Every time my daughter visits her Chinese high school friend she comes home with a bag of basic groceries bought by the friends mother. We are not poor so I find it slightly embarassing. Is this normal courtesy for the Chinese?

My first wife was Chinese. My lovely son is half Chinese. Back when I lived in Los Angeles, Chinese people surrounded me. I could walk down the street and visit a Jack in the Box to get breakfast or cross the street to DiHo, a Chinese supermarket, and get anything Asian. My son loved their dumplings. We had the best of both worlds.,I can recall goi

What are your thoughts about Notebook Pro 9 laptops?

MY THOUGHTS ABOUT NOTEBOOK PRO 9 LAPTOPSSamsung's Notebook 9 Pro Laptops (2019) presents you with an examination in contrast. This 13.3-inch, in vogue convertible, offers the most recent Intel Whiskey Lake chip, a liberal number of ports, and solid execution in customary office applications, for an appealing cost.,We encountered a couple of idiosyn

In Chinese cuisine, what is a bao?

Itu2019s a bun - called u201cbaozi/baou201d in China and u201cbaou201d (also spelt u201cpaou201d) in Chinese communities overseas..,The bao usually have a cooked filling, filling can be sweet such as red bean paste, lian yong pau (lotus paste), purple yam paste (pic above), or liu sha bao (salted egg yolk custard (orange coloured bao); and or savor

Is it illegal for a for high school student A to take pictures of high school student B while they are changing their clothes in their car, assuming student B is a minor? What if student A turns them into the police claiming indecent exposure?

Probably?,There are so many different factors here that I can't begin to answer this question without going through a few.,Sex of students involved: If student A is of the opposite sex of Student B then it's not looking too good for Student A. If the student changing clothes is a guy then not so much because we don't really have a lot to show from

How do Virgo men act when they like someone?

With my experience, I have had a large amount of angry Virgo men messaging me because I gave up their mental game. Some have even admitted having the traits. When my practical self couldn't solve this one, I looked for spiritual solutions. I am as surprised, and just as much dismayed, to find such a similar pattern of behavior among Virgo men. I lo

How do I care for aloe vera plants in my yard?

Aloe vera plants are easy to care for. They make wonderful houseplants or you can grow them outside. In this post I will show you all you need to know about aloe vera care, including water, sunlight, soil, fertilizer, and more. There is a common misconception that aloe vera is difficult to grow, but itu2019s actually quite easy. But the biggest mis

How do you write a mobile number with an area code?

Q: How do I write my phone number with an area code?The way phone numbers are written and how a phone number is broken down into different groups such as a local code, a dial code or area code, and its international representation vary from country to country.,As far as I know, there is only one international standard for writing down a telephone n

What does the holy Bible(God) say of Meditation?

Question: What does God say about meditation?God does not need consciousness, rituals, prayers, spirituality, mindfulness, or meditations; God needs our obedience and good deeds to prove our faith.,consciousness, Meditations, rituals, prayers, or faith without works are useless if there are no fruits of good deeds.,Prayers and spirituality will not

What is the best lighting for a living room?

Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas u2013 This living room ceiling lighting ideas are some simple creative new plan for your luxury home design. A home is a special place for its occupants, ensuring safety and comfort in a corner of their own. People want their homes to be comfortable and inviting, and nowadays with the increasing awareness about th

What are some examples of practicing good company culture that a small business can do?

Looking at our own culture here at 7Geese (team of 13), one of the first visible aspects I noticed when joining that speaks to our company culture and good practices of culture is our weekly lunch and learn.,Every Wednesday one or two team members present on a topic of interest for the rest of the team during an organization paid lunch hour where w

I forgot my Facebook password and email password. How can I log into Facebook?

I was able to get back my account by contacting Facebook experts at JA.,This was after I had tried everything according to Facebooku2019s Help Center which was useless as I had forgotten both the pass and verification email.,This post has details on how you can contact them:,Whatu2019s brilliant is that you donu2019t have to wait to get in touch wi

How is life in Bath, Somerset?

As others have said: it is a small (about 100K people) but very u201chigh qualityu201d city,Very attractive city with lovely architecture,Given the size Surprisingly lots of arts & amenities (several theatres, gallleries, museums etc),Very pretty, with lovely river, surrounded by green hills on all sides,Great pubs & very good restuarants,Good shop

What are some easy desserts to make with few ingredients?

How about a Granita? One ingredient.,Juice up some blood oranges. Or oranges. Or lemons. Or lime. Or grapefruit. Or pomelo. Or mangos. Or peaches. This could be a long list. Tasty liquid.,Anyway, take that juice and pour it into a clean sheet pan. Put in freezer overnight. When frozen scrape at it with a fork. Lots and lots until itu2019 like a tra

What do most Americans think Cinco de Mayo celebrates?

