Where can you exchange dollars for pesos?

Iu2019m guessing youu2019re exchanging U.S. dollars for Mexican pesos. If youu2019re asking about a different dollar and/or peso currency combination, the advice will probably be similar.,As Matthew Lennig's answer pointed out, the u201cbest wayu201d depends a lot on the context. If youu2019re a tourist and you just need some walking-around money,

What was something you were blissfully unaware about, until recently?

So this is the new trick which I learned recently and I hope almost everyone is unware of this Trick,So now a days Everyone upload whatsapp status very frequently but most of them wish to upload whatsapp status in landscape modeu2026So here is the trick with which we can easily convert every video from portrait mode to Landscape mode,So first Downl

What are the various avenues for investing money?

What assets are right for you?There are a diverse array of investment assets that vary from Fixed to Variable Returns. This post is to give you a snapshot of most types investment assets and how to choose your way through them.,Fixed returnsFixed returns generally pay a return on a fixed schedule, though the amount of the payments can vary. Treasur

If you are from India, what are some unique or special foods from your hometown?

I am from West Bengalu2026. A very Bengali.,The Bengali cuisine has a huge variety of dishes and some has British, French and Dutch and Mughal influence, because of the formation of Kolkata during the 1700s. Each entry here is a class of recipes, producing different dishes depending on the choice of ingredients. There are six different tastes to wh

What is the best smartphone to buy below 10k rupees?

The best smartphone to buy below 10k rupees is perhaps the new Realme 3 and I canu2019t think of any other smartphone apart from it due to its magnificent features, especially the high-power processor.,Realme 3 comes with a highly amazing appearance and it is brimming with lots of interesting features that make it a really cool device.,Let us view

What laptop do I buy for deep learning?

Buy the cheapest laptop you can code on and connect to the internet, like a chrome book. Then use all the money you saved for hundreds of hours of compute time on one of the many ML cloud computing platforms with GPUs like AWS EC2 or Microsoft Azure.,GPU technology is developing quickly and whatever hardware you buy will be more than obsolete in 18

How can I improve the performance of a Toshiba laptop?

First, you should mention the windows version. Just search for updates but don't update windows to 20H2 or 2004 Window 10. if your laptop is old enough, if you are using an older version like XP or Window 7 then just update it to Window 10 but don't go for the latest 2020 versions just stick with the 2019 version they are better stable.

Whats the most pretentious thing youve ever seen on a ru00e9sumu00e9?

u201cYouu2019ve got to be kidding me.u201d,Iu2019m staring at a resume that one of my managers emailed to me with the subject line of u201cYouu2019ve got to see this.u201d,In the middle of the resume at the very top is a large color picture of a blonde, young lady. There is nothing subtle about this picture. It is prominent and takes up a third of

Is there any way in which I can calculate my monthly loan amount?

If you need a quick approximation, remove the two least significant digits from the loan amount. Monthly payments are in the ballpark of 1% of the original loan amount. The longer the loan term, the lower the monthly payment, but typically it will be between 0.7% and 1.2% of the amount borrowed.

Why was the Brandenburg Gate built right next to the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall came after the Brandenburg Gate.,The Brandenburg Gate was in the city center at the intersection of Unter den Linden and Ebertstrau00dfe, where the wall was built. The Soviets sort of built a arched area of the Berlin Wall sticking out from the Soviet sector behind the Brandenburg Gate. It was in a special zone that no one could get

What are some myths about the Vietnam War?

Vietnam War Facts, Stats and MythsInformation presented by SFC (Ret) David Hack. Hack volunteered for service in Vietnam in 1968, joining the 1st Infantry Division. He served as a sergeant with the Big Red One in Lai Khe, Vietnam. Hack received the Purple Heart for major combat injuries, and spent the rest of his military career as a recruiter for

How do you keep pork chops from drying out in the oven?

Your best bet is to smother them, itu2019s a Southern term for braising.,A pack of thinly sliced pork chops is an economical way to feed a crowd. Problem is they cook quickly, become dry and end up not being such a great idea, unless you smother them.,Smothering is just a term used for braising. All you need to do is season and sear the chops, cove

How do I sell chemical products?

Developing a sales plan for chemical products involves strategic objectives like boosting sales per customer and expanding into areas that have the potential for generating sales. With B2B platforms you can achieve all that and more without having to worry about much.,TradeWheel.com:With TradeWheel you can connect with a vast network of leading che

How do I improve my eyesight naturally?

It is possible to improve your eyesight with eye exercises. I have used some of the following methods to improve my eyesight significantly. The key to success is patience. People just donu2019t stick with anything for long and therefore results cannot manifest. I used to have astigmatism. My eyes would worry me, everything was blurry and foggy. I c

What exactly happens when you die in a dream but do not wake up?

Possibly because your death is symbolic in the dream. You're not actually afraid of dying or you'd likely wake up. For example, in falling dreams a person usually awakens before hitting the ground.,In your dreams it's likely that you're reviewing the potential implications of a major life change (symbolized by the death of your old self), and the i

Whats financial management?

The most interesting concept in financial management in my view is budgeting. To prepare a meaningful budget one has to identify all the sources (inflow) of funds and have to allocate or decide the utilization (expenditure/investments) of funds. The perspective (needs/goals) for sources and utilization of funds will be different for different entit

What things are worth seeing, but not worth going to see?

As with any subjective - yet intriguing - question on Quora, I can give my humble opinion based on my expertise. But you certainly donu2019t have to agree with me. I think I have sufficient credentials in world travel to make a fair comparison of my extensive and diverse travel adventures. To me, there are four distinct categories of destinations a

What happened in your office that became the stuff of legend?

In the first year of my first real job, there were many memorable experiences. One of those was working with a mysterious shadowy figure named Brett. No one knew what Brett did or what he worked on. He certainly didnu2019t work on my team, nor did any other team claim him. But the most notable thing about Brett was that he always needed data. Lots

How do I fry a bone in pork chops?

Bone in pork chops are generally rather thick cuts in my experience, so it is best to sear the outside and then place it in the oven till cooked through, I actually prefer to cook the pork to a nice rosy pink which I know some to believe unsafe, but with a fresh, butcher bought pork chop it is both safe and delicious.

How is causation distinguished from correlation in statistics?

Causation cannot be established solely through statistics, much less just correlation.,First, even if there is causation, correlation can't say which direction it goes in. Income is correlated with income tax paid. But, statistically, it could be that paying more taxes makes your income go up! ,Second, correlation can happen with no causation whats

Why doesnu2019t Oregon have a sales tax?

Oregonians have had many opportunities to vote to have a sales tax, but except for very special forms of sales tax, always voted against them.,Many of the things that in other states would be paid for by a sales tax are paid for by personal income tax and property tax.,Now, you might think that Oregonians would think to replace both of these taxes