What will you do in these 21-day lockdowns?

Here is a no shit list of 51 things a lot of which I have planned to do and that you too can do in a 21 day lockdown and it doesn't involve Netflix rom-coms and tik-tok videos.,P.S. it took me 2 days to compile. Hope it inspires you to do something new.,Make a vision board of a life that you always wanted to have. Dividing it in categories will mak

As a Leo woman dating a Sagittarius man. How do you feel about the relationship?

The best match for Leo u264c woman is Sagittarius u2650 man,Only 3 signs represent crown ud83dudc51ud83dudc51ud83dudc51,Leo u264c => king ud83dudc51,Sagittarius u2650 => its star Jupiter represents crown ud83dudc51 chakra,Capricorn u2651 => represents kingdoms ud83dudc51, also represents unicorn ud83eudd84 (face to face with lion ud83eudd8

What is the best-priced beach resort in Cebu?

There are several beach resorts in Cebu. If you are planning to stay near the city, I suggest check out the resorts in Mactan. There are several 5 star resorts located there. A quick internet search will show you a lot of hotels to choose from.,However, if you are planning to stay outside the city. I suggest you go to Bantayan Island. Not many choo

What is the best meat seasoning?

Depends on the meat, doesnu2019t it?,The only thing a good steak needs is a generous layer of salt and pepper, finish with a pat of butter.,But thatu2019s what you do when youu2019re having a steak. If Iu2019m doing fajitas, Iu2019m using a marinade of equal parts soy sauce, Lime Juice and avocado oil, adding in some brown sugar, cumin, chili powde

How was your first day at NIBM, Pune?

Thanks for A2A,,I would love to extend your question and share my experience for the entire first week that I had spent with full of excitement and craziness at NIBM, Pune.,National Institute of Bank and Management, the apex institute of RBI set up in 1969 provides 2 year PGDM course with nitch specialization in Banking and Finance.,KUDOS to Senior

What is the most famous place you have been to?

Hmm. Iu2019ve been to a lot of famous places in the world. But which of those is the most well-known by the human race? How do you even judge something so subjective?,What is a famous place?I sincerely believe the spirit of the question is not to consider entire cities, much less entire countries, as famous u201cplaces.u201d I believe weu2019re ver

Whats the most hurtful thing your mother or father has ever said to you?

I hate to brag (well, not really) but I have the most amazing 28 year old severely autistic son in the world. Ryan is non-verbal, but he is overflowing with laughter and joy every day of his life. He is the personification of happiness.,I have never had a good relationship with my psychotic father ~ a clinically diagnosed sociopath. My mother the n

Why is Singapore Airlines so successful?

Many years ago I planned my first trip to the Far East. There was a conference in Taiwan I wanted to attend, and I figured I could make business contacts there, in Singapore and HongKong while I was at it. I booked a circle trip on Singapore Airlines and the US domestic airline was United.,About three weeks before the trip I realized two things: Th

Will Apple release a new iPhone SE in 2022?

There are rumors to that effect. Sone rumors say it will even happen in 2021,but until apple actually makes an announcement nothing is guaranteed,they could be working on one now but decicise not to release it for sone reason

What is the biggest airport in the world?

The largest airport by size is King Fahd International Airport which is larger than Singapore in total area of 780 square kilometers though the area in use is only 36.75 square kilometers. With only 10 million passengers annually it doesn't even rank in the top 50 for traffic. As a traffic volume comparison, this is roughly double the volume of the

What is it like to be a teenager in the 2010s?

I'm not sure what's with all of the answers here, it sounds like their lives suck. My life is pretty rad dude (as we say in Southern California).,I guess you could say I'm pretty lucky though. I'm from an upper middle class family in Southern California. This means that I have it pretty good. I go to a school that is good, does better than national

What does your dream home look like?

Want to start with mentioning, this is not my dream house but as long as Iu2019m here I want to live every single day over here like it is a dream.,Interestingly for the new place I just moved into, I used words I came across on Tumblr as a theme to design it. This is a 2BHK where I live alone; I just got done with furnishing Master bedroom, Kitche

What are the best over-ear bluetooth headphones?

H95 are super premium headphones. Construction is top notch, design is superb, sound quality is world-class. Very comfortable, but if you are coming from H9, please note that they squeeze a bit tighter on the ears. Outstanding design of the control wheels - no more touch volume control, a super tactile wheel controls volume and another on the left

Is it okay for a kitchen floor to be made out of wood?

Yes.,But you might want to consider a few things.,We designed and did a lot of the work ourselves on our retirement home. We opted for one large u2018family roomu2019 living area where the kitchen, eating area, and living area are open to one another. The way it is would make a different floor finish for the kitchen look more chopped up. So - we co

What was your first social media profile?

orkut.comSo Iu2019m a 1995 born guy from India, and Iu2019m pretty sure most of the children born during my era must be having Orkut as their first ever exposure to social media. It was a big thing during our days. Scraps, Testimonials, Connections, everything seemed so fancy and satisfying and intriguing for young minds.,Today surely the world has

What is the best green vegetable?

All vegetables contain healthful vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, some stand out for their exceptional health benefits.,Some individuals benefit more from certain vegetables than others, depending on their diet, overall health, and nutritional needs.,In this article, we list 15 of the most healthful vegetables, along with some tips to help p

How do I get myself to become motivated and just study all the time?

Is it hard for you to get motivated to study?Letu2019s face itu2026,Itu2019s so easy to watch just one more YouTube video, or to scroll through your social media feed just one more time. But your exams are also approaching. Theyu2019re getting nearer by the day.nYou have a rising sense of panic, but you donu2019t know where to begin. The more you p

Is Singapore or Bangkok a better entrance way to a four-month tour of Southeast Asia?

After you complete a week of traveling in Bangkok, itu2019s a breeze to travel in Southeast Asia.BANGKOK will be the gateway to flying, preparing you to get ready for the four-month-long tour of Southeast Asia, keeping Singapore as a last and taking off from Changi Airport back home.,BANGKOK, a Thailandu2019s capital city is where I live and it has

Do drones only have low range transmissions with under 1 hour flight times in case people use them to spy on people, etc., just like military drones do in the Middle East?

Depend on how much you want to spend on your drone. Even a relatively small drone could carry a mobile phone that could work in any serviced area. They could also carry a satellite phone conection that could weigh less than 2KGs. Larger civilian UAVs are being developed to carry packages for delivery services. Some drones can carry 5kg. So you coul

Do most cultures use onions in their kitchens?

Before we begin, I just want to clear some misconception. The onion I am going to discuss is the following kind:,The bulb, not the stem nor the u201cleafu201dLet me just start with the cuisines I am familiar with.,Indian / Asian SubcontinentsMy neighbour filled half of the pan with onions. This is just the base of her dish, which is a vindaloo.,Ind