Margarita and fajitas u2014 both American inventions, as is Cinco de Mayo, really. I mean, every city in Mexico has an Avenida 5 Mayo, but itu2019s just not a big deal there, at all.,But I think most semi-aware Americans know that it was a significant battle, somewhere in Mexico, some time in the past, when a rag-tag group of Mexicans won a gloriou

What is it like to have a cool dad, as opposed to a very strict one?

My dad closes the elevator door before I get in.,He's the first to grab the grocery bags to carry them in, only to leave the heaviest for my sister and I. ,He watched every season of Grey's Anatomy with me and when I wasn't around, he watched ahead and sent me spoilers!,He drove through a snow storm just so we could satisfy an ice cream craving.,He

Which is the best headphone for listening music?

I believe these headphones could bring you a good music experience.,Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones,The most conspicuous change in the appearance of the Bose 700 is the stainless steel head beam that penetrates the left and right earmuffs. In addition to the decorative effect, the height of the head beam can be adjusted by pulling the extension of

Why should I own investment property under an LLC instead of my own name?

A real estate LLC could be a good choice for owning an investment property, it just depends on what youu2019re looking for as an investor.,Advantages of Owning Investment Property Under an LLC1. Limited LiabilityThe most obvious advantage of owning an investment property under an LLC is the limited liability for real estate investors. With any real

What appliances have to be included in a kitchen?

I am a working professional, so I get lea ss time to cook food, so I prefer such appliance that reduces my time doing kitchen chores. So here is the list of my must-have kitchen appliances.,Hand Blender & ChopperI have recently purchased this 3-in-1 Mini Blender & Food Chopper from KENT and it really saves my time doing the kitchen task such as mix

Why do many Chinese people choose an English first name but keep their Chinese surnames (e.g. Peter Wong, Cindy Chen)? Do they not want to change it because it is an inherited name?

You know what, most foreigners who have been living in China for a long-term, have Chinese names. This is primarily to assimilate with the local culture. Not to mention, the locals find it easier to remember the Chinese names.,Yang Mi (u6768u5e42),Same goes for Chinese people living overseas. They choose English names partly because itu2019s easier

How can we make British self-raising flour?

add 2 teaspoons of baking powder for each 150g/6oz/1 cup plain flour. Sift the flour and baking powder together into a bowl before using, to make sure the baking powder is thoroughly distributed.

Can you name a song with the word rain in the title or lyrics?

I Can't Stand the Rain by Tina Turner, Smokey Mountain Rain - Elvis, I'm No Stranger to The Rain - Keith Whitley, Rainy Day Woman, It's ud83cudf27 Raining Men, Here Comes the Rain Again - The Eurythmics, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain - Willie Nelson, I Love a Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbitt

Can I use any USB-C charger for an iPad Pro?

No. It needs to output 15 volts at 2 amps. If it doesnu2019t it will charge very slowly, and if youu2019re using the iPad Pro at the same time it may not charge. Apple MacBook chargers output 20 volts at 4 amps which doesnu2019t match the iPad, so it will fall to lower volts/amps resulting in slow charging. The linked article in your question is in

Why do I sometimes have dreams at night about Bible verses (mentioning salvation)?

What made Cyrus different than other rulers?I take for granted that we talk about Cyrus II, who is also called Cyrus the Great or Cyrus the Elder. So,,Short answer: Cyrus II is for Persia what Alexander the Great is for Greece!,Why?,Letu2019s see what he had achieved.,Cyrus succeeded his father Cambyses I as the ruler of the Persian tribes in 559 B

Is Russia challenging the West?

No, Russia is just drawing a line in the sand. This is how Europe looked like before the fall of Soviet Union,Above is a map showing how Europe was divided before the disintegration of Warsaw Pact. Further down the page is a map of Europe, illustrating the intended division of Europe by China - almost all of the countries in the blue colour used to

What are some examples of globalization?

What are the best examples for globalization?Globalization, in simple terms can be defined as the free movement of labour, capital (both investment & working capital), technology, entrepreneurship, goods & services across national borders - guided by the market forces of supply and demand.,Just like the way India was forced to embrace Globalization

How do I remove stuck ink cartridges from a Canon Pixma MG3620 printer?

You may wonder which one is the best printer for homeoffice amongst different model. No worries, in this article, weu2019ll review our top 10 picks right here!,Part 1. What to Look for in a homeoffice PrinterWhen purchasing a printer, you just donu2019t enter a printer shop and pick any printer. The choice of printer can make or break your experien

Do mirrorless cameras last longer than DSLRs?

In theory, yes.,The shutter on a SLR or DSLR is the main mechanical wear item and thus the component most likely to wear out or break. A mirrorless camera has fewer moving parts so it should theoretically be more reliable and more durable.,Really, this is only an issue for high-volume professional photographers who are taking hundreds of pictures a

How do you fill a parent consent form?

If your the parent it should be very simple and if your are the child adviser you not to. That is lying, cheating and could be the beginning of the life you will live. Do t k n ow who you are or age but under age think twice