What is the most authentic recipe for shoyu tonkotsu ramen?

These days, there are all sorts of variations but theyu2019re all based on these four main types, ranked in popularity.,1. Soy sauce (u91a4u6cb9 / shouyu) - a light brown broth,2. Pork marrow (u8c5au9aa8 / tonkotsu) - pork bones are simmered for days to get the white, creamy broth. I should also mention that true Hakata/Fukuoka, Kyushu tonkotsu ram

What can artificial intelligence do for cars or the automotive industry?

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Autonomous DrivingArtificial intelligence (AI) systems are used to alter, process, and function data and algorithms to imitate the intellectual functions of the human mind, and gain the capacity to absorb and resolve problems automatically. Vehicles with self-driving features are more likely to adopt such syst

What are some creative and appealing furniture designs?

There are so many designs that really create an impact on once mind such as Victorian Furniture, Maharaja Furniture, Artistic Luxury Furniture, Mughal Art furniture, Exclusive Classic Indian Furniture, Contemporary & Antique Furniture.,However the most beautiful furniture designs of solid wood carved furniture with its classy looks will definitely

What are the best high-end and mid-range phone deals on Amazon Republic Day sale 2022?

Amazon Great Republic day sale is back again, and this year Amazon is providing huge discounts on Mid-Range and High-end smartphones.,If you are thinking to change your smartphone, this would be the right time for you.,You will get up to 40% off on Smartphones during this Amazon sale 2022.,The big brands like Apple iPhone, Xiaomi, Redmi, iQoo, Real

How do I better practice photography?

If photography was as easy as obtaining larger along with much better equipment or having a Facebook web page, we would certainly all be electronic photographers currently.,However, that's not how it operates and also it's an excellent idea, also. The trip from being a beginner along with eventually accomplishing the condition of being a pro is hal

What is the point of a clock in Minecraft?

The purpose of clock in Minecraft is to keep track of time. Earlier in the game, you probably wouldn't need it but as it goes on and you expand your village or build a castle which is very big where its difficult to tell whether its day time or night time, thats when a clock comes in handy or in caves or mines where you have no means of telling wha

What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 going to be?

According to newly published article @ dubaiposter .com /blog below the latest rumors and news about Galaxy S9.,Samsung launched the latest versions of the S series (S8 and the S8+) on April 2017, and rumors have already started that How will be the next Smartphone?, What will be the features & Specs of Galaxy S9 and more. Nevertheless, thousands o

Can Italians understand Portuguese?

By and large, no. However we can read it and understand a lot of it if we have some context. If the Italian in question knows Spanish, then the reading part gets orders of magnitude easier.,Understanding speech is another matter unless the speaker takes pity and speaks very, v e r y s l o w l y.,A spaniard and an Italian can get the point across on

What beaches stand out because they are extremely dangerous?

I once visited Kenya with my girlfriend who was a deep sea diver at the time.,Our hotel was marvellous, and the food was great.,We also went on several trips to see wildlife, and I must admit that the experience was fantastic u2014 just like in Attenboroughu2019s documentaries.,We saw lions, elephants, zebras, hippos and even one jaguar.,Truly amaz

Whats your favourite Chinese snacks?

u201cI don't usually snack" - however when I come across my favourite Chinese pastry I go beserk u2014 eating more than I should, in southern China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia Penang-Ipoh.Many of the old Chinese bakeries/pastry shops have been making their specialty bakes for over a hundred years.Penang's soft, crumbly tau sar piah (green bean

Where does the saying Prince Albert in the can come from and what does it mean?

prank got its start,British ancestors enjoyed jokes any day of the year, not just on April Foolsu2019 Day.,By the 1850s, potters were making puzzle jugs with holes that let liquid dribble down a shirt front and beer mugs with a ceramic frog or snake inside waiting to appear when the beer was gone.,There were bronze figures that came apart to show a

Why is Nepal an agricultural country?

Nepal is called an agricultural country because more than 65 percent of Nepalese people are dependent in agriculture.The soil of Nepal is fertile and suitable to grow agricultural crops so majority of Nepalese are farmers because of climate of Nepal

Is a travel brochure a tertiary source?

I think that depends on what you want to use it for. As an example of the kind of advertising used to promote tourism, itu2019s an item of data, a primary source. If it provides references to other primary sources like other tourist brochures, then itu2019s a secondary source. If it repeats or collects tourist brochures, like a media critique of th

How will life be in Dubai for an Indian?

