How Do I Clean My Cameras Sensor?

Very very carefully, or you have it professionally cleaned.,For DIY cleaning, take off the lens and turn on the manual cleaning mode which locks the shutter open. Hold the camera face down and GENTLY blow the dust off with a bulb blower from underneath, so the dust falls out.,Never use compressed air and never touch the sensor.

How do I make my pancakes fluffier?

You have a choice between an extra EGG or BAKING POWDER or BOTH.,An extra egg will give air something to grip onto. Your pancake will become a bit more cake-like and you can then use this to your advantage. With that extra egg, and a little bit of work, you can even create Soufflu00e9 Pancakes.,(from Kirbieu2019s Cravings),Thereu2019s a few more st

I have a week in Paris. What should I do? What should I avoid?

Things to avoid are easier to list than things to do.,Avoid driving. Or being driven. Paris is a very walkable city and it has insanely good mass transit options, both above and below ground. Buy a Carte Orange and travel the city like Parisians do.,Avoid eating anywhere on a main tourist street. You can eat better and cheaper if you find a sidestr

What is the best lens to buy for an A6000 camera?

If you like wide, get the Sigma 16mm F1.4. It is likely the best wide-angle lens for APS-C E-mount, unless you want to use a full-frame Zeiss Batis or Loxia ultra-wide. A wide-angle will give you adequate depth-of-field even at F1.4. You will not miss stabilization that much.,If you prefer the u201cnormalu201d perspective, there is the Sigma 30mm F

Why did you retire in Spain?

Iu2019m not retired, but Iu2019d like to answer this question, of why Iu2019d choose it.,Spain is one of the more affordable Western European countries that has very good access to public transit, very nice, walkable towns, and a variety of cultural amenities to keep one occupied. When Iu2019m old, I donu2019t want to drive. Itu2019s super safe.,I

How do I make money online from home?

Follow these 14 steps to launching an online business from home:,Step 1. Find a business idea,Step 2. Find what to sell online,Step 3. Be legally compliant,Step 4. Conduct online market research,Step 5. Find a profitable niche,Step 6. Define your target audience,Step 7. Source products to sell online,Step 8. Questions for a wholesaler,Step 9. Evalu

Is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware safe?

Yes, itu2019s pretty much safe. I have on my computer and I had no issues with it, itu2019s a good tool to remove malware, trojans etc.,At first at your scan, it will use your CPU which will slow your computer down depends what computer you have.,Tip: Downloading Malwarebytes at first time will get you a free premium which will last 14 days.

What is the generation after Z?

Funny question. You'll see why in a moment. ,At present, the members of the post-Millennial generation -- one that I like to call "The Post Generation," but that many people call "Generation Z" -- are still being born. ,Generational theory is soft science. It's not math or physics, so exact answers about when generations stop and start are not only

Does China have a better infrastructure than the USA?

Letu2019s compare some Metro data first:,There are 12 cities in United States have Metro System.,While there are 40 cities in China have Metro System.,There is 1 city in United States where a metro system is under construction.,While there are 7 cities in China where metro systems are under construction.,Top five cities in United States(metro lengt

How can I eat keto at a buffet?

I always choose buffets when I go out, because they allow me to stick to my ketogenic lifestyle.,Itu2019s incredibly simple:,avoid any noodles, rice, potatoes, desserts, and whatever other carbohydrate-heavy things there may be; you know which ones they are.,load up on fish, poultry, meat, and leafy greens.,bring a small bottle of olive oil, and do

How do you make a paper tree?

Take three full size sheets of newsprint (If they still make that stuff).,Roll it into a 1u2033 tube and secure it with a few pieces of tape on one side of the half-way point.,From the other side, use scissors to cut down the tube to about 1/4 the distance.,Slide the inner sheets up from the taped side.

What are the different types of modern interior glass doors?

Interior Glass Doors not only acts as Doors but they can also create stylish centrepieces that define your room decor.,Here are some of the Modern Interior Glass doors ideas which will add beauty to your home decor and are eye-catching with an attitude to the design-

What are some examples of the cost of goods sold?

