Is the Nikon D500 $1000 better than the D7200?

Watt and Mitra covered most of the important points. Its basically your need and how much time you are going to spend on photography, to make it worth the extra $1000. Even if you are rich enough, it doesnu2019t make sense to buy D500 instead of D7200 unless you really need it.,Speaking of the extra burden you carry along with the cost, D7200 fits

What are the nutritional values of a Starbucks caramel frappuccino?

Google is your friend. Caramel Frappuccinou00ae Blended CoffeeNutrition Facts Per Serving (16 fl oz),Calories 420tCalories from Fat 140,% Daily Value*,Total Fat 15gt23%,Saturated Fat 9gt45%,Trans Fat 0g,Cholesterol 55mgt18%,Sodium 250mgt10%,Total Carbohydrate 67gt22%,Dietary Fiber 0gt0%,Sugars 66g,Protein 4g,Caffeine 100mg**,*Percent Daily Values a

What does the Russia-China alliance mean for the U.S?

Russia - China public alliance began after World War 2. Russia supported Mao against Chun Kai Chi. Mao would have lost without Stalinu2019s help. Richard Nixon saw the opportunity when the relationship broke up after Stalinu2019s death. There were even military confrontation in Russiau2019s Far East with Chinese. Russians killed hundreds of Chinese

How do I download camera filters for Instagram?

Instagram has a wide range of Camera effects created by different creators and everyone can create one. If you want to explore all the AI filters on Instagram,,Open your Instagram and open create story,There you can see a lot of filters at the bottom,Select any of the filter first and There pops the details about the filter like its name and the cr

How often do you cook?

Today my kids wanted crescent rolls. The u2018easy to makeu2019 ones that you unroll, put on a baking sheet and pop in the oven for 12 minutes.,Naturally, the time my kids want something cooked my husband, the chef of the house is not at home. So I decided Iu2019d try making them. I donu2019t cook. Pasta is about as far as Iu2019ll go, and even tha

What are some good easy fillers that go well with Parmesan baskets?

The answer is going to slightly depend on the structure of the basket. The one below is lacy and obviously cannot hold either wet or heavy things.,,nObviously, these won't hold anything liquid, so dry-ish salads, thick mashes of goat cheese, seasoned potatoes, small pieces of meats or fish, etc. will work.,nOthers are more substantial, but I find t

Which company sells the best cookware for induction cooktops?

We use Eurodib inductions in our bakery and have lasted at least the 3 years we've been using them. One typically is used by 3 different people for a couple hours a day.

What major did you choose, and why? Do you have any regrets?

Short answer: I chose journalism, because it seemed fun and it played to my strengths (and it didn't involve organic chemistry). And yes, I have lots of regrets.,Long answer: Pull up a stump, folks, because this is going to be quite the tirade. A self-directed philippic, if you will.,[Ahem],I really like Bambi.,You know, the Disney movie.,(No wait,

What did the Harry Potter movies get wrong that drives you insane?

Although there are many moments that get people annoyed, like giving Hermione more lines at the expense of both Harry and Ron, reducing Ron to comic relief, there's one sequence of events in particular that made me feel more than just annoyed, but let down. The way the final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort was written in the book of Death

Why do so many people want to live in California?

I made a list of all that California has to offer. It is more than most countries! Living here we get to enjoy everything mentioned below, plus amazing great weather, friendly people, and positive vibes pretty much everywhere.,NATURE,Some of the most diverse environments (desert, forest, grassland, coastal, mountain, valley, volcanic, tundra) in th

Whats financial management?

The most interesting concept in financial management in my view is budgeting. To prepare a meaningful budget one has to identify all the sources (inflow) of funds and have to allocate or decide the utilization (expenditure/investments) of funds. The perspective (needs/goals) for sources and utilization of funds will be different for different entit

What fruit has the most vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the water-soluble vitamins and it is a secondary antioxidant that boosts immunity, heal wounds and form scar tissue, repair and maintain cartilage, bones, and test and Aid in the absorption of iron. It also helps in glowing skin. Vegetarian foods are one which contains Vitamin C and each food has different quantity of vitamin C.

