What is the ideal meat saucebechamel ratio with lasagne? Is it acceptable when the bechamel is still visible or even slightly dripping from the cooked dish or should it be fully absorbed?

The ideal ratio is the one you like.,Iu2019ll use my family as an example. First though we use mornay sauce (bechamel with cheese) instead of plain bechamel, partly because itu2019s easier to use store bought (my middle sister lives in USA and misses store bought mornay, so apparently itu2019s not well known there at least).,My mother prefers just

Are there foods that even the highest end restaurants make beforehand and just heat up?

There are.,Of course most dishes can be made u201ca la minuteu201d as we say. ( we never forget what the French taught us),Letu2019s do that first.,If for example you had :,filet of red snapper, asparagus, smashed new potatoes with beurre blanc ( very basic),Then that is mostly cooked fresh from scratch apart from maybe the smashed new potatoes.,Fr

What are some unique Ceiling designs?

Following a difficult day at work or school, when we enter our room, we need to forget everything. We as a whole vibe cheerful, loose, and protected in our rooms, isn't that so? That is the reason as per planners and inside plans, rooms are the main piece of the home. So, this part should be well designed and decorated. We should see the room roof

Can I use all purpose flour instead of bread flour in a bread machine?

Yes. It will turn out fine. In a side by side taste test, the bread flour bread would probably win, but otherwise most people wouldn't notice. It might be a little denser that with bread flour, but really not by much.,I baked bread for years with AP flour, because that was what I always had on hand.

What is a Texas twinkie?

Itu2019s indescribably delicious, is what it is.,A Texas Twinkie is, basically, a stuffed jalapeno pepper. One good recipe I know stuffs them with cream cheese and a teaspoon of chopped beef brisket, then wraps the whole bundle of gastronomical delight in a strip of bacon and bake until done.,There are other ways to go. Some people like them with a

If a catalyst lowers activation energy by equal amounts for both the forward and reverse reaction, shouldnt the equilibrium be changed as according to the Maxwell curve, the ratio of particle with enough activation would be different?

The catalyst lower the activation of both the forward and reverse reaction. Because these two activation energies will not be equal (generally), the equal drop in value is a greater fractional drop for on than the other. This will affect the Boltzman Factor (fraction with sufficient energy), affect the rates of the two reactions differently and so

What kind of beer is best?

This morning, I ran 16 kilometers in the forest. Then I drove with some friends to the so-called Sharr mountains near the border to Macedonia.,We walked up and down the hills for another two hours. Then we ate some traditional Albanian food in a small restaurant. The waiters all knew me and were very friendly.,You should have tasted it.I took a u20

What food should be consumed to avoid graying of hair in early age?

Thanks for A2A:)nDear,premature greying of hair may be due to the following reasons:nDeficiency of vitamins and mineralsnGeneticsnSmokingnLack of proper diet.,Include these foods in your regular diet to get that dark tint to your hair.n1.Curry leavesn2.Sea foodsn3.Indian Gooseberry or Amlan4.Black Walnuts,External care:n1.Mix one cup of sesame oil,

Can you speak to cars with a walkie talkie?

In theory, yes, but it's not quite straightforward.,Pretty much all wallow talkies operate by using FM (Frequency Modulation), just like the FM in your car radio. Now the problem is, you can only tune the radio in your car to frequencies between 88 MHz and 108 MHz.,I'm going to assume youu2019re referring to commercial grade two way radios, and not

I have a week in Paris. What should I do? What should I avoid?

Things to avoid are easier to list than things to do.,Avoid driving. Or being driven. Paris is a very walkable city and it has insanely good mass transit options, both above and below ground. Buy a Carte Orange and travel the city like Parisians do.,Avoid eating anywhere on a main tourist street. You can eat better and cheaper if you find a sidestr

Can I make donuts without active dry yeast?

You can make sourdough donuts, which are amazing. Or you can make cake donuts, which use chemical leaveners, usually both baking powder and a bit of baking soda. You can even get a donut pan and bake your donuts in the oven, instead of frying them. Donuts are very versatile.

What are the most important camera techniques they teach you in film school?

This may come as a bit of a surprise but over 90% of the things learned in film school have nothing directly to do with camera techniques.,Film school teaches how to tell stories through moving images. So how to write, produce, direct, assist, PA, grip, gaff, shoot, capture location sound, edit, colour grade, audio mic and most importantly work tog

What is the responsible factor for muscle growth, protein intake or calorie surplus?

Both.,You need calories to fuel your workouts and pack on mass from muscle repair. You need protein to allow that muscle repair to happen.,Carbs puff you up because youu2019ll retain water and have higher insulin spikes with them. Protein just gives you a parts department for your body to repair itself after a tough routine.,A good rule of thumb is

How did Poland resist international pressure to legalize abortion and same-sex marriage?

