How do I make sweet potato mash healthy?

How do I make sweet potato mash healthy?Mashed sweet potatoes are inherently nutritious, chock full of fiber and nutrients. You actually have to work to make it u201cunhealthy.u201d,Choose organic sweets to avoid ingesting pesticides and herbicides, and bake them until soft and mashable. You can salt and pepper them first, or add salt and pepper la

What are your thoughts about the American missionary who died in North Sentinel Island?

With all due respect to the dead guy u2014 the guy was likely a total idiot and did a very dangerous thing all in the name of propagating his religion.,American killed on Andaman island home to uncontacted people, body yet to be recoveredThe American was identified as 27-year-old John Allen Chau, who sources said was a Christian missionary who want

Does Dell Inspiron 14 3000 series support all programming languages?

It depends on the specifications of the particular laptop you buy.,The Inspiron 14 3000 u201dseriesu201d,(u201cseriesu201d, as you yourself have written in the question, implying multiple models, not a single) has laptops starting at the bottom with Celeron, going all the way up to i3/i5/i7 processors.,RAM is another parameter that will vary depend

Whats the smallest country?

The smallest country in the world is likely one youu2019ve heard of before. Itu2019s quite famous in the religious world.,Vatican City.With not even covering a single square kilometer, The Vatican City is only 0.44 km squared. Located in Rome, Italy, Vatican City is home to the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church.,Vatican City has many great th

Whatu2019s the best protein powder or pre-made shake for weight loss that doesnu2019t taste bad? I tried Beachbody and couldnu2019t get it down because the taste made me gag. Need low carbs too Iu2019m trying to do Keto.

There is no such thing as a shake or powder for weight loss, no food can cause fat burn.,There are different protein powders, of course, but they role is solely to provide additional protein if you donu2019t get enough from normal food (most people do, though). There are a lot of whey protein powders to choose from, they come in many flavors, and i

Which mobile brand has the best camera?

Best or not dont know.. But yes slightly different from others.,HONOR 6X,Recently purchased it from Amazon. This phone has 3 cameras. 2 at the back one in front. One of the 2 back cameras is dedicated to give depth of field to images clicked, i.e, to give a good bookeh effects.,Few pictures from this phone :,These are picture clicked from Honor 6x,

What are some examples of the long running motif of impish andor malevolent characters in fiction that like to test the main characters by putting them in difficult situations? They may or may not be the main adversaries in the work.

I'm surprised Tyler Durden from Fight Club hasn't been mentioned. He is malevolence personified. nIn a way he helps the protagonist (depends on your perspective). I don't want to give away anymore details for those who haven't seen the film. But if you have, you'd know that no one fits the description better than him.,

What should I plan to do for 2 days in Death Valley in December (2019)?

Go for you that youu2019re spending the night in Death Valley! Many people simply drive through, stopping only at a few of the main highlights. This enormous national park deserves much more than that.,First of all, Death Valley is an officially designated International Dark Sky Park. Youu2019ll only be able to see the thousands of stars twinkling

How do I start writing in social media?

Youu2019re a creative being. There is no reason you cannot be creative in your social media posts.,Donu2019t give up and submit to the algorithm because you think you need to feed it the kind of content it wants (and already has).,People are so worried about keeping up on the current mainstream practices in their social media content and pleasing t

How do I remove stuck ink cartridges from a Canon Pixma MG3620 printer?

You may wonder which one is the best printer for homeoffice amongst different model. No worries, in this article, weu2019ll review our top 10 picks right here!,Part 1. What to Look for in a homeoffice PrinterWhen purchasing a printer, you just donu2019t enter a printer shop and pick any printer. The choice of printer can make or break your experien

How Mathematics and programming(Computer Science) are related to each other?

It took me a very long time to understand why Mathematics is the u201cMother of all Sciencesu201d.,If anyone really wants to dive deep into the advanced fields of Computer Science then one has to deal with the Ocean of Mathematics.,Specifically the fields like Theoretical Computer Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning,Artificial Intelligence, Co

What are the biggest and coolest places to hit on a roadtrip to the Western US?

Utah!..the whole state is AMAZING. But i like Moab, Utah the best.,In S. Dakota .. the Black Hills, Krazy Horse, the town of Custer.,Arizona.. Zyon National Park, The Grand Canyon. 4 corners,Wyomingu2026the wetlands,,Yellowstone National Park,Montanau2026 Sitting Bull , the River, the Local Fruit Stands.,Washington. .. Seattle, Pioneer Square!,The

A Catholic family of six wants to visit Mexico City. How would you plan the trip?

Mexico, of course, has a long Catholic tradition, tempered by a heavy-handed secularization history. Youu2019ll have a lot of fun in Mexico City (CDMX), exploring the Mexican Catholic history. And if you like Baroque and Mexicou2019s own u201cChurriguresqueu201d style, youu2019ll feel at home.,I donu2019t know how youu2019d like to organize it or h

What are best touristy things to do in Santo Domingo?

