What are the best grossing movies of all time?

IN terms of absolute Gross,DANGAL grossed Rs. 387 Crore and is the highest grossing film of Bollywood,This is if you exclude BAAHUBALI II - whose Hindi version grossed Rs. 517 Crore in Bollywood.,IN terms of Adjusted for Inflation Gross,HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN grossed Rs. 463.78 Crore in terms of adjusted to 2016 Rupees and Rs. 489.55 Crore in terms of

What unpopular opinions do you have about software development?

Rule #1: Developers arenu2019t that smart: Lots of people answering this question think OOP is overrated. Yu2019know what? OOP is great. But itu2019s not easy to do right, and most developers arenu2019t capable of doing it right. So it gets a bad name.,Lots of people answering this question think Language X, methodology Y, or tool Z suck, but virtu

What is the split complementary color of blue?

Blue has two split complementsu2014red-orange and yellow-orange. Orange is the direct complement of blue on the color wheel. The split complements would be the colors on either side of the complementary colors.

What are the best cameras for beginners?

My best advise is to start with a slightly used DSLR, from last year, with a good prime lens.,If it were me, with your budget, I would get a Nikon D3200, (great sensor for an entry level DSLR) and you can get a used one for around 200 at the link below:nnikon d3200 in United Kingdom | Digital Cameras for Sale - GumtreeThe kit lens is not great, so

How do you salt the rim of a margarita glass?

Take a plate or saucer, put a thin layer of the salt you want to use (donu2019t use regular table salt, it needs to have larger grains, such as many sea salts) in a ring roughly the size of your glass on the plate.,Now run a wedge of lime around the rim of the glass, invert it and dip it in the salt ring. Pick it up, shake it gently so the loose st

Is the movie "Grave Encounters" based on a true story?

No. None of the film crew died. The hospital exists but its not called "Collingwood" its called " Riverview Hospital". All of the experiments on patients etc was real. They renamed the hospital to stop people from going to the actual hospital.

Where can I download a blockchain transaction ID?

Each peer in the blockchain network maintains a record of all the transactions executed so far in the blockchain network, along with their transaction ids. If you have access to one such peer, you can download the transaction id from there.,As an example, you can see Hyperledger Composer. Once a test network is deployed, you can view the transactio

What was the purpose of building the Empire State Building?

The Empire State building (ESB) is an office building today; it was always meant to be an office building.,However, a couple of interesting side notes:,the top of the building was meant to be a docking station for blimps! It was originally envisioned that these would come into NYC from Europe, and dock at the top of the ESB, and down the travelers

How do you prepare baby back ribs?

Rub with salt and pepper all over.,Sear in a pan.,Wrap with foil so there are no holes.,Drop into water simmer for an hour.,Mix Ketchup, vinegar, Brown Sugar & Paprika, boil, reduce.,Remove ribs from water and foil, brush your sauce all over generously.,Chill in the fridge for 8 hours.,Start a BBQ. A proper one, using wood, not a gas one. If you do

Are Android phonestablets popular in the Philippines?

If you define popularity as mere product awareness and considering the market awareness campaigns being conducted at the moment by various organizations, I would say Yes. Cherry (China/Taiwan OEM) was able to successfully release its first Android phone and Samsung responded by releasing the cheapest Galaxy phone at around the price of a $115.,Does

What are term sheet schedules?

In the context of a legal agreementu2014which is what a term sheet isu2014a u201cscheduleu201d is a list of things that are referenced in the agreement. Often, for complex agreements, there are many things that need to be listed. Examples might be:,Names and salaries of employees,Names and ownership interests of shareholders,Software licenses,Paten

Which is the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo?

There are some great keyboard and mouse combos listed here. But I am not going to share just a great one, I am going to share an outstanding one with you today.,Meet the WisFox 2.4G (I have no affiliate with the company or brand). In a world of picky and choosy consumers, it has received an insane 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Amazon so far through t

How long do modafinil effects typically last?

It depends.,How long do the effects of coffee last for you? Of course, it varies.,Same as caffeine (the main ingredient in coffee), modafinil is a eugeroic (stuff that keep you awake and focused) so the effects are roughly same. You can think modafinil as a supercharged coffee that lasts a bit longer than your regular coffee.Normal dosage of modafi

What are the best wireless gaming headsets?

