What are the best ways to generate good business ideas?

One can get the best ideas for starting a business by reading this answer till end:),1. Real Estate Photo ServiceHere's an industry to look into for all you photographers who want to make money from your passion.,As more people attempt to sell their own homes through online platforms, the demand for real estate photo service is increasing.,A basic

Why do professional photographers use Canon cameras over Nikon?

Sorry but it's not true - I use a Nikon and sometimes I use a Canon, oh and excuse me - sometimes an iphone. I think it's just an immature thought process or extreme narrow mindedness or perhaps just an inability to shoot with whatever you have that produces this erroneous conclusion. It really is the eye that makes the photographer not their camer

Can you share a picture of your study room?

Not mine but my younger brother's. He's preparing for his Joint Entrance Examinations this year. I am long past those horrific times now!,He has turned his bed to his study table. You can see books spread all across the bed.,This was clicked by me without his knowledge.,There's a separate study table as well where he sits sometimes depending on his

Why does the Thai Baht continue to stay strong against the Euro and USD?

Global financial market is in turmoil. Now, we are facing u2018US-Chinau2019 trade war, Brexit, Middle east problem, world economy on the brink of recession? etc. Investors are not expecting good news anytime soon, so they want to keep their money somewhere safe. Where should they keep their money? Thatu2019s right investors are buying Thai Baht (T

How come my Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 printer doesnu2019t charge?

I am not entirely sure why Quora content review changed Question from SP-2 to SP-1. they are different model,SP-1 requires specific cable to power if you need to run on external power you need to plug that you can get replacement if cable go bad.,Printer itself run in CR2 battery, so it will not charge. You just need to get replacement CR2 battery.

Is love jihad really happening in India, or is it a hoax?

I've had the chance of meeting a victim of this crime (yes, it is a crime) a few years back.,I was traveling from Kolkata to Mumbai in train after my summer vacation was over like we do every year. It was all well and good except it wasn't as it seemed. There was a muslim woman with her 4 year old son and mother in law traveling along with us too.

Which is the best 4K resolution monitor for photo editing?

Editing photos is ok to do on basic monitors, but if you plan to make a career of it, or what to level up on your photo editing skills, then youu2019ll need a monitor with color clarity up to industry standards.,There are a few different things you need for a photo-editing monitor. Weu2019ve compiled a list of the best monitors for your editing and

What is the best way to learn Photoshop online?

Hi! I learnt Photoshop entirely via YouTube tutorials! There are many videos which tell you how to get started and teach you the purpose of all the tools available.,A great beginner video will be:,Once you get to know how all the tools work and how to use them, these are the channels I would recommend you to try multiple projects:,Photoshop Tutoria

What is the future of food delivery?

Okay, I wonu2019t present an in-depth, logical analysis of the system. But I just thought more people needs to know about this little wonder coming from my u201cthird-worldu201d, developing, massively populated, relatively obscure country.,Go-JekIf you look at the traffic in Indonesia, or I think also most other developing countries, there are more

What are the general differences between Nikon and Canon camera products?

Since 1959, Nikon has had one lens mount, the F mount.,With a couple of very old and very rare (even when they were made they were expensive and rare) lenses that havenu2019t been made in 50 or so years, ever Nikon lens will fit on every Nikon camera. These lenses are so rare that in my 45+ years in photography, including working in a camera store

How can I talk to a Cebu Pacific agent?

Contacting the Cebu Pacific Airline via phoneWhether you are traveling for the first time or have some flight issues you need to resolve, calling the airlines directly is the best option. Cebu Pacific is a Philippines airline with its eyes set on dominating the world airlines in its region. You can understand this from the way they have designed th

What is the biggest scam an auto mechanic ever tried on you?

I have dash-cams fitted front and rear in my car. Occasionally I forget to switch them off leading to a flat battery (if I donu2019t use the car for a couple of days) which is what I did last year 2018. In the UK we have various breakdown services - the AA being the one I was a member of. I phoned them and they sent an AA patrolman to help me; he s

Why would anyone need a 108 megapixel camera in their phone?

Q: Why is Samsungu2019s 108-Megapixel camera not just a GIMMICK?,A: In fact Samsungu2019s 108-Megapixel camera really is just a gimmick.,When you add moreu201dpixelsu201d to a camera sensor, the pixels get smaller because they have to not in the same space,The smaller the pixel the less light each pixel captures,The less light the pixel captures th

What is your favourite easy-to-make sandwich?

Ham and cheese. Fast and delicious. Virtually any type of ham and cheese can be used. As an example, I've made sliders out of honey ham and Swiss Cheese slices, baked at 350F for approximate 10 mins or until cheese melts, then coating top with a mixture of honey mustard, Worcester sauce, mayo and black sesame seeds.

What are some lesser known but useful websites?

Here we go!1. Remove.bgThis AI powered website helps you to remove background from an image. You wouldn't believe the accuracy of the final product. This website can save hours (This one is my personal favourite).,*Don't forget to check the last one*,2. Fast.com,You can use this website to check the internet speed of your phone's network. No need t

What are some examples of projects an IT governance manager do?

The projects would be done by another level of PMu2019s. Governance is between the PM group and senior management. You miss a milestone and u201cthe governoru201d explains it. They (the demons Iu2019ll call senior management) tell the governor if they have any brilliant ides of how to get the project on track. Or from the PMu2019s perspective, they

How would I go about writing an app in Swift that allows the user to take a picture of some text around them (like a page in a book) and then convert that image to a text document?

There are many existing OCR SDKs for mobile development. Just do a quick goggle and youu2019ll find many of them. The one I have experience with is the ML from Firebase. Before jumping into making this app, make sure that your app has some potential market. Such a feature has log been implemented in many apps such as Google Translate.

How does a magazine make money?

If we think of a magazine as a brand and not just a printed product it can have many income sources. nAds, subscriptions & content licensing, as noted above, also custom publishing, video, seminars, permission email marketing, sales of subscriber lists, trade shows, etc.nThe value is in the content and the reader relationship to the brand.

How do I contact American Airlines customer service?

Depends what you mean by u201ccustomer service.u201d If you need help making, changing, or cancelling a reservation or ticket, call the main number 800-433-7300. If you have a complaint, compliment, or question, you can go to their web site and fill in the u201cEmail Usu201d form to contact Customer Relations. If you have a question or problem rega

Which is the most beautiful country in South Asia?

It is very difficult question to answer, every country in the world is beautiful because the mother earth is amazing and universe is mysterious. Well, there are 49 countries in Asia and South Asia has seven countries which are, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Maldives.,Well,Maldives is famous for islands but it is ver

What are some meat temperatures for a steak?

Thatu2019s entirely up to you and what level of doneness you want.,Most chefs would recommend medium-rare, and thatu2019s what I normally shoot for myself, but I know a few who prefer it well done and some who like it blue (practically uncooked).,(from Pinterest),What I DO recommend though is that you cook it first in whatever way you choose (best

Can you use fabric for photography backdrops?

Yes, you can use almost anything you like for a backdrop. I would however avoid shiny or reflective surfaces. Also many photographers feel your backdrop should be rolled or wadded for storage as apposed to folding because creases from folding can be difficult to deal with in photos.