What are the advantages and disadvantages of limited liability company?

LIMITED LIABILITY Company:Is a HYBRID between partnership and private limited company,Definition: Minimum of two people each having a shared responsibility of the business u2013 no limit to number of partners u2013 here owners are seen as separate entities legally,Advantages:LIMITED LIABILITY:Protects membersu2019 personal assets from liabilities o

How do I convert CR2 to JPG in Windows 10?

Since the CR2 is the Canons RAW image file, just download the Canon Digital Photo Professional program.,For clarity, RAW files are not converted, but processed and then exported as a JPEG image file.

Is there a scientific explanation for why the golden ratio (Phi) is present so much in nature, from rings on a flower or acorn, to the human body and many other places in nature?

Ans1: Well, because it has an evolutionary adavantage to it, or something like that! That is why it is found in living things. But, wait! Its also found in non living things and on a much larger scale as well like galaxies. Well those are all just coincidences and you could very well form some other ratio besides this as well easily.,If the above a

How can a Taurus and Scorpio be in a relationship?

Taurus and Scorpio are opposition on the astrological wheel. I havenu2019t in my 26 years of doing this found that to be bad although it seems like it would be. They have different qualities that fill each other out u2014 opposite qualities and that can be good. But I will tell you that you donu2019t see it happen a lot. I canu2019t tell you why. G

How do you connect a wireless printer to your Windows 10 PC or laptop?

Below are the steps to connect a wireless printer to windows,Open Windows search by pressing Windows Key + Q.,Type in "printer.",Select Printers & Scanners.,Hit Add a printer or scanner. Source: Windows Central.,Choose The printer that I want isn't listed.,Select Add a Bluetooth, wireless, or network discoverable printer.,Choose the connected print

What is the psychology of sage green?

Sage green is an earthy grayish-green color like that of the culinary herb which has woody stems and grayish leaves. The word sage is defined as a profoundly wise personu2014someone who is venerated for his wisdom, judgment, and experience. Sage green is soft and subtle, you can pair it with a variety of other colors and finishes. Sage green create

What are some good security camera systems?

ud83cudf1fu27a1ufe0f 5 BEST Similar Security Camera System 2022,1. Blink Outdoor - wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera, two-year battery life, motion detection, set up in minutes u2013 2 camera kit,2. ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive H.265+ 8CH 5MP Lite HD-TVI Video DVR Recorder with 4X HD 1920TVL 1080P Indoor Outdoo

What are the most interesting facts you know?

1. Mr. Bean's n,,2. The Worldu2019s Biggest Family - 39 Wives & 94 children - Indian,n3. Poverty could have been easily eradicatedn,n4. Options for Eating out in New Yorkn,n5. Christmas gift for Tax Payers.. n,n6. This is how Lady Gaga Looks in real.. Ain't She beautiful ?? n,n7. Abstract Art n,n8. Evolution at its best n,n9. Colombian drug lord Pa

What are different market segmentation?

Market Segmentation begins with the persona that fits the mold of the audience that a marketer wants to appeal with starting the online marketing journey.,Customer Relationship Management provides data to work with to create an audience that is attracted to feel the burning desire to become advocates with a sensation to feel they want more of this.

What is the best way to make Shawarma at home?

Hello ,there i am going to share you a very easy recipe on how to make shawarma at home ,that too with tahini sauce (its new right ) to know the recipe you can check my links on YouTube below,Tahini sauce is the sauce which is the main ingredient in shawarma and is very easy to make,Lets check out and do say in comment wasn't it easy,I have showed

Is the movie Cats (2019) really that bad?

Many years ago, on reaching what passes with me for adulthood, I started to travel more, and I developed anxiety about flying.,In an attempt to control my anxiety, I researched air accidents, to see if my fears were realistic.,I read many air accident reports, trying to better understand how accidents happen.,I came to understand that air accidents

What are the steps to remove corruption from the medical system of India?

Shoot at sight, Agents, Hospital staff / owners and medical owners who are involved in corruption but we call it a genocide against who cannot afford the medicines, Oxygen Cylinders, Ventilators as all the government officials all pat of this corrupt nexus who believe they can bring up there families very well by destroying others families.,How can

What is the purpose of the Eiffel Tower, and how long did it take to build?

