What are the YouTube monetization requirements in 2022?

You must get 1k subs and 400 video hours . But if you want to make money ud83eudd11ud83eudd11 with every video you upload without even 1k sub &400hrs, use this ud83dudc47site. Its personal recommendation. register nowud83dudc47ud83dudc47ud83eudd11ud83eudd11,https://rumble.com/register/OfficialAnswer/

What can be done if I signed a power of attorney to my husband, but I donu2019t really remember because I was always under heavy strong mental meds?

U.S. perspectiveYou can revoke a power of attorney by completing and signing a revocation. You can look at a sample revocation at Create a Revocation of Power of Attorney | Legal Templates (and elsewhere online).,Because you do not know whether or when you may have granted the power, you could revoke u201cany and all powers of attorneyu201d granted

What is the psychology of sage green?

Sage green is an earthy grayish-green color like that of the culinary herb which has woody stems and grayish leaves. The word sage is defined as a profoundly wise personu2014someone who is venerated for his wisdom, judgment, and experience. Sage green is soft and subtle, you can pair it with a variety of other colors and finishes. Sage green create

What is it like to be a dark-skinned person in India?

No doubt, it is very difficult to survive in India if you are a girl who is dark complexioned.,I am a dark complexioned Indian woman who is always treated unfairly because of dark complexion.,When I was born , everyone was unhappy because of two reasons - one, I was 4th girl child in family and two, I was dark complexioned.,When I was enrolled in s

Why cant photos be taken near the Eiffel Tower during the night time?

Itu2019s to do with French copyright law. There are some lights stuck up on Gustaveu2019s massive erection which were put there in 1985 by some bloke called Pierre Bidet (or it might have been Bideau, or something like that anyway). Any road au-dessus, it stays in copyright for seventy years, and if you take a photo of Parisu2019s most famous symbo

What are the tourist spots in Shanghai?

Old Millfun 1933n,Tianzifangn,Sinan Mansionn,M50n,Shanghai Natural History Museumn,Shikumen scenic spotn,Chongming Wetland Parkn,the night view of the Bundn,China Pavilionn,Zhujiajiao Ancient Townn,Duolun Road Cultural Celebrities Streetn,Jingan Templen,Zhongshuge(a book store in Songjiang Thames Town)n

Can I add a photo to my story after I have posted it on Instagram?

Instagramu2019s new Layout featureOne of the great things about Instagram Stories is that you can add as many photos and videos as youu2019d like without cluttering your followersu2019 feeds. Instagram is continually adding new features to enhance their Story experience. On December 17th, the platform introduced the new Layout feature to Stories. Y

Iu2019m an American citizen. My partner is a Chinese citizen. Our baby will be born in the US. Will the baby also have Chinese citizenship via his father?

The child will be entitled to Chinese citizenship. The children of Chinese citizens are entitled to return to China. However, it isnu2019t automatic. You would have to register the Childu2019s birth and apply for the childu2019s citizenship to be recognised. China does not allow dual citizenship, so applying for Chinese citizenship would require re

What are the best one-liners that support atheism?

God kills 2.4 million people in his book. Satan kills 10. Who is the more evil one?,God says everyone has to worship him for all eternity. What kind of self-centered egomaniac demands that?,What happened to the three-day-old babies when the flood of Noah came? Donu2019t envision a worldwide floodu2014hold in your mind the image of a single crib wit

How do I get a great texture quality in Unity 3D as in AAA games?

Step 1, Do not spend a u201cshit ton of time making textures at a very high resolutionu201d . This both wastes your time and resources as the texture will scale to a resolution as displayed on the screen. For example. Lets say you have a texture that is 4k resolution, and the player is on a normal 1080p screen, then even if this was used as a borde

How do I get Lightroom Classic?

Click Download Lightroom Classic below to begin downloading Lightroom Classic. Follow the onscreen instructions to sign-in and install. (Don't worry if you start on the free trial page. You'll download your subscription version once you sign in.)

Is a 2GB graphics card enough for Photoshop?