Abortion is legal in Poland however only in some cases: 1) If the pregnancy poses a threat to the life or health of the pregnant woman; 2) If prenatal examinations or other medical conditions indicate that there is a high probability of a severe and irreversible fetal defect or incurable illness that threatens the fetusu2019 life; 3) If there are r

What are some of the dumbest things about modern housing construction?

My wife and I were quasi house-shopping/looking about two-years ago.,We were considering moving to a prestigious gated small neighborhood with a few dozen amazingly designed spec homes and custom homes. I didn't care so much about the neighborhood, it was the view that I wanted. The homes were awesome looking from the outside too... they started at

What are the best blog niches for 2020?

Here are best blog nichesTravel (1-5),Health (6-15),Fitness and sports (16-25),Hobbies (26-45),Food (46-56),Entertainment (57-62),Gaming (63-67),Finance (68-72),Relationships (73-77),Family and home (78-87),Education and career (88-92),Social networks (93-96),Politics and society (97-100),Travel (1-5)City guide: nExplore your own city and its surro

What Japanese city is known to have the best sushi?

The most delicious sushi in Japan is in Toyama Prefecture. There is Toyama Bay, one of Japan's three largest bays.,There, a warm current meets a cold current and many fish can be caught.,The famous sushi toppings are "white shrimp" Gunkanmaki, which is called the jewel of Toyama Bay.,$690 per basket! Phantom White Shrimp,Other than that, the sea ur

What certifications are required to export vermicompost from India?

Any importer or exporter of Fertilizers should know HTS code (HS code) of their export product. Fertilizers falls under HS code (HTS code) chapter 31. In India Fertilizers classified under ITC code (Indian Tariff Code) chapter 31.,Some of the items under chapter 31 of HS code may be restricted or prohibited to export. Unilateral trade agreement, mu

Why dont they raise the price of Statue of Liberty cruise tickets?

Because it's a place that belongs to the citizens. Sorta like White House too. If they did this highest bidder thing then people would complain that the rich are yet again being treated different and privileged. Sorta like they do with the secret room in the castle at Disney World. They roam the park and pick one lucky family to stay there per nigh

What is the cause for the Iran-Iraq war?

The Iran-Iraq war begins on September 22, 1980,On September 22, 1980, the world awoke to news that six Iraqi Divisions had crossed the border into Iran. Iran which was in throws of revolution was predicted to quickly capitulate and either would part with vast amounts of territory, or face another revolution as Saddam Hussein would replace the regim

What are some of the awesome facts you believe very few people know?

Some facts about money -,Largest Banknote: The world's largest single banknote is the 100,000-peso note created by the government of the Philippines in 1998. Designed to celebrate a century of independence from Spanish rule, the note was offered only to collectors, who could purchase one of the limited-edition notes for 180,000 pesos, or about $3,7

What does limited liability and unlimited liability mean in case of companies?

Limited liability means that since the company is considered to be a different entity from that of its owners. Therefore if the company encounters debt, you will not be liable for that debt.Disadvantages of unlimited liabilityConducting a business is more risky as there is more to lose. Should the business encounter heavy levels of liability and go

What were phones like in the 1960s?

In the USA, at the start of the 1960u2019s, they were generally the desk model with a rotary dial, like this one. Invariably in shiny black or possibly red, or u201cindustrialu201d dark green:,Around 1962 or 1963, they introduced the u201cPrincess Phoneu201d, which looked like this. It was the first time phone designers started thinking about the a

What are some things the United States doesnu2019t understand about Australia?

Iu2019m another who is a bit confused about the wording of the question and will assume you mean Americans rather than the United States.,Others have already told of all the major differences but Iu2019ll add one more.,On 3 separate trips to the USA whenever I spoke someone would ask, nu201cWhere are you from?u201d nA fair question considering my a

How do I promote social media post without paid options?

There so many ways to create a shareable post and make it work to your advantage. The most efficient ones you can find in this post: 5 Proven Ways To Get Your Company Noticed Across Social MediaHope it will be useful for you!

What is the actual difference between the direct and the indirect cash flow method?

What the direct method and the indirect method cash flow statement have in common, is that they have three main categories: Cash From Operating Activities, Cash From Investing Activities and Cash From Financing Activities. Together these form the net increase or decrease in cash during the year. You then sum that net increase or decrease with the c

Which businesses actually operate 247?

The overwhelming majority of Walmarts are open 24/7.,Unless the area has high levels of crime (some of the Walmarts around the Chicagoland area are not 24 hours) or local ordinances prohibit it, you can get your fill of the big box chain whenever youu2019d like.,Except for a few hours on Christmas Day.

How much time should you spend visiting Palawan?

Thanks of A2A. I am thankful for having visited, several times, Puerto Princesa City and the u201cneigboringu201d town of Aborlan (70 kilometers south). However, I have never been to any u201ctouristu201d spot there, except for Baywalk in Puerto Princesa City.,I think if you spend 3 weeks, it will still be not enough if you are an adventurous / bac