Is LaTeX dead? If yes, what are some modern alternatives?

I'm a PhD-ed physicist, worked in software industry for almost ten years and now I'm happily back in research for five years now. I used MS Word, Libre Office and Latex to create documents for various purposes and my perspective is the following :,Latex is far from dead, it is the main text processing tool in academia, whereas Word (and Clones) is

Jollibee vs McDonaldsu2026 which fast food restaurant do you Filipinos prefer and why?

Depends on what I want to eat but Jollibee wins most of the time.,Full Course Meal: JollibeeNothing beats Chickenjoy except maybe your mom/dadu2019s version of fried chicken. Especially now they have the Super Meal which was my dream meal when I was a kid. Itu2019s a set meal consisting of 1 piece Chickenjoy, 1 piece Burger Steak, White Rice, and S

How can I solve Jee Mains problems faster? What are some tricks?

Read Spectrum Magazines by Arihant Publication to get tips and tricks.,Some of the shortcuts that can help you in every engineering examu2026,Star to Delta methodUsing Graphs Method - This trick is restricted to Maths. In questions where you are asked to find the number of solutions to two equations, or to find the range, you can very easily do thi

What is your review of Sapporo, Japan?

The first impression of Sapporo to me is u201ca land of snowu201d.When I firstly arrived at Sapporo, itu2019s still winter. I saw streets covered with ice and snow, lovers hugging and holding hands amid snow, and the ramen restaurant owner cosily opening the shop in snowfalls, which made me realize that I was already in a country of snow.,Actually,

Which is the best non gaming laptop with i5 or i7 11 gen and with thunderbolt 4 port, 100% sRGB, 16GB non solderd dual channel expandable RAM, 2 SSD slots and full metal body within the range of 80,000 and available offline?

You're seriously better off actually going to an offline store and asking. nEspecially because stock online and offline is different And there's no way to tell which will be available online or offline.,EDIT: And oh, just 2 more things.,Try Ryzen. Youu2019ll just be wasting money on Intel, especially if you wonu2019t be taking 100% benefit of Thund

Why is Scorpio considered the strongest female zodiac sign?

Hi,,Scorpions are considered the strongest because:,They can find ways out of sticky situations.,They are highly honest,Ambitious Power, position and money are their key motivators,They are passionate and intelligent.,They keep secrets well.,6. They can distinguish between good and bad.,7. They are very patient.,8. Scorpions are good at making stra

Is it illegal for a for high school student A to take pictures of high school student B while they are changing their clothes in their car, assuming student B is a minor? What if student A turns them into the police claiming indecent exposure?

Probably?,There are so many different factors here that I can't begin to answer this question without going through a few.,Sex of students involved: If student A is of the opposite sex of Student B then it's not looking too good for Student A. If the student changing clothes is a guy then not so much because we don't really have a lot to show from

Is it unethical to feed non-vegans vegan food without telling them?

Assuming the following three conditions, no, certainly not.,There are no known or suspected allergen issues, and no reason to suspect any.,You are not deliberately and actively deceiving them.,You are not being paid to provide food that your customers think is something else (even with no active effort at deception).,But if weu2019re talking about

What prevents you from buying an iPhone as a middle-class Indian in 2022?

Thanks for the A2A. I'm assuming you want to know the utility vis a vis the pricing.,I'm not expert in devices or anything remotely electronic but I can tell you from personal experience that iPhone is stup!d for those who don't have extra tens of thousands just lying there to be spent on luxury. I'm sorry for all Apple device users but really. It

Which is the worst op-ed written by an Indian journalist youve ever read?

This one : The Callousness of Indiau2019s COVID-19 ResponseWritten for The Atlantic by a Ms. Vidya Krishnan (we will get back to her later), it just shows how journalism is truly failing with each passing day.,The article is just a rant, an outlet for the hatred the author harbors against the current Indian administration. In writing about the lock

How long do I boil eggs for deviled eggs?