Cost of goods sold is the direct costs involved in making(manufacture/processing) industriesnOr buying if it is a company is a wholesaler/retailer,Cost of goods sold is calculated using the following Formula:,Opening stock,+,Purchases(raw material or finished items),+,Other costs incidental to buying of stock(manufacture of stock) e.g labour/electr

If you have $1,100 to spend on a new mirrorless camera, what would you buy, Fujifilm X-T20 and XF18u201355mm, or Olympus E-M10 and Zuiko 12u201340mm Pro?

Wellu2026 I can definitely buy the Fujifilm X-T20 new for $1,100, with the good kit lens, the XF18u201355 f/2.8u20134.0 R LM OIS, so thereu2019s that. I am an Olympus user, so you are getting bias here!,But Fujifilm would be my second choice in mirrorless today, so I canu2019t specifically fault either choice. The X-T20 will have the advantage of h

How do I apply concatenate in Excel?

Concatenate,What is "concatenate" in Excel?,In essence, there are two ways to combine data in Excel spreadsheets:, * Merge cellsn * Concatenate cells' valuesn,When you merge cells, you "physically" merge two or more cells into a single cell. As a result, you have one larger cell that is displayed across multiple rows and/or columns in your workshee

How would you define India in one line?

A wonderful place on the planet Earth with various cultures, thoughts, limitless imagination, unity in diversity, beautiful weather and nature, delicious food variety and most importantly above all u201cits awesome peopleu201d.,Proud to be an Indian :)Kj(^_-)

Whats the dark side of living in Bangalore, India?

Stayed in Bangalore for few years and can tell from my experience. Things have changed drastically in last decade.,Distance is measured in time and not kilometres. If you stay around Tin Factory or Silk Board, you can happily take a proper sleep after office before reaching home. NO they are not power naps.,RMZ Ecospace in Bellandur needs traffic s

What is a creative and simple recipe for a house party?

How about some Korean chicken,Oven Baked Korean BBQ Chicken WingsThe sauce is korean chilli paste (gochujang which you can buy in a tube or tub from most supermarkets) honey or brown sugar, ginger and soy simmered for a couple of minutes.,This will be a talking point and very little effort ud83dudc4d,You can oven bake the chicken then coat it in th

What is your favorite blessing for the New Year?

May each step you take be a joyful beginning, leaving negative habits of the past to be recycled into the earth.,May you shed what doesnu2019t serve your higher purpose and fill yourself with the light of the universe.,May your sorrows be mercies in disguise.,May you remember that you have survived every one of your hardest days, and you have the e

What color matches with gray?

What colour doesn't?,n,Gray-red:,,,,,Gray-Royal Blue:,,,,,Gray-Pink:,,,,,Gray-Yellow:,,,,n,Gray-Navy Blue:,,,,,Gray-Beige:,,,,,Gray-Brown:,,,,,Gray-Green:,,,,,Gray-Turquoise Blue:,,,,,Gray-Orange:,,,,,Gray-Purple:,,,,,Gray-Black:,n,,,Gray-White:,,,,Now tell, which colour does not suit Gray?,Grey...

Is the Great Wall of China visible from the moon?

nThe Great Wall of China cannot be viewed from the moon by the unaided eye. It might be viewed using a very good telescope.,This is a relatively simple question to resolve (pardon the pun) with trigonometry and a little information about the eye.,A person with 20/20 vision can resolve down to about 1 arc minute (there is some variance because of pu

What are the best travel hacks when visiting Italy?

Kevin has some great tips, I just want to add a few:,1. Know that the majority of gelato places offer free whip cream, but most tourist don't know and never ask for it. Be sure to ask for cream or double cream (whip cream on the bottom of the cone and on top of the gelato). My Italian husband thinks it's funny that I'm so amazed by this. :Pn2. Most

What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is just the right thing to do. Yes, there are positive affects on a company's growth (from a monetary and workforce standpoint). But I believe the conversation needs to shift from "What can CSR do for our company?" to "How can we make a difference in the community?"

What is the best online TEFL certification program?

Henry Harvin TEFL online courses are going to be selective. Iu2019ll provide you with a reliable review of this course and tell you what you'll be able to expect to attain within the same manner.,TEFL stands for Teaching English as a far-off language. The TEFL programs area unit is designed for lecturers WHO commit to go abroad and teach English to