Dont dogs get bored of kibble? Can I feed him cooked chicken breast every now and then?

Iu2019m not sure dogs u201cget boredu201d of their regular food (my dog will sit and beg for his daily kibble), but, sure feeding your dog healthy foods that are not his standard now and then wonu2019t hurt.,My dog gets 2u20133 holiday meals/year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes Easter). Those meals are plain boiled potato, plain blanched ve

What would you do if you had the IP rights to the Warhammer 40k franchise?

The first thing Iu2019d do is edit a few existing armies:,Restore the Adepta Sororitas to a full army with an independent Codex, not one of these new Indexes. Iu2019d also order full conversion to plastic models immediately, no dissent. Finally, these individuals are, in my mind, a force between the Guard and the Marines and so Iu2019d make sure th

What in your opinion are the best qualifications a person should have for holding the position of Secretary of the United States Department of Veteransu2019 Affairs?

It will take a thick skinned doctor able to deal with the president and Congress to run the VA.,A trained man/woman already running a large medical bureaucracy would help.,Shital Desai, MD Named Physician in Chief for DC & Suburban Maryland (,The new chief should be give the freedom and be judged by results every six mo

Is India a failed state in 2021 as compared to China? What went wrong?

Yes. We are like Venezuela unless u have white collar job, foreign backing or inheritance money.,What went wrong ? Country's economy is given to trust fund inheritance mad*rch**s and their exam warrior chamchas and their penny for hire tullas. Productivity be damned.,China's economy is in the hands of productive class. The industries guy knows how

What are some good stories from the early days of Quora?

I was Quora's first employee and captured some very early moments. Pardon the image quality on some of these I was in a trying-a-bunch-of-different-phones phase. For a lot of this stuff you really had to be there... ,The First Quora Officen,I remember when I first visited the office one weekend, I sat in a folding chair next to mountains of bottled

How do we make chips out of bananas?

Original question: How do we make chips out of bananas?There are some very interesting answers and I donu2019t want to take away from any of them - in fact, I may try some.,Here in Peru, banana chips are called u201cchifleu201d and theyu2019re sold everywhere - often cut long ways:,You can get them at the bodega:,I translated this page for the reci

Can you fry chicken with cornstarch instead of flour?

I make u2018oven fried' chicken with potato starch. It results in chicken with a crisp, crunchy crust that is very much like oil fried. The secret is to u2018breadu2019 your chicken and let it sit and dry for about 1/2 hour before baking.

What is the most beautiful city in Montana?

Beauty is subjective and if you look for it, can be found in places one normally wouldn't consider. ,For instance, Butte isn't the first city most people think of as being beautiful, but its historic Uptown area is home to many beautiful landmark buildings. ,Billings (where I was born and raised and currently reside) is cursed with the lack of havi

What is the most unforgettable sentence that someone said to you?

A 97 year old Japanese woman visits a nearby Buddhist temple every evening to pray, and ring the bell until the sun sets. On one of my own routine visits, I lay inconspicuously near the stairs listening to the vibrations take over the silent winter evening. Only this day I failed to wake up before she finished, and soon found myself at the end of h

When purchasing smart mobile phones, what things should be seen in its configuration?

The first factor is the budget. Fix a Budget and make sure you get the phone, back cover or diary case, micro SD Card, Tempered Glass within that budget no matter what.,Mine has always been less than Rs 7K for all. In 2016 I got the Lenovo Vibe K5+ for u20b9 6,750/- in Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale which came with back cover,screen guard & I got a

Do you think the Philippine President Rodrigo Dutertes Martial Law was the right call?

Iu2019m of the opinion that it is the right call.,Even before the Maute issue, Mindanao has had a long history of bombings, terrorism, and violent strife. Itu2019s a pity because it is rich in natural resources and so much more beautiful than Metro Manila which is already congested and polluted. Yet companies are afraid to invest in Mindanao due to

How can I push myself to do things?

Let me start by saying that I like Abdullah's answer.,Having said that, I do have some input I hope you will find useful.,The short answer to your question is that, while you may, in the short run, be able to force yourself to do something you really don't want to because either the gain you get by doing it is sufficiently large or the pain you avo