It was built as the attention grabbing entrance to the 1889 World's Fair (or World's Expo) in of course Paris, France. It also marked the 100 year anniversary of the French Revolution that began in 1789*.,It took just over two years to build from January 1887 to March 1889, and at the time was the tallest man-made structure in the world.,It is frea

Whats after getting a degree in philosophy?

UK answer. ,You can work in any job that any other traditional arts subject (eg. Classics, history, English literature etc) allows you to do. ,My friends with bachelors degrees in philosophy (most often joint honours) have done a mix of consultancy, accountancy, the law, professional philosophy, the civil service, professional politics, journalism,

What is the best vegetarian South Indian food?

Tamilnadu,Idli-,Sweet paniyaaram,Chettinadu chicken,Tamilnadu special macroons sweet,Karnataka special bisibelabath,Poli(obittu),Andra special fish pulusu,Telangana special hyderabadi biriyani,Kerala special aviyal,Kerala speacial appam,Hope I have satified your hungry stomach..enjoy

What is a Superconsumer?

Do you know what a Superconsumer is?,A u201cSuperu201d is the scrapbooking fanatic who owns not one, but a dozen different pairs of scissorsu2014each one designed to cut different shapes from paper.,A u201cSuperu201d is the online course enthusiast who buys not one, but a degreeu2019s worth of online coursesu2014each one providing slightly differen

Which state has the highest standard of living?

United Nations publishes a report every year declaring best country to live in but thereu2019s no specific general body report is published stating best city in the world (basis on the living standards).,However, few major news platforms have rated Vienna as the best city to live in as per living standards.,This city is the cultural, political and

What is the most chilling room ever designed?

Iu2019ve never spoken about this experience, it changed me. The most chilling room was in the Mental Health unit.,Looks like a playroom for children to play? Itu2019s an isolation room, found deep within a mental health facility.,Trying to place words of the experience into a short read, for myself I canu2019t-This photo must have been a brand new

What is the cause of the yeast ear infection of the dog?

Yeast infections in general are caused by moist or humid environments that are also warm. Yeast is an organism, and this environment will cause the yeast to grow. If you bathe your dog, make sure to avoid getting water in his or her ears. If your dog swims, make sure to dry his ears after a splash in the lake, etc.

What do you put in your most delicious antipasto salad?

Whatever looks good at the Italian deli that afternoon. There is no precise recipe for an antipasto salad. I buy things i enjoy, or thing my guests will enjoy, and assemble them so they look appetizing. Could be marinated stuffed peppers or those little bite size balls of fresh mozzarella, some nice big green olives or little anchovies curled aroun

Would you rather fail a huge exam or fail a job interview?

Well, both have consequences that i would like to avoid. it is also contextual, as failing a job interview while a full-time student is different than if you are 40 and you wife is due in 3 months.In addition: Exams are something that are 100% on me, as they follow a course of study so I should be well aware what is on the exam.,Job interviews will

What are the differences between a DSLR and a SLR digital camera?

Major Differences :,DSLR : Digital single-lens reflex. Reflex mirror that allows live and digital optical viewing through the lens taking the image. It required Memory cards to storage images and store many images which can be erased without any issue.,SLR : Single-lens reflex. Reflex mirror that allows live optical viewing through the lens taking

Is is healthy to drink tap water in Switzerland?

Thanks for the A2a.,I almost exclusively drink tap water, and have done so ever since I moved here in 1997. (Drinking some right now, in fact.) It tastes great and has no funny smells or discoloration, like in many parts of the USA and Britain. At least one medical study has shown it is higher quality than bottled water, but I am pretty sure that i

What is the methodology in a research proposal with an example?

First we need to understand what is Research proposalu2026well I would say that it is a sketch of any fine painting, or it is a brief index of any book.,Before writting a research thesis or project we need to be very clear about each and every aspect of the topic. For getting approval of the research topic one need to present their idea and importa

What items are allowed and not allowed on airplane?

Rules have changed a lot over the last few years in airtravel. Its best to call the airline you will be travelling with or check the airlines website. Just remember, no combustible fluid or any kind, like cigarettlighter fluids, or firecrackers or smelly foods in either hand carried carry-on or in checked luggage. HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT.