What is a healthy, low calorie drink to get at Starbucks that also doesnt cost too much?

The obvious answer here is hot coffee. A tall (12oz) hot coffee will run you about $2.15 not including tax and has about 5 calories. Iced coffee is about the same in calories but a little more expensive. If you donu2019t like coffee, any of their teas (hot and iced) can be made unsweetened and are cheaper than espresso beverages. If by u201clow cal

Will the Leaning Tower of Pisa collapse? When?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa will not fall over for many hundreds of years unless some natural disaster occurs such as a powerful earthquake. All buildings made from stone decay at varying rates depending on the type of stone. Cathedrals, for example, are constantly being repaired to make them exist for as long as we want them to.,Building the Tower o

Would it be possible to see Bohol and Palawan in a 4 day trip to the Philippines? My flight is into Manila. I need suggestions for itinerary and which forms of public transport should I take along with the costs.

Techically yes, but certainly not advisable. My recommendation would be to go for either of the places - Bohol or Palawan for 2 -3 days and keep the travel day out of iteniary as you can be in a fix due to the delay in domestic leg for your international flight.,Mode of travel should be Air - Philippines air is the best option from Manila with Cebu

Im in 11 the class, what chapter s of organic are very important?

All chapters are important but these questions are of much importanceMultiple Choice Questions (Type-I)Which of the following is the correct IUPAC name?(i) 3-Ethyl-4, 4-dimethylheptane(ii) 4,4-Dimethyl-3-ethylheptane(iii) 5-Ethyl-4, 4-dimethylheptane(iv) 4,4-Bis(methyl)-3-ethylheptane,(i) 1-hydroxypentane-1,4-dione(ii) 1,4-dioxopentanol(iii) 1-carb

Why was the Brandenburg Gate built right next to the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall came after the Brandenburg Gate.,The Brandenburg Gate was in the city center at the intersection of Unter den Linden and Ebertstrau00dfe, where the wall was built. The Soviets sort of built a arched area of the Berlin Wall sticking out from the Soviet sector behind the Brandenburg Gate. It was in a special zone that no one could get

What are some good Valentines Day gifts for women?

OhMiBod Esca 2: You can use gift this vibrator which enable you to control your panther orgasm may be from the next room or from different state no matter.,Wearable vibrator: Use the length of the bullet of this vibrator or its tip to stimulate the clit to achieve an intense orgasm. She can carry this anywhere and use it anywhere to.

When it is 1:21 am in Queenstown, then what time is it in New York?

When it is 1:21 am in Queenstown, then what time is it in New York?Less than an hour ago I looked up the time difference between New York City and Doha, Qatar, site of the 2022 World Cup.,This site answered my question, and it will answer virtually every other time zone question:

How do I write a letter to the principal?

You may need to write an application letter to the principal of your college asking for transfer certificate for various reasons. You might feel that you are not pursuing the right course and want a shift in your academic career; you may face financial difficulties that would render yourself unable to pursue the course; you might have landed a job

What is an independent variable in science? What are some examples?

The dependent variable is the thing you measure. The independent is the thing youu2019re manipulating. Example: company is doing an experiment to see if a new drug decreases depression. One group gets the drug and the other gets a placebo. After 2 months the company asks everyone to fill out a depression scale. The depression scale scores is the de

Whats the strangest thing youve seen for sale on Craigslist?

I made $3,000 selling pure junk. Hereu2019s the full story. At the bottom is a cool list of the strangest items I saw for sale.I live in Dubai, UAE and worked for a famous website here called dubizzle.,dubizzle is the Craigslist website of the Middle East and North Africa. (The guy who created Craigslist wasnt too bothered about launching his site

What is the best color laser printer for home use?

By saying laser printer, you have eliminated all ink jet printers. Good call.,I have had a great experience with Brother laser printers. I have bought 3 since 1990, and I am still using two, purchased in 2005 and 2008.,Whatever specific model you choose, consider the following:,Wired Networking - A networked printer can be shared by the whole house

Does Bank of America have a 24 hour customer service?

Yes, in these unprecedented times, even credit card companies are stepping up to help.,Anxiety and uncertainty feel like the norm these days, but as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, we've also seen people and businesses coming together to assist one another in ways we've never seen before. This includes credit card companies, many of whic

What is the best type of government?

In my opinion:,Benevolent Dictatorship/Authoritarian: and the leader takes ideas from expert people of their field before taking any final decision in any major issue

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Not a professional statistician, but if I read the stats correctly, the chances of getting killed on vacation in Mexico as a whole arenu2019t as high as your chances of dying in a car accident in the peaceful state of Rhode Island.,Forbes Magazine reported in February 2018 that Mexico is Where More Americans Are Murdered Than In All Other Foreign C

How is hostel life at IIT BHU?

u201cI have to beg to sleepu201du2026..This is my first anonymous answer on quora.Currently i am in 1st year at IIT BHU, and the 1st yearites are assigned Aryabhatta hostels.The campus life,college life,mess all are just amazing. But when it comes to hostel,the tables turn down.,I didnu2019t get a good rank in jee 2019 ,and obviously i was heartbro

I bought a Canon EOS 5d Mark 3, but I am changing my mine if Canon going release a new 5d Mark iv and wait for that one. So should I return my 5d m 3?

This will go round and round. ,We are all spoilt because of the latest technology and wanted the newest if possible. That is like a perfect picture. ,But, you have to ask yourself this, are you a photographer that shoot more, or the person who only want to go for the latest model?,Till date, I am using 5D2 for most of my commercial project and it i

What is the red circle on some peoples foreheads?

What you described fits the Hindu custom of the bindi, the red dot on the forehead representing the third eye, the spiritual eye.,This bindi can be understood as the 6th chakra of spiritual awakening.,Google bindi and 6th chakra and read up on this,,Some dreams point to the future. Perhaps this dream is such a dream regarding a future spiritual lif

How do I force the audio output through speakers? I have a 3.5mm external mic and I want to use it in a video call, but my Android phone or iPad Pro only recognise it as a pair of headphones instead of a mic, so they tried to play on it. Please help.

Android mobile phones & aypads that have TRRS 3.5mm jacks accept only headsets (mic+headphones) on these jacks so you canu2019t plug mic-only devices in them. The tip T on the mic-only corresponds to the left headphone channel on the headset so you canu2019t use that mic on these devices.

What is the worst thing someone has said to you about yourself?

In real life or on Quora?,In real life what rumour can they possibly spread about me?,Outside my immediate circle of family, relatives and friends, no one knows me or even notices me. I would be honoured to know that there is a rumour being spread about me!,But here on Quora, most of you must have heard about these terrible rumours :,I have the sol

How can I make Windows 11 faster?

Thanks for the question. My answer is, that I donu2019t know. Microsoft Windows 11 has not been released yet (as of September 2021).,After Windows 11 is released, I will begin to explore options on how to optimize Microsoftu2019s newest OS. Then, I will get back to you. Happy hacking.

How do I get into interior design?

As an aspiring interior designer, I can assure you that it is one of the renowned design fields. This design field requires aspirants who have a keen eye for design and enjoy playing with colors, textures, and fabrics. To set up a career as an interior designer, the first and foremost step is to get yourself enrolled at a renowned design institute.