What are some very frugal ways to decorate your home?

since you are asking for Inexpensive home decor ideas here i am going to talk only about Wall painting, you only Require 2 to 3 different types of (colors)wall paints and a Brush(it costs around 500Rs Only..)..here i am posting some of the very simple painting which i have done in last couple of months..,1.Branch of a tree with few leaves and flowe

Suppose we lend money to our close friends, as taught it is better to make a written agreement between both. I would like to know what type of agreement to return and lending should be written, and how, for future uncertainties?

You can get a loan agreement signed by your friend.nA loan agreement is contract between two parties, which includes all the terms and conditions like term of loan, rate of interest, mode of repayment, etc. It is to be signed by both the parties.,Attaching a sample loan agreeement.

Where are the hip neighborhoods in Reykjavik to Airbnb?

As far as cheap airfare goes, it depends on where youu2019re flying from.,If youu2019re flying from the East Coast of the United States, a couple of budget Scandinavian airlines can get you to Europe for dirt cheap this winter. WOW Airlines and Norwegian Air have fares as low as $250 round-trip from New York, Washington, and Boston. Itu2019s probab

Why is Taco Bell removing all of their chicken items off the menu?

Taco Bell isnu2019t removing chicken items from their menu. I just check the menu on their website to confirm this.,They just changed the format of their menu. Almost all of the menu items that include meat, less the shredded chicken taco and chicken quesadilla, are presented on the menu with seasoned ground beef as the default protein.,If you want

What are some unique, cool coffee shops with a strong emphasis on design?

Our firm recently designed a shop in Beaverton, Ore. We did exterior and interior design, strategic positioning and brand identity to create a cool and unique coffee shop. Photos and description of the finished coffee shop can be found here: http://www.srmstudio.net/interiors/commercial/edge-coffee

How do I melt cheddar cheese for nachos?

If you are looking to make a quick plate of nachos simply place your chips on a microwave safe plate in a single layer, add shredded cheddar and jalapeno slices if you like them hot, add another layer of chips over and add more cheddar and jalapeno chips to your liking. Slip this into a microwave and heat for no more that 11 seconds. Turn the plate

How many grams is one cup of sugar?

It depends on the type of sugar. 1 cup of icing sugar is 128 grams. 1 cup of granulated white sugar is 200 grams. 1 cup of soft brown sugar is 220g. Other types of sugar are likely to be different. To be sure you should probably weigh the particular type of sugar that you want to use.

Has the fourth industrial revolution began?

Industrial Internet of ThingsThe focus of top players in the global industrial internet of things (IIoT) market is to leverage innovative technologies so as to provide novel IIoT solutions. In order to consolidate their position, top companies in the market are also considering carefully crafted partnerships and acquisitions, leading to their expan

In the U.S., our coffee is noticeably poor in quality when compared to other countries. Why is our coffee subpar? What is it about us, that does not seem to actually care about the quality?

Regardless of how anyone else has responded, this is not a foolish question and the answer is not that nobody cares.,I can genuinely answer your question. However, be warned that after reading this answer,.. whether you choose the path of The Coffee Jedi or that of The Coffee Sith,.. You will have unlocked the secrets of the Force.,You will essenti

Is Apple Inc. iPhone going to loose market in India?

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook sales in many developing countries including in India is decreasing because of three main reasonsu2026,First of all people having iPhones are not upgrading to the latest versions of the iPhones which is affecting its sells in developing countries.,Second is the foreign exchange value which has increased too much whic

What are the best dessert recipes that uses Nutella as the main ingredient?

3-Ingredient Nutella cookie recipeIngredients:1 cup all-purpose flour,1 cup Nutella,1 large egg,Directions:Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a Silpat liner.,To the bowl of an electric mixer, add all ingredients, and mix until well combined.,The mixture will be thick but should be moist enough to roll

What are the complete traits of an Aquarius?

