Which DSLR is better, Canon EOS 600D or EOS M?

If its a fight between DSLR vs Mirrorless. Winning party should be function of user and his needs, and not the camera in itself.,If you want to go into full fledged pro-photography go ahead with a DSLR blindly. Well not blindly ...,Reasons specifically being n1. No viewfinder, in daylight condition sometimes you might miss it.n2. Not enough lenses

Why is Arihla cheaper than Google Flights?

Would need more details to correctly answer this question (i.e. route, airline, dates of travel). Thereu2019s very little, if any, price differentiation between booking sites when searching air only. It could have also been a function of availability, & one site found a single lower priced seat that the other didnu2019t. Thereu2019s is certainly no

Is it healthier for a person to eat chips with nacho cheese or salsa?

Is it healthier for a person to eat chips with nacho cheese or salsa?There isnu2019t really any such thing as u201cnacho cheeseu201d except the processed stuff that comes in a jar and is full of preservatives and other u201cgoodies.u201d One popular brand lists as its ingredients (not my caps) u201cCHEESE WHEY, WATER, MODIFIED CORN STARCH, VEGETABL

Whats the longest direct flight one can take?

Air New Zealand has a direct flight from London Heathrow to Auckland. The journey time is 26 hours including a 2 hour stop over in Los Angeles. Here the plane refuels. Passengers can end or begin their journeys at Los Angeles.,Iu2019ve flown this flight between Los Angeles and Auckland, while a former colleague has flown the service in its entirety

Why does everyone think Africa is beautiful when its really not?

I can only think of a few reasons.,You donu2019t know the Africa I know and have no idea of what you are talking about.,You cannot afford an air ticket to Africa ( everything else is affordable when you know your way around). Traveling does not have to be expensive. I can help you with this.You have never been on the continent most likely or have n

Is 8GB RAM enough for Photoshop 2022?

If you copied or duplicated anything it may still be taking up memory in your ram. So closing out and restarting should clear the memory. SAVE YOUR WORK and try closing out and restarting Photoshop. Have no other programs running or the least amount you need. Try erasing as soon as Photoshop opens.,Also see if you can increase the amount of ram for

What are 10 examples of system software and application software?

System software :,Windows XPnWindows 7nWindows 8nMac oSnLinux nUnixnAndroid nAnti virus nDisk formatting nComputer language translatorsn---------------------------------------nApplication Software :,Microsoft Office nAdobe photoshopnAudacity nInkscapenVisual studionVLC media playernJet audionPicasanGoogle chromenTally

What are the creepiest photos ever?

Some vintage photos really terrify me ,especially when there are creepy kids staring back at the camera.,Just look at the terrified expression on this little girls face thanks to the idiots that thought this would be a good idea for a Halloween photo from the 60u2032s.,In another vintage Halloween photo, from the 1800s, shows another creepy idea fo

What are some easy desserts to make with few ingredients?

How about a Granita? One ingredient.,Juice up some blood oranges. Or oranges. Or lemons. Or lime. Or grapefruit. Or pomelo. Or mangos. Or peaches. This could be a long list. Tasty liquid.,Anyway, take that juice and pour it into a clean sheet pan. Put in freezer overnight. When frozen scrape at it with a fork. Lots and lots until itu2019 like a tra

What happened to Athens during the Middle Ages?

In 380 AD, Emperor Theodosius declared Christianity to be the official religion of the Roman Empire when he passed the Edict of Thessalonika. The Parthenon was converted to a church. The schools of Philosophy were shut down. After Rome fell in 476, Athens was part of the Eastern Roman Empire. Which was still functional. Thank you very much.,However

Is there any tablet with active digitizer within $100?

There is not one like that with a screen, but there are plenty of graphics tablets, such as Wacom, Huion, and Monoprice brands. With Wacom you would only be able to get a small one. With a screen, the cheapest are nearer to $300, or you could get a refurbished Asus Vivotab Note 8 for a bit over $100 or a right now Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen fo

What is wrong with Ezra Miller?

Updates, the chargers keep on coming for Ezra Miller who is being accused of grooming an underage girlTokata Iron Eyes, the alleged victims, met a then-23-year-old Miller in 2016 when she was just 12.,Miller was visiting was visiting the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota at the time they met. From there, Tokata's parents say she and Ezra de

What are some simple chicken marinades?

