What are the different easy ways you can make a DIY window valance?

Window valances are treatments covering the very top of the window.,Here are a few no-sew DIY ideas!,$10 and 10 Minute DIY Window Valance - Down Home Inspiration(Source: $10 and 10 Minute DIY Window Valance - Down Home Inspiration)This valance can even be renter friendly - no holes in the wall!,All you need: panel foam (check your local hardware st

What food can I eat in a low carbohydrate diet?

Eggs and all types of meat are close to zero carb. Organ meats are an exception, such as liver, which contains about 5% carbs.,Fish and other seafoods tend to be incredibly nutritious and healthy.,Most vegetables are low in carbs. Leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables have particularly low levels, and the majority of their carbs consist of fiber.

What would you do if you were eating in a restaurant, and just as you were about to take a bite of your fettuccine Alfredo, a woman at the next table whips out her breast and starts feeding her baby?

Iu2019d compliment the chef on my lovely grilled chicken fettuccine alfredo. Itu2019s my favourite dish. If I gave any thought to the woman breastfeeding, Iu2019d be thinking I hope you didnu2019t see me glance there for a second. I didnu2019t mean to do that.,Babies gotta eat, too. You were once a baby, too.,Mmmmu2026.fettucine alfredou2026.

What are some good marketing pitches on social entrepreneurship?

The marketing pitch for social entrepreneurship varies a bit by sector (ie energy, etc...),Here are 7 core lines of reasoning I would suggest:n,The current model is flawed. The market is distorted which results in X harm.,CSR is good for companies (The Good Index of the Stock Market proves). I believe some of that is based on some studies which sug

What are five easy dishes that a beginner, learning to cook, can practice cooking?

In order of difficulty...Hard Boiled EggsnNow you might think that hard boiling an egg is easy and that it doesn't teach you anything but the truth is it teaches you a lot about cooking. You learn about food chemistry, a food technique similar to blanching, and many other things. Also, doing the perfect hard boiled egg isn't a matter of boiling the

How did linguistics emerge?

Itu2019s a young science: What do linguists do?:,Weu2019re a new field. (Linguistics Departments, for example, became widespread after the 1950s.) But itu2019s a very old field of study (research in other departments like Anthropology and Philosophy has been going on since the earliest universities, and before that by the earliest scientists, inclu

What is the definition of competitive advantage?

Competitive advantage is the favorable position an organization seeks in order to be more profitable than its rivals. To gain and maintain a competitive advantage, an organization must be able to demonstrate a greater comparative or differential value than its competitors and convey that information to its desired target market. For example, if a c

Are biblical baby names unique yet sturdy if they decide to be a professional?

Biblical names for boys: David, Samuel, Adam, Noah, Matthew, Mark, Luke,John, Andrew, Simon, Peter, Paul, Philip, Jonathon,Isaiah - and many more. With a few exceptions I wouldnu2019t call them exactly u201cuniqueu201d, at least not in western society.,Girls names: Eve,Ruth, Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, Priscilla, Lydia, Tabith

Whatu2019s one thing you wish you knew before taking a cruise?

In all honesty, I wasn't prepared for the inside room. I knew it would be small, but I didnu2019t think it would be THAT small.,Our first cruise was just my husband and I, so naturally we booked an inside room. The price was right, and it seemed like a good idea.,I remember being so giddy about the cruise! It's hard not to be, right? You're excited

What is the difference between baking powder and baking soda?

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. It reacts with acid in recipes to expand air bubbles, which makes baked goods rise. It reacts as soon as the acid, in the form of buttermilk, vinegar, yogurt, or lemon juice is added to the recipe. This means that things made with baking soda need to be transferred into a prepared pan and into the oven as quickly

Why are there so many more men in prison than women? Is it about the types of crimes commit, the frequency men vs. women commit crimes, or that women get away with crimes more?

Itu2019s a combination of elements.,Statistically, men commit more crimes than women:,Statistics have been consistent in reporting that men commit more criminal acts than women. Self-reported delinquent acts are also higher for men than women across many different actions. Burton, et al. (1998) found that low levels of self-control are associated w

What is the difference between blinds and curtains?

The main difference between curtains and blinds is their coverage of the window. While blinds cover the window directly, curtains are usually hung in front of the window, and often drape to the floor. Blinds also come in a range of different options including roller blinds, Venetian blinds, and Roman blinds. Both curtains and blinds can be automate

What is the need of a solid waste management?

