What is a good way to exchange USD to PHP (Philippine pesos)?

If you're changing USD to PHP (vise versa) in Davao, go to Aldevinco Shopping Center. It's along Claveria St. and just across the Marco Polo hotel. "Singapore 4" is the money changer that I use regularly. They give good rates. Pleasant lady behind the counter.

What is the best way to cook a steak?

I find it crazy that there are so many terrible answers to this question from several people claiming to work or have worked in a high end restaurant. Maybe itu2019s not their fault though, if thatu2019s really how the high end restaurant cooks their steak then I donu2019t want it. They are talking about old school ways so I suppose its not surpris

Where does the saying Prince Albert in the can come from and what does it mean?

prank got its start,British ancestors enjoyed jokes any day of the year, not just on April Foolsu2019 Day.,By the 1850s, potters were making puzzle jugs with holes that let liquid dribble down a shirt front and beer mugs with a ceramic frog or snake inside waiting to appear when the beer was gone.,There were bronze figures that came apart to show a

Why didnt Australia have a larger role in World War II?

Didn't it?,The Australian Army at its peak (in 1942) numbered 476,000 - 6.6% of the population of the entire country.,In total, 730,000 men passed through the Australian Army at some point - an astonishing 20% of the male population of Australia.,400,000 of those men served overseas, with 40%, 160,000 men, serving in front line areas.,Australian so

What is the best recipe for buffalo wings?

Cook the wings however you like. Normally, I like to deep fry them in peanut oil. But, occasionally, I cook them on the grill to incorporate some of that smoky flavor. Either way, donu2019t overcook. Err on the side of slightly undercooking.,Next, make your sauce. For two dozen wings, Iu2019ll use 1/4 cup butter, a few tablespoons of white vinegar,

How do you make a paper tree?

Take three full size sheets of newsprint (If they still make that stuff).,Roll it into a 1u2033 tube and secure it with a few pieces of tape on one side of the half-way point.,From the other side, use scissors to cut down the tube to about 1/4 the distance.,Slide the inner sheets up from the taped side.

What are Home remedies for everyday life?

Pound few garlic pods and mix it with water and splash it in your kitchen cupboards. In that way you can get rid of cockroaches and insects (Do this once a week).,Want to get rid of ants? Simple. Crush cloves and mix it with the table salt and spread this powder along the ant's path.,Running out of toilet freshener? Take a transparent cover/ a zip

What can I drink from Starbucks while I am on a diet?

Letu2019s seeu2026,Are you on a high-calorie diet? You should drink at least 5 trenti whole milk caramel mochas per day at the bare minimum.,Are you on a low-calorie diet? Water, black coffee, and tea with no milk or sugar is the way to go.,Are you on an everything-in-moderation diet? The occasional visit to Sbux isnu2019t gonna kill you.,Are you o

Is fondant cake or buttercream cake better for my kids 5th birthday party?

As much the taste is concerned, buttercream cakes are better as they are soft and creamy and taste amazing. If you want a good looking fancy cake, then a fondant cake would be better. Of course a fondant cake is also very delicious but the fondant on top is just sugar and is not the best option for eating. If you want to get a good birthday cake fo

What is typically Dutch food?

As a frequent visitor to the Netherlands, and having seen the contents of many Dutch kitchens and refridgerators, I would say that typical native Dutch food tends to centre around the following:,cheeses (usually firm, mildly flavoured cheeses such as Gouda, Edam, Leerdammer, etc.),sausages (usually of the salami, pork or garlic sausage variety),col

How does someone become a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?

You have to be invited. Itu2019s sort of like a private club. They come to you not you to them.,Every year the Academy invites accomplished professionals in the film world to become members. They have tried to limit total number of members to about 5,800 but have loosened their rules and have increased the number of invitees from 276 in 2013 to 928

Should the use of cell phones be allowed in schools?

Depending on what you mean when you say u201cstill in schoolu201d (Kindergarten Through 3rd grade, 4th-6th, high school, etc.) I will list the pros and cons of having a phone for specific grade levels.,1st-4th Grade:During this time, a child should be between the ages of 5 and 9. Depending on your child, you might feel comfortable with allowing you

What term defines a man or a woman based on biological characteristics?

A baby boy, born with a penis is a male. Penis = male = man.,A baby girl, born with a vagina is a female. Vagina = female = woman.,The two terms are penis = male (and) vagina = female.,NOTE: I am one of those annoying people who believe that there are only (2) sexes; female and male, period!,Short answer, but to the point!,Cheers . . .

How do I look up a tax ID number?

It should be your social security number. Anyway, you should log in to your account on the tax authorities with your number. If you haven't done that before, you are in trouble.

Do professional photographers use point-and-shoot cameras?

Professional cameras do use P&S cameras including smartphone cameras. Professionals, who are good at their work, worry about u201cthe momentu201d and not u201cthe gearu201d. However, this is just occasional. Expecting that professionals will completely abandon the expensive DSLR or mirrorless, plus the lenses and switching to compact cameras is not

What do I need to pack for a trip to Costa Rica?

This is a list for a backpacker on a tight budget who likes to be active and mobile but is not spending more than a day or two trekking through jungle. This list is also useful for other Latin American countries and has been field-tested in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.,Edit: NEW complete womenu2019s packing list: following a recent trip with

How do I convert WebP to GIF on WinDows or Mac?

If youu2019re an Adobe Photoshop user, you canu2019t edit a WebP file directly without first adding WebP support using a third-party plugin called WebPShop. This will allow you to open the file, modify the image directly, and convert it to a more widely-supported format like GIF.,If you want to convert WebP to GIF using Photoshop, hereu2019s what y

What are things that represent happinesspeace in feng shui?

This is just the basics of Feng Shui. It is fun and it does work. From its literal translation, feng shui means u201cwind and wateru201d. Wind moves the invisible life force of feng shui, and water retains or cultivates it. An ancient Chinese system, feng shui teaches people how to create harmony between nature and man-made structures. The belief s

Which type of curtains are best for a living room?

Here is the important thing that we will decorate our living room that looks best. Our living rooms are the first places that welcome guests into our personal world of style. And the easiest way to offer insights into your creativity and design sensibilities is via curtains for the living room.,Here are the best Designer Curtains for Living Room th

What is there to do in Amsterdam?

I have been there as a single female, first time visit to Europe and the city is super easy to navigate on your own. There are only three things that I clearly remember now:n1. Van Gogh museum - just because its Netherlands I picked that first, where else would I see his work! It was truly an enlightening experience for me, gave me enough disequili

How is authentic fried rice prepared?

I always feel a little short-changed when I eat fried rice at a restaurant. Most of the time, it is 90-95 percent rice and five to ten percent meat and vegetables. Although I like to joke that "my version" is the opposite (i.e. 95 percent meat and veggies, five percent rice), it's probably closer to 50/50.,Fried rice recipes will vary widely, depen

What are the best side dishes for baby back ribs?

Not only, I can do it without naming a single pasta dish.,Abruzzo: Agnello cacio e ova (lamb with cheese and eggs),Basilicata: baccalu00e0 alla lucana (dried cod with sun-dried red bell peppers),Calabria: patate u2018mpacchiuse (potatoes baked with onion and chilli),Campania: friarielli e salsiccia (friarielli are a relative of broccoli, here cooke

What are global greenhouse gas emissions?

Emissions or evaporation of invisible water vapor is the most relevant greenhouse gas impacting the climate without doubt.,So which effect is stronger, water vapor's cooling effect or warming effect? Interestingly, it is seldom mentioned in the global warming debate that the surface cooling effect of evaporation (which creates water vapor) is stron

When data are categorized, whats the most appropriate measure of central tendency?

It depends. ,If the data are caegorized and have no order, then there is no measure of central tendency as there is no center. What is the center of "Blonde, brown, red, white, black, bald"?,If the data are categorized but ordered, then the mode makes sense.,If the data are grouped continuous data (e.g. Income < $10,000, $10,000 - $19,000 etc) t

Is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh related to the current Greek royal family?

The fact that before he rekiquished the title he was Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark is the clue.,The members of the Greek Royal Family are -,u2018King Constantine IIQueen Anne-MarieCrown Prince Pavlos, born on 20 May 1967 (age 52)nCrown Princess Marie-Chantal, born on 17 September 1968 (age 51)Prince Constantine-Alexios born on October 29, 199

Who actually created the DC multiverse? Is it Pertua or the Presence?

Right now in current canon established by Joshua Williamson under orders of DC Comics, and not Scott Snyder or Grant Morrison. The multiverse of DC was created when the Great Darkness created a crack in the Light/Source.,The Overvoid was more or less undone by new canon, or you can look it as being renamed to be the Light.,DC Comics simply went bac

How do you find sustainable building design firms globally?

Look for a national organization called a 'Green Building Council' or it's equivalent. These councils will set standards for green buildings and sustainable design.,Look for firms affiliated with or certified by the Green Building Certification Institution, the organization that manages the LEED certification process.,Very specific building styles