What are the best replacements for vegetable stock in a recipe?

The purpose of stock, any stock, is to add flavor to the recipe. If you donu2019t have stock, which is essentially a concentrated flavoring agent, you can use the types of vegetables that would ordinarily go into stock, and saute them before adding them to the recipe along with water. Any assortment of vegetables you may have in your pantry will do

Which is best: Canon 1300D or Nikon D3300 ?

200% my votes goes to nikon d3300 .,Links,Model Name:,Nikon D3300,Prices:,Compare PricesManufacturer URL:,Manufacturer websitePredecessor:,Nikon D3200 nD3200 vs D3300Successor:,Nikon D3400 nD3300 vs D3400General,Model Number:,D3300,Alternate Model Number(s):,Camera Format:,SLR,Currently Manufactured:,Yes,Retail Price:,$649.95,Street Price:,$446.95,

What is something rich people buy that poor people know nothing about?

If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please comment below. While itu2019s probably the best of such lists anywhere on the web, there must be items missing.,Look for updates. I will be reaching to high net worth friends and a few people with close friends who are billionaires.,Watch winders - Expensive mechanical watches (Rolex, P

What are the weaknesses of a business like Uber, Airbnb, etc.?

In both the cases of Uber and Airbnb, as well as other shared economy model companies, the largest weakness is the potential for unfavorable regulation. The second weakness is a side-effect of the first, it's investors potentially going cold on shared economy/on demand companies until this regulatory issue is cleared up.,While they've been around f

What is the best keyboard for iPad Air?

I'm a fan of two:n,Touchfire Keyboard and Case for iPad Air -- adds almost no weight, lays directly on your iPad screen, aligns with the magnets that are already built into your iPad, and stows away on the cover when not in use. Caveat: I loved using this keyboard on my iPad4 but they haven't released the iPad Air version yet; can pre-order now, th

How can I light my dining room without a ceiling light?

This is easy. Ceiling is out of bounds? How about the floor? Simply drill 6u20138 holes in your floor surrounding your dining room table. Install natural gas jets that will produce 4 ft. flames. When dinner is ready, turn the valve and light the torches.,Voilu00e0!! Light!!

Whats the cheapest phone ever made?

The cheapest smartphone on Earth?,New or used?,Working or not?,What precisely is a smartphone? What features must a phone have to be called a smartphone?,Sorry, but your question lacks the necessary specificity to honestly answer it. I must downvote it awaiting answers to my questions. Thanks.

Can you share a very chocolatey chocolate cake recipe?

Get your stand mixer and scales, kids!,Whip out your whisks!,This is a dense, moist, ridiculously decadent chocolate cake. Itu2019s almost a brownie.,Itu2019s perfect for eating alone, with your hands, and licking your fingers afterwards. Donu2019t tell anyone I said that, Iu2019d never do that. Iu2019m a professional!,Death By Chocolate Chocolatey

Whats the difference between Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC?

I provided a pretty comprehensive answer in this other very similar question, so Iu2019ll just link to it here:,Whatu2019s the difference between Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Classic for 2019?I wonu2019t copy the same detail here, but Iu2019ll summarize my other answer by saying that the main differences are:,Primary storage strategy for your orig

Which is the best laptop 2022?

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Celeron N4020 15.6" (39.62cm) HD u0ba4u0bbfu0ba9u0bcd & u0bb2u0bc8u0b9fu0bcd u0bb2u0bc7u0baau0bcdu0b9fu0bbeu0baau0bcd (8GB/256GB SSD/Windows 11/Office 2021/2Yr u0b89u0ba4u0bcdu0ba4u0bb0u0bb5u0bbeu0ba4u0baeu0bcd/3u0baeu0bbeu0ba4u0b99u0bcdu0b95u0bb3u0bcd u0b95u0bc7u0baeu0bcd u0baau0bbeu0bb8u0bcd/18QINQ0),u0b9au0bbfu0bb1u0b

How do I start a membership with Amazon Prime ?

On your laptop, phone or tablet download the Amazon app. Open it and on the left upper corner you will find a list of options. Under Your Account you will see Amazon Prime Membership. You will have to choose a login if you are new to Amazon. Then under Amazon Prime Membership you can see all the benefits for the price of $119 per year. Including:,F

Is the Chinese zodiac for 2017 a rooster or a chicken?

bb"ju012b(u9e21)". It means both rooster in English and sounds like "gee".,The one who born in the year of the rooster are good at reading peopleu2019s emotions. They are sociable, harmonious, and easily make new friends.

What are the factors that need to be considered while purchasing DSLR cameras?

There are so many things you should keep in mind.,Start with budget first. How much can you spare?,Cameras will come in 3 price ranges - starter models, semiprofessional models, professional models. Match with your purpose. If photography is your hobby, you can take starter models. Professional models will confuse you with so many features and adju

In home electrical wiring, does stranded copper wire (many wires inside the insulation) have any advantage over solid core (single or few hard wires inside the insulation) wire?

In residential wiring proper (not factory wiring in appliances and fixtures), stranded conductors are rarely used for normal-run-of-the-mill branch circuits (10AWG and under) - those for receptacles & lightning - because at line frequency and in this application there are no benefits. Additionally, many switching and receptacle devices that have sc

Will wired charging still exist in the next 25 to 50 years given the fact that breakthroughs will free us from charging cables, perhaps utilizing WiFi networks u2014 a technical use case Apple has filed a patent for?