There are two ways to make hard boiled eggs which is what is needed for deviled eggs.,The first is to place eggs in a pot of cold water, bring it to the boil, lower to a hard simmer or slow boil and cook for 11u201313 minutes.,The second way is to place the eggs in a pot of cold water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and let stand 20 minutes.,The

My calculator is giving me answers in fractions when using decimals and division. How do I change it back to giving me answers in whole numbers and decimals?

Do you have a TI-84? If so, press the MODE key (2nd key, 2nd row). You will then see this screen, or a similar screen:,Scroll down to the row that starts ANSWERS: You might see two choices like you see here (u201cANSWERS:AUTO DECu201d, or you might see three choices (also including u201cFRACu201d).,Use the arrows to highlight DEC then press ENTER t

What does it take to be a social media manager?

Thanks for A2A, Kinga!First of all, a social media manager needs to have people skills. To be communicative and smart to reply to comments and handle a crisis, to listen to target audiences and react to their needs. A manager, unlike a specialist, usually has a team to lead and he or she needs to see the big picture, create strategies and analyze t

Is the Openshot video editor easy to use?

Have to admit I never tried it.,I use the excellent HitFilm - started with Express which, although fully featured, is still Free. I bought a number of add-on packages (who would not want a Sci-Fi effects? HitFilm Express: Free editing & VFX software - fxhome.comnAfter a year or so I raised to fully Pro. (Now on v12),What is important to remember, i

Why did pirates fly pirate flags?

From Marcus Rediker's (historian, lifelong researcher of the Anglo-American maritime world) book Villains of All Nations:,"The omnipresence of death, the apocalyptic impulse, the heterodox belief, the gallows humor, and the centrality of these in the consciousness and culture of pirates show up their symbolism, especially in the best-know emblem of

Is a corporate box lunch catering business a good idea?

Before this, i will refer you ask for legal matters at wazzeer . com. It will help you alot.Today we guide you What Legal Documents Required for the Starting a Food Based Startup Resaurant in India. Indiau2019s restaurant sector is Rs.247,680 crore ($48 billion). This sector is 24 times bigger than the film industry and $9 billion ahead of the tele

What are some things that good chefs know yet others dont?

Fat loves fat. Putting fat in your batter means the batter soaks up more fat in the frying. Use egg whites in the batter and skip the yolks.,You know how every recipe for tempura / frying batter says u201cdo not over mixu201d? Use rice flour. You canu2019t over mix rice flour. For more body, add corn or potato starch. Egg whites and plain rice flou

Can vomiting cause chest pain?

Yes. But what kind? I searched google for this to read about other people's experiences, but didn't find too much. So I'll just tell you my experience. My stomach often starts hurting from food/drink causing gas, which feels like it's going to burst, plus I can't stop burping. But my body is too dumb to even try feeling nauseous, and it lasts for h

Is a CyberLink PowerDirector a good tool for editing short movies and YouTube videos?

Yes.,Iu2019ve used it for over a year because my shitty laptop canu2019t handle VegasPro. I assume you came across it because Cyberlink buys brand placement on every list.,PowerDirector is best for short videos unless you have a great rig. Even then, youu2019d be stupid to use PD over Vegas or the real editing programs.,Pros: n-Easy to usen-Full of

What is Reliability and validity research?

ReliabilityIt is considered as level of confidence and trust which researcher has on outcomes of study and data analysis. Managers have provided information about Amazon business operations and strategies. Research philosophy and strategy adopted by scholar is appropriate and provide support in collection of data from observation. Probabilistic sam

Is ERP system a good example of a Data Warehouse?

The simple answer to your question is no, ERP systems and a Data Warehouse are two separate types of systems and the presence of a reporting function does not make a system a Data Warehouse.nThe long answer is in describing what an ERP system is versus what a Data Warehouse is. I don't deal in ERP systems. I'm a Data Warehouse guy, so for the ERP s

Where is the new Disney theme park going to be built?

Disneyu2019s last theme park was opened in Shanghai, China in 2016. It hasnu2019t announced any new theme park plans; all of the companyu2019s efforts now are in expanding its current parks, such as building Star Wars themed lands in its Anaheim and Orlando parks, and Toy Story themed lands in its Orlando and Shanghai parks.