I am Indian and have been staying in Dubai for over 2 years now. I moved here after I got married. I find that life is very fast here as compared to India but overall it has been a great experience. When I first moved here, I was amazed to see so many Indians here. The place is mostly dominated by Malayalis. I will try to explain few points for Ind

What is the most efficient way to save money for traveling many places?

1. Join a local Facebook group that alerts you to sweet travel deals.2. Travel during "shoulder periods."3.Take overnight trains and busses when you can.4. Don't overorder when you eat out.Have a picnic in the park."Just pick up a variety of fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses or other local specialties from a farmers market in the city you're visiting

Where is the best place in a concert hall to sit for sound?

it depends on the individual hall and what youu2019re listening too. For an acoustic, non-amplified concert, In general, the larger the ensemble, the further away I like to be so that the sound has a chance to blend before it reaches my ears. But I also donu2019t to be too far back so that I feel removed from the u201dactionu201d. I generally prefe

What are things to photograph at home?

Original Question: What can I photograph if I am at home?Thanks Quora!!,,Off the top of my head:,Close ups of house plant leaves and blooms,Frost on your window,Step out of your front door like I did for this,Self-portraits work too,A garden scene from a patio (friendu2019s home in Ireland),A still life,Pets,An old camera you donu2019t use anymore

Is nitrogen gas a greenhouse gas?

No. Nitrogen, and also oxygen, are completely transparent to the infrared radiation the Earth emits and radiates into space unless it hits a greenhouse gas. This is the big flaw in the reasoning of the man-made global warming deniers who talk about CO2 being only 0.04% of the atmosphere. almost all of the remaining 99.96% of the gases in the atmosp

How do you make whipped cream without heavy cream?

You do not. The gelatin is thoroughly unnecessary, of course, but you canu2019t make whipped cream without cream. Thatu2019s what whipped cream is: cream which has been beaten until foamy. If you donu2019t have cream, you may be able to make some other foamy substance (for example, fancy coffee-making devices have steam-driven gadgets which will fo

Which are the best cloud service providers?

Letu2019s talk numbers:,In terms of market share these are the top three cloud providers:,AWS - 31%Azure - 11%,Google Cloud - 8%,In terms of server capacity:,AWS has around 6 times the server capacity than all of its competitors combined!,Year of Inception:,AWS - 2006Azure - 2010,Google Cloud - 2011,Hence, AWS has a more mature model of infrastruct

Why do YouTubers never tell their real earnings to their subscribers?

It was never a rule haha, that was all made up, this is the real reason:,YouTube does pay a lot of money once youu2019re at a certain bracket, if you have fans asking how much you make, youu2019re probably making a lot.,They wonu2019t tell because 1, itu2019s just personal, people at a big corporation most likely wonu2019t tell you how much they ma

Why is "New Math" so confusing?

Because of these.,Thirty years ago computers and calculators were brand new. When we were introduced to math, we werenu2019t actually learning math. We were learning the most efficient algorithms to manually compute the results of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. We were learning how to be human calculators without under

Is Chinas new Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge necessary or is it just a vanity project?

When China started to invest heavily in high speed rail network over a decade ago, people criticized government for wasting money on u201cvanity projectu201d and they were quite convinced the slow trains were good enough for Chinese.,Those critics were just near-sighted and lacked vision of how this would change China and her people and how it woul

What are the original members of the band Queen doing now?

Brian May (the guitarist) and Roger Taylor (the drummer) still have concerts around the world.,After Freddieu2019s death in 1991, they had different singers. Such as Paul Rodgers.,Before the quarantine, they had tours and their singer was Adam Lambert.,Left to right: Adam Lambert, Roger Taylor & Brian MayFor now, theyu2019ve postponed their concert

What are the differences between Pisces men and women?

Even though the Pisces couple have similar interests, itu2019s not easy for the **Pisces woman and Pisces man** to meet for they are both introverts. They prefer intimate gatherings so itu2019s more likely they will be introduced by friends, or see each other at a small social event they both enjoy. Because they are standing in the corner, they wil

How do you make a paper tree?

Take three full size sheets of newsprint (If they still make that stuff).,Roll it into a 1u2033 tube and secure it with a few pieces of tape on one side of the half-way point.,From the other side, use scissors to cut down the tube to about 1/4 the distance.,Slide the inner sheets up from the taped side.