I visited Santo Domingo, DR recently. Here are some things to do:,Telerifico de Santo Domingo,Historic Walking Tour,Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo,Parque Colon, Santo Domingo,Alcazar de Colon, Santo Domingo,Los Tres Ojos National Park, Santo Domingo,Boca Chica Beach,Choco Pick,Try mofongo,Paletas Bajo Cero,The Museum of Rum & Sugar Cane,For visuals o

What phones have wireless charging capability?

Wireless charging support phones list ;,Oppo F19pro 5G -price 25,999rs,Oneplus 8 pro -54,999rs,Iphone 11 -46,999,Samsung galaxy s20 FE- 37,000rs,Samsung galaxy s21 ultra -91,000 rs,Iphone 12 12 pro max prices -79,399 ,1,30,000 rs,Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra - 1,00,000 rs,Xiaomi mi 10 -49,999rs,Iphone XR -46,999 rs,Apple iphone 12 mini -65,990 rs,S

What are your favorite taco recipes?

Crispy and juicy Pork Carnitas TacosThis recipe is a little bit of work but it is absolutely worth it.,Ingredients needed,3 pounds boneless pork shoulder, remove the rind and cut shoulder into 2 inch cubes,1 tbsp kosher salt,1 tsp ground black pepper,3/4 tsp cinnamon,1 tsp ground cumin,1/2 tsp chinese 5 spice,1 orange - use a potato peeler to slice

Would Ron Lyle have beaten Joe Frazier in 1975?

In 1975, Joe had one great fight left in him, the Thrilla in Manila. Let us assume that he fought Lyle instead.The only fighters to ever beat Joe were Ali and George Foreman. Lyle wasnu2019t as strong or as powerful a puncher as Foreman, and he couldnu2019t box like Ali.Jerry Quarry beat Lyle, who was in his physical prime, decisively. Joe ran thro

What are your thoughts on IIT Kharagpur to introduce Vastu Shastra?

Can we really beat China and USA by teaching religion ? China is also moving towards science and we can see the results. Is government promoting religion in 2017 AD?,China breaks patent application record - BBC News,Keeping aside if Vastu Shastra is superstitious or not, letu2019s look at China, USA.,Feng shui is a Chinese traditional version of ar

Does it snow anywhere in New Zealand?

It never, ever snows in the town where I live, except once.,We all took photos of it.,,It never, ever snows in downtown Wellington, except once, and true to form they made a beautiful, atmospheric movie of it.,'Snow On Cuba Mall' shows the absolute amazement and simple joy of locals. (2min 20sec; music: Claire de Lune, by Mr Debussy.),Both events w

What are your u201cunpopularu201d BTS opinions in 2020?

I know I will regret answering it because of the backlash, but letu2019s go,1.Big Hit controls their image and the membersu2019 personalities are modified to fit the audiencesu2019 tasteI am sorry if it comes shocking to you. But not everything you see on cameras is real, why do you think BH takes ages to edit stuff?,Honestly, the amount of stuff w

What are your favourite ice cream recipes using an ice cream maker?

I can't choose. It's like you just asked me who my favourite child is!,All of my ice creams are custard based. I like how rich and creamy they are.,Always use cream and whole milk. The higher the fat content the smoother your ice cream will be.,Always freeze your ice cream bowl solid and make sure your prepared ice cream is very cold before adding

What are global greenhouse gas emissions?

Emissions or evaporation of invisible water vapor is the most relevant greenhouse gas impacting the climate without doubt.,So which effect is stronger, water vapor's cooling effect or warming effect? Interestingly, it is seldom mentioned in the global warming debate that the surface cooling effect of evaporation (which creates water vapor) is stron

Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?

Q: Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?,A:1971 Dr.Samuel C.Hurst invented the electronic touch screen interface, while teaching at the University of Kentucky, United States of America.,The first working somewhat touchscreen phone that you could actually buy was the IBM Simon in 1992, which featured a basic touchscreen, however it

Which is the best quality coffee?

In my opinion, the best coffee will have more to do with the skill of the barista and the cafe set-up and environment, than it will have in just the quality of the coffee beans. With that in mind, I would nominate a flat white that I had at Bellissimo Coffee in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Australia as the best coffee that I have ever tasted.,As a fo

Why are overprotective parents too much?

Because they have so few of them. Iu2019ve had a conversation about this once with me now ex-wife. She told me families before used to be huge. She, too, came from a country where families were typically a lot larger than the Western nation I myself hail from.,Back when families used to be larger, people barely had the time to watch over all their

Whats your method to stay awake whenever you feel sleepy?

A2A,These were my hacks:,Sleep well the other times of the day. A 6 hour uninterrupted sleep is very important for the long run.,Walk. Whenever I feel very sleepy, I walk around. It wakes me up instantly. I go to the balcony or just go up and down the stairs.,Light exercise. I know itu2019s super weird but I used to push ups or planks in case of ex