was to have chains around its wrists as a reference to freedom and the abolition of slavery.,The problem was that the country was still in tension due to the civil war, so they decided to opt for something less visible but still transmit the same message.,That's why the statue is chained by the feet,

How do you find your credit card number without your card?

The full account number is on every credit card statement I receive from every company I can recall. Should you not have one, here's another trick:,Many credit card receipts (paper or online) will include the last 4 digits of the card account.,Your credit report (available free annually) will contain the first 12 digits, leaving off the last 4. ,Pu