Best Wireless gaming headsetn1.Philips SHB4405BK/00 Wireless Bluetooth headset With Mic (Black)@2000 n2.Iball Glint BT06 Wired & Wireless Bluetooth headset With Mic (Black)@1624 n3.Iball Pulse Bt4 Wireless Bluetooth headset With Mic (Black)@1230 n4.Iball Serene B4 Wireless Headset With Mic (White)@2799 n5.Smart SB10 Wireless headset With Mic (W

I received $6 on Paypal. Im under 18, and Paypal will not allow me to accept my money without using a form of ID. Im also waiting for another $28. What do I do?

This would be a good time to get an ID. If you donu2019t plan on getting a driveru2019s license, you could get a u201cstate identificationu201d card, which looks for similar to a driveru2019s license. It can be used for all the same identify-related uses as driveru2019s license. You typically get it from the driveru2019s office and thereu2019s no a

Where are American Airlines flight attendant bases?

Google your question about the number and city location of American Airlines Flight Attendant bases. For security reasons, my guess is you will not be able to find exact locations - only airport cities

What is the difference between an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 11 Pro Max?

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro are essentially the same phone. The key differences are:,LCD vs OLED display,screen and phone size,2x optical zoom only available in 11 pro,both have 1x and 0.5x wide angle lenses,Memory configurations available,case material and color options,Both screens are retina and look great. Unless you use a magnifying glass

Which is better, Logitech MX Master 3 or Logitech G Pro?

I havenu2019t tried MX Master 3. but I have the predecessor MX Master 2s (which is more or less the same purpose as the 3) and Logitech G Pro.,And I can say from experience, these two mice are for different purposes.First, I will explain the MX Master.If you want productivity, MX Master 3 is the one you want.,Its features really complement the need

What countries will you never visit again?

Iceland. I will not go back to Iceland. I was there for 3 weeks. I did my research but I didnu2019t know what i was truly getting into until i stepped into Iceland.,Granted, Iceland is indeed a very beautiful country. Other than that, it has nothing else to offer. Their food consists of mostly Western fare such as fish and chips, burgers and hotdog

What is one thing you would love to have every single person on Earth understand?

See this?,This is a waning crescent moon, as evident by the shape of its shadow, creating a crescent-shaped luminance over the surface of the moon u2014 which brings us to the next question. What caused its shadow?Ask 10 people, and 9 of them will reply, u2018Thatu2019s the shadow cast by the Earth isnu2019t it?u2019Is it though?,Then what about th

How did you choose your specialisation in the field of literature?

Thanks for a question that brings a smile to my lips. My area of specialization is psychoanalysis and literature. I am also a creative writer and my study of personality is deeply associated with what I write in poetry and fiction.,When I was in BA third year I came across the poem September 1, 1939 by W. H. Auden as a deeply psychological and Marx

Where does the dollar go further, Thailand or the Philippines?

As of today, the ROE for both currencies are as follows:,USD to PHP - $1 = u20b152.96,USD to THB - $1 = u0e3f32.97,While their average cost of daily expenses are $38.33 (Manila) and $53.80 (Bangkok) respectively.,Both have almost the same stunning natural landscapes and the friendliest people. However, based on above data, the dollar goes further i

What do liberals think of Ben Shapiro?

I think of myself as pretty open minded, pretty independent, and I test as pretty liberal.,I have a lot of respect for some parts of Ben Shapirou2019s show. I subscribe to his podcast and listen to it often.,I hear three parts to his show:,Analysis of whatu2019s going on in politics and what the different parties should do.,His moral and political

How much might a 15-17 day backpacking trip to Europe from India cost? Is there anyone from India who has done it and can help me picture a rough idea about the total budget?

I travelled on a 8 day trip to France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. Honestly I had a budget of somewhere around 1.25 lakhs for the entire trip. But believe me it depends from person to person. below is the itinerary and the expenditure of my trip.,Visa Cost: 7500 RsInsurance cost: approx 1000 Rsbooked my flight tickets on 16th May for the depa

Which type of mutual scheme will be better if I want to invest my sum of Rs. 1 lacs lying in my bank account with high liquidity and an interest rate of 7-8 %? What will be the tax provision in redemption of fund?

If you want high liquidity and interest rate of 7 - 8% you should invest in units of liquid mutual funds. It is highly liquid(sell today and get money tomorrow or even earlier in a few cases). The risk is very small though it is not totally risk free. But it is less risky than other types of mutual funds. You want high liquidity. That means you may