Itu2019s probably still going to be cables. I wouldnu2019t bet on WiFi for most things. Or any other wireless power technology.,Qi Had the Right Ideau2026.The ideas behing the Qi standard, the most common wireless charging protocol, was never to send all the way across your house. Rather, it was to put wireless charging devices in pretty much every

What is the source of the river Nile?

As a river called the Nile, it starts at Khartoum in Sudan, where the White Nile and the Blue Nile come together to form the Nile.nIt is also often said that the Nile is a continuation of the White Nile, which flows from Lake Victoria.nThirdly, there is a tradition that the 'source' of a river is the spring flowing into it from which the water has

Whats a good appetizer before a braised beef main course?

What's a good appetizer before a braised beef main course?Beef, in general, can be a pretty heavy meal. So, consider appetizers that are light and easily digestible. Some suggestions:,Caprese salad skewers,Shrimp cocktails,Stuffed cherry tomatoes,Lettuce wraps,Ceviche,Grilled asparagus,Chicken satay

Which is the latest version of Huawei?

Huawei's latest mobile launch is the Y9s. The smartphone was launched in 8th November 2019. The phone comes with a 6.59-inch display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 2340 pixels at a PPI of 391 pixels per inch. The Huawei Y9s is powered by octa-core Kirin 710F processor and it comes with 6GB of RAM.

What are some delicious but simple recipes involving soft tofu?

I get the low-hanging fruit, since I'm first. :),I'm going to recommend Agedashi Tofu. Simple, affordable and easy to make. Oh yeah, and delicious too (I almost left out the most important comment). If you've never tried it, it is a commonly-served side dish at many Japanese restaurants. Check it out.,You'll have to take a trip to your local Asian

Is it possible to start a business with little to no money? How?

Firstly, Please avoid all this advice about drop shipping, this will NOT work for you. Notice all their posts have affiliate links in the bottom to sign up for a service, they get money when you click that link, they are selling you!,What I will explain here is what I have personally done with ZERO startup money, I am not trying to sell you anythin

What is the best basic DSLR camera and lens to buy for the beginners?

While this looks like a simple question, it is somewhat tricky. Surely, an entry-level camera should be easy to use, lightweight, as well as intuitive, and allow space for growth. A great basic DSLR camera should help to develop your passion for photography.,All of the cameras I have chosen are suitable for beginners in photography. Furthermore, th

Which is the largest sand island in the world?

World Heritage listed Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, stretching over 123 kilometers in length and 22 kilometers as its widest point. The island's highest dune is 244 meters, but most rise to between 100 and 200 meters above sea level.,A big reason as to why Fraser Island is considered dangerous is because it is incredibly re

What countries hold the most Chinese debt?

China is a creditor, holding vast reserves of US dollars.,Before 1949, they had huge debts and were bullied by their creditors. Prevented from giving their economy the protection it needed to develop.,The Soviet Union lent some, but Mao paid these debts off after Khrushchev cut off all aid in a fit of bad temper.,Creditors from the 1980s mostly giv

When did the worlds clock start?

To the best of my knowledge, the clock is like the wheel. There is no single point of origin. You can look up History of timekeeping devices in Wikipedia. It doesn't even matter whether you call it analog or digital, mechanical or organic. Clocks have been available in all of these forms pretty much forever.

What are the best ways to decorate a kids room?

Kids have very specific visions of how they want to decorate their bedrooms, and those ideas are also often inspired by epic movie sets and elaborate fairy tale backdrops. And let's face it, the only way their bedroom will emulate the interior of the Millennium Falcon is if they hit the minor-league lottery. But not all incredible kids' ideas live

What is the best tourist destination in San Juan, Batangas?

I currently reside in the Philippines, but prior to that I travelled here about 6 times when I was living in China. This country is a great place to enjoy a holiday. With over 7,000 islands you canu2019t imagine how many beaches that means!,Most of the luxurious, or better beach resorts, are owned by westerners who are married to Filipinas. In that

What are some good Valentines Day gifts for women?

OhMiBod Esca 2: You can use gift this vibrator which enable you to control your panther orgasm may be from the next room or from different state no matter.,Wearable vibrator: Use the length of the bullet of this vibrator or its tip to stimulate the clit to achieve an intense orgasm. She can carry this anywhere and use it anywhere to.

What is the cheapest way to get business class airfares?

The best way is: be flexible.,I fly from Guangzhou in China to Brisbane, Australia 2u20133 times per year.,Direct flights are 16,000 yuan return at their lowest in business class on China Southern Airlines. During peak periods, that goes up to 24,000 yuan, return (around 5000USD).,But, more often than not, I can find a stopover flight for much chea

What is artificial intelligence and machine learning PPT?

Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to act in a certain way without explicitly being programmed to do so and it is all about algorithms, it is the most promising step to making Artificial Intelligence which can also be defined as a mechanical imitation of human reasoning and learning.,Generally speaking Artificial intelligence is t

Do you think Turkey is doing a good thing by turning historical Byzantine churches, such as the Chora Church (which then converted to a museum) to mosques? (opening them for prayer, which the name of God will be remembered). So is it a good thing?

A few corrections:,There are no modern Byzantine churches, all of them are historical.,There are no Byzantine churches, all of them are Roman Empire churches, as there had never been a u2018Byzantine Empireu2019 in history. Byzantine empire is a 16th century Hapsburg invention not to refer to Roman empire heritage of the Ottoman Empire.,They are no