In an industrial society that makes around millions of tons of waste every year, disposal becomes a major issue. Recycling, landfills, and destroy (something, especially waste material) by burning off all play a part in the solution. The effects have become poisonous in garbage, and the utter physical mass of its presence, may cause concern for mun

What are the pros and cons of using a (large) TV as a computer monitor?

I had a 40" 1080p TV as a computer monitor. It was great for gaming (motion smooting disabled to reduce display latency), but it was uncomfortable to use for general tasks; when placed at a comfortable viewing distance, it become uncomfortable to focus on the text.,For clarification: I did change the pixel density in the display manager to accurate

What assets and investments do well during deflation, recession, and inflation?

Before I answer your question, let me first clear out the differences between the terms deflation, recession, and inflation.,Deflation is when the amount of currency in the economy decreases, leading to a drop in prices since thereu2019s less money in circulation. On the other hand, inflation is when more amount of currency is put into the economy,

What are the top free video editing software for Windows 10?

There are many free video editing tools available in the market for editing videos on Windows 10. Below is the list of most popular tools you can use to professionally edit your videos:,1. PowerDirectorIf you're new to video editing, you'll love PowerDirector Essential's extensive set of free tools.,Whether you're launching your own YouTube channel

What are some good and cheap active noise-canceling headphones?

If you want good active noise-cancelling headphones, I recommend Bose.,If you want good and cheap active noise-cancelling headphones, I think you can choose OVC H15.,the price of OVC H15 is under $50, and the quality is great. I also tried other headphones under $50, and I think OVC H15 is the best one.,let's see how OVC introduce their product on

What are some strange facts about Harrison Ford?

He Uses His Planes To Find Missing HikersAlthough Ford has made headlines for several flying mishaps over the years, the veteran actor has also put his planes to use helping others. From time to time, he has piloted his helicopters and small planes in the service of search and rescue missions.in is available for purchase 2000, he was able to locate

What air fryer recipes are most suitable for making fried chicken?

Yes you can! I use KFC Chicken Flavouring available from Woolworths Supermarkets in Australia.,Mix an egg and some milk and dip skinned chicken pieces in it . Then dip into a plate with 4 tablespoons of the KFC Flavouring and coat well.,Lay in the bottom of your airfryer on top of a sheet of aluminium foil. Cook for 30 minutes at 200 Celsius (390 F

Where is the mixer brush in Photoshop?

Hi Liz. Youu2019ll find the Mixer Brush as a pop-out from behind the normal brush. Click and hold to make the other brushes viewable, and choose the brush you want. Note that the Mixer Brush has controls in the Options bar.

What is academic English?

Academic English is a specific way of writing for a specific audience (other academics). It is more formal than normal English, but also has a number of other characteristics that people might not normally be aware of.,The University of Leeds describes it as u2

What are some interesting things about Adobe Photoshops latest version?

A2A by Red Vistas.,There are two interesting things in latest versions of photoshop.,They are 1. Content aware fill and 2. content aware scale,These two are incorporated in Adobe Photoshop from Adobe CS6.,I have already explained how we can use content aware fill to remove unwanted objects from a photo in my answer How can I clean a photo of my hou

What is there to do in Amsterdam?

I have been there as a single female, first time visit to Europe and the city is super easy to navigate on your own. There are only three things that I clearly remember now:n1. Van Gogh museum - just because its Netherlands I picked that first, where else would I see his work! It was truly an enlightening experience for me, gave me enough disequili

Can you prove that astrology is fake?

The thing I am against most in astrology is the shame you get just because of your zodiac sign, Iu2019ve personally seen people get dumped and bullied because of what month they were born in, u201call because ofu201d their zodiac sign. I am a Cancer, and yes, people do depict and misunderstand us as emotional. But to be honest, being born on July 2

If the Democrats eliminated the filibuster while controlling the Presidency and having a majority in the House and the Senate, how could they cement control of government for the long term?

It is extremely unlikely for Democrats to get stable control of the Senate especially with a working majority.,The thing is you get 2 senators per state, and Republicans control 29 states.,List of United States state legislatures - WikipediaThe net effect of that is it is near impossible for the Democratic party to control the Senate.,The reason Re