Iu2019ve worked on billboard tarpaulin files with Photoshop CS2 on a budget netbook thatu2019s worth roughly $230, so Iu2019m fairly sure it had just like 4 GB RAM at best, and an integrated graphics chipset to boot. The latest version should be only a little more resource-intensive, but it should work fine.,The thing is, Photoshop is CPU intensive

How do you take a slick, professional headshot with your phone?

The keys to any kind of portraiture are lighting, posing, and composition. The type of camera is mostly irrelevant, but you do need a lens with a long focal length and (most importantly) distance between the camera and the subject.,Photos taken from too short of a distance exaggerate facial features in an unflattering manner. The camera should be a

What is a flag with red, white and blue?

There are many national flags using the 3 colors you mentioned. Not in any particular order, but including all three colors - blue, white and red - only (no additional colors) on their flag :,Ashmore and Cartier Islands GBRAustralia GBRBouvet Island,CambodiaChileCocos (Keeling) Islands GBRCook Islands GBRCubaCzech RepublicFalkland Islands (Malvinas

Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?

Q: Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?,A:1971 Dr.Samuel C.Hurst invented the electronic touch screen interface, while teaching at the University of Kentucky, United States of America.,The first working somewhat touchscreen phone that you could actually buy was the IBM Simon in 1992, which featured a basic touchscreen, however it

How do I make a strawberry milkshake?

Believe it or not, previously-frozen-but-now-thawed strawberries work better. All you need is ice cream, milk (I prefer heavy cream) and frozen strawberries. You could add some almond extract (slight cherry-ish flavor) to zhuzh it up a bit or some Frangelico if you want to throw caution to the wind. Oh, what the fuck. Just do it. ,You really have t

What are your favourite Romanian idioms sayings?

The city of Ploieu0219ti, 1925There are really many idioms and sayings and one answer couldnu2019t do justice to the semantic inventiveness and sense of humor of the Romanian language, which is why I encourage you to read all of the other answers as well. However, I hail from the city of Ploieu0219ti, which is why I u201chave tou201d chose the foll

Between UCD and Trinity College Dublin, which university should I choose? How do they compare by subject, student life and international opportunities?

Similar to my previous comparison I will try to make a conclusion on which university is better. Aman Ray's answer to Which is a better option, NUIG or UCC for a masteru2019s in data science, and why?Before starting I would like to add that both universities are very reputed in Ireland. In case you have admitted to either of the university you can

Hey everyone, I have a question regarding stacking in Astrophotography. my current set-up allows only short exposures due to which number of subs are more. The stacking process takes too long. How can I fix this. Can I stack already stacked Images?

I use a free stacking program that doesnu2019t seem to get much notice in the amateur astrophotography community, but I find faster than Deep Sky Stacker (DSS DeepSkyStacker - Free), a popular freeware program. Check out Sequator. I can stack 15u201320 600x4000 pixel raw subs from my Canon T6i in under 3u20134 minutes, 60 or more in under 10u201315

Which airline is better, ANA or JAL?

Very good question! There are several factors and components that can determine the true answer to this question. Firstly, I will begin talking about the airlineu2019s fleet.,Fleet:Japan Airlines:The typical Japan Airlines plane is approximately 9 years oldJAL (currently, as of July 2018) operate 5 types of planes - The B737, B767, B777, and B787,

What are the SWOT analysis advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of SWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection. It is a strong tool, but it involves a great subjective element. It is best when used as a guide, and not as a prescription. Successful businesses build on their strengths, correct their weakness and protect against internal weaknesses and external threa

Where is the Google headquarters located?

Google are very much based internationally.,They have their huge Googleplex at Mountain View in Silicon Valley, but they also have huge premises in London, Dublin & Barcelona in the EU.,I donu2019t know about the rest of the world, but they surely have a presence in many other cities.

How much does a queen size Sleep Number bed cost?

The Sleep Number 360 series features nine mattresses divided into the Classic Series, Performance Series, and Innovation Series, and one memory foam mattress. The 360 c2 mattress is the most affordable Sleep Number smart bed and costs $1,099 in a queen size.