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign. It has its roots from the constellation of Aquarius. Its symbol consists of a water carrier. It is derived from the Greek Mythology.,Aquarius tend to be timid and silent. Though they can be unconventional and active sometimes. They have the ability to solve problems and view a situation in an unbiased way. They

How do you design a horse themed bedroom?

Hello!,The most related interior style to horse themed bedroom is Country style. Country style divided to some themes instead, there are French Country, English Country, American Country, and Tuscan.,Look at the picture above. The wood headboard, end table, cupboard, and some boots as decorations are what make the bedroom look very horse themed, is

Where is Babylon of today?

Original Question: Where exactly is the ancient Babylon located?Itu2019s some 85 km (c. 55 mi) to the south of the modern Iraqi city of Baghdad.,Babylon was last inhabited about 1,000 years ago, and today lies in ruins.,Thanks for the A2A.

Why cant America win in a guerrilla warfare?

The Americans are actually among the most influential pioneers of modern guerrilla warfare, from Rogersu2019 Rangers using Native American tracking, hunting and war-fighting tactics in the Seven Years War, to the irregular militias of the Revolutionary War, to the Bushwhackers of the Civil War and beyond, the US knows how to fight a guerrilla war.

What foods contain carbohydrates?

Delicious sweet corn has a whopping 25 grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams (the equivalent of three-fifths of a cup.,That same amount also contains 3.36 g of protein and a lot of vitamin C.,If I were to eat just one ear of corn, that would put me over my carb limit of 20 grams per day.,Although I love it, I no longer eat corn.

What were phones like in the 1960s?

In the USA, at the start of the 1960u2019s, they were generally the desk model with a rotary dial, like this one. Invariably in shiny black or possibly red, or u201cindustrialu201d dark green:,Around 1962 or 1963, they introduced the u201cPrincess Phoneu201d, which looked like this. It was the first time phone designers started thinking about the a

What are the types of panorama?

Your question is a bit vague but I will answer what I believe your question implies. There are several ways to make a panoramic photograph.,A full 360 degree panoramic can be made using a slit (film) or a slit scan (digital) camera. The image is captured as the camera spins around in a full turn. Some digital cameras and smartphones incorporate a v

What is the best social media in 2022, and why?

It`s difficult to say what exactly the most popular social media network will be in 2022, but I think the answer will definitely be in the following:,Twitter: because it has the best real-time content with high-quality news,,Instagram: because it has become a social platform for people to post pictures and videos on,,Facebook: because more and more

Is Costco rotisserie chicken healthy?

Given that by the time it goes into the rotisserie, the chicken is far from healthy - itu2019s fully dead, and has had its feathers, head, and internal organs removed. There is no hope for that chicken being anything other than a delicious dinner.,It is, however, quite nutritious. Lots of good protein and fats in there, all covered in some seasonin

How can we control costs in construction?

Think of some innovations in construction. Is it told in Vedas to use existing building materials ? For partition wall we can use Cement fiber board. And for Elevation we can use GRC which will reduce not only cost and labor but also time. Reduce all the Brick walls. The river sand is not only spoiled the environment, but once the river sand used i

How should I prepare for a performance review?

Honestly; and be harsher on yourself than they will be because then that gives your supervisor/boss the opportunity to be a supportive/coach instead of having to burst your bubble of high self praiseu2026.,If there is a larger disconnect than that you might need a third party arbiter

What goes into planning for a wedding cake?

About six to eight months before wedding day is the sweet spot to start thinking about your cake. You want to have your venue, your date and your style/colors in mind before setting up your first baker consultation. Itu2019s not just a tasting, itu2019s a time to sit down with your cake designer and talk through all the details from flavors to fill

What problems do medical students have to face when preparing for the NEET?

Pressure,of not meeting parents expectations,Relatives taunt,Do you know?,He got 99% in 12th and is doing bsc you cannot crack better do bsc,No scope in biology,Relationship,You only study ,study and study,you donu2019t give me time,You donu2019t love me,Tests,Confusion,If I score 720 in PITS test LAine test series will I get same marks in neet,Sel