Salt water. Approximately 1 TBSP salt per 2 cups water. Marinade for at least 30 minutes and no more than 2 hours. Pat the chicken dry and bake with whatever flavored marinade you want. Chicken will be incredibly juicy and tender and flavorful.,While Iu2019m at it, a u201cbadu201d marinade is anything with strong acids (vinegar, lemon juice, etc).

Who are some of the best travel vloggers on youtube?

travel YouTubers to followSorelle Amore. It's hard not to fall in love with this quirky, travel-loving female powerhouse. ...,Sailing La Vagabonde. These two Australians have lived out their dream of sailing the oceans of the world with absolutely no previous sailing experience.,Fearless and Far. ...,Dave and Deb. ...,Drew Binsky. ...,The Bucket Li

What have you done to cut your monthly personal expenses in India?

The first and foremost thing to do to cut down expenses is Track Your Expenses.,You cannot change what you cannot measure. Each and every penny that you spend, save it in an excel sheet. Have it divided in different categories and at the end of each month you will have considerable data on expenditure per category.,Keep on doing it for at least for

Have you invested in Bitcoin? What happened?

It's an investing frenzy, plain and simple.,Bitcoin cracked $1,000 on the first day of 2017. By this week, it was up to $12,000, and then it really took off: The price topped $17,000 on some exchanges Thursday, and $18,000 on at least one. Other cryptocurrencies have seen similar spikes, though they trade for much less than bitcoin.,PLEASE NOTE: Wi

What bedroom themes are in a modern bedroom?

A few modern bedroom themes are:,Eclectic,Contemporary,Asian,Coastal,Modern,If you are planning to give your bedroom a modern touch, do check out the Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Of 2018 for inspiration!

Have you ever made your spouse cry?

Not spouse but My Ex girlfriend.That day was her birthday and I was excited to celebrate it with her. The day was 27 March.,I planned to give her something which she remembers all her life. So few days before her birthday I decided to give her handmade scrapbook and fill all our personal memories of one whole year.,As per my plans I started making

As of 2022, the City of Manila reaches its population to 14.8 M, which is known to be the worlds most densely populated city. What aspects of the city will be affected? If you were the mayor, how would you resolve those issues?

I disagree. Bombay, Lagos, Dar es Salam, even Karachi are much densely populated than Manila.,At any case, health is number one affected. In a congested place everyone fights to breathe fresher air. Ergo, the common illnesses much anything pertaining to lungs and immune system.,Next is food.,Next is job.,Other cities , places must be developed, so

What are some good questions to ask a Customer Service candidate in an interview?

Define 'service'.,(This assumes you use your interview process to not only acquaint your applicant with your company culture, and what the expectations are like, etc., but to actually get to know him or her in a meaningful way, as well . . .),You do encounter a lot of people in this business who like to see that nWind-up Barbie Doll 'Service Person

What is the difference between Windows 11 and Windows 10?

The major differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11u2014u2014TPM 2.0: TPM, also known as Trusted Module Platform is a chip that enables your system to manage encryption keys, thus making your machine a lot safer online. Windows 11 would run on devices with TPM 2.0, while Windows 10 supported devices with TPM 1.2 and above.,Appearance and Interf

What sandwiches can you make in an air fryer?

What sandwiches can you make in an air fryer? 09/01/21Hot sandwiches are best grilled or pressed in a sandwich toaster.,If you donu2019t have either, you can make a decent toasted sandwich in an air fryer.,Best with cheese as a filling as a hot gooey filling would be ideally done in an air fryer.,You can add other bits like ham and tomato if you wi

How was the UPSC Mains Question Paper 2017 GS-4?

A2A.,2017 GS-4 paper was analytical and on expected lines unlike factual 2016 paper. Section A included 13 10-markers to be answered in 150 words.,SECTION -A had some questions repeated from previous years including conflict of interest, definitions of spirit of service and courage of conviction and question on integrity.,New applied ethics themes

What is a Texas twinkie?

Itu2019s indescribably delicious, is what it is.,A Texas Twinkie is, basically, a stuffed jalapeno pepper. One good recipe I know stuffs them with cream cheese and a teaspoon of chopped beef brisket, then wraps the whole bundle of gastronomical delight in a strip of bacon and bake until done.,There are other ways to go. Some people like them with a

How do I write a CV at 16?

Itu2019s great to be asking the question early on u2014 although part of my answer is that itu2019s not quite the right question to ask. A resume should reflect the reality of the skill sets and experiences you are bringing to the table, so thatu2019s the stuff you mostly need to be optimizing for, with the presentation itself being a small focus.