What is the moment you realized youre doing this parenting thing right?

Some time ago, when my son was about 4 and a half, he did something quite peculiar.,It was a normal day. I had the day off from work and was enjoying some R&R, trying to find the motivation to get some things done around the house.,Against all wishes, I finally rose up from my stupor on the couch and forced myself to start getting some work done.,M

Is ERP system a good example of a Data Warehouse?

The simple answer to your question is no, ERP systems and a Data Warehouse are two separate types of systems and the presence of a reporting function does not make a system a Data Warehouse.nThe long answer is in describing what an ERP system is versus what a Data Warehouse is. I don't deal in ERP systems. I'm a Data Warehouse guy, so for the ERP s

What are your hobbies?

I can't pick a favourite - if you'd asked me this question four years ago, it would have been easy to answer because I was depressed, mentally ill and didn't have any.,I started writing on Quora in 2018, but that's not just a hobby, it's really helped me therapeutically speaking and I've met lots of people I like and I've learned more than I quanti

How does active transport work?

Active transport is the movement of a substance across a cell membrane against its concentration gradient - From a low to a high concentration. There are two types of active transport:,,,1) Primary Active Transport - Primary active transport, also called direct active transport, directly uses energy to transport molecules across a membrane. Most of

What is Israeli cusine?

Israeli cuisine is a melange of A ) foods invented by Jews in ancient Israel, which have been preserved to this day, B ) foods brought back to Israel by Jews returning from diaspora (e.g. Ashkenazi cuisine, Mizrahi cuisine, etc), C ) foods developed by Jews in Israel post-1948 (e.g. Ptitim), and D ) foods brought over/developed within Israel by non

How can you change a Snapchat birthday after the limit?

On Snapchat, while creating a new account for the first time we have to add birthdays on Snapchat to confirm that you are an adult (18+) and able to use the Snapchat application.,Try this link to Change Snapchat Birthday But there is no feature on Snapchat to know your exact age, so you can choose a random or fake date on Snapchat while you create

How can AI transform the daily lives of a common man?

One form of artificial intelligence is Machine Learning,Letu2019s start from the beginning,..,An ordinary person woke up in the morning and checks out his phone. Things he may find is weather forecast. This uses Machine learning by analyzing the current weather and depending on various factors like temperature, humidity, wind the ML algorithm tells

How does social media affect our lives?

About a few years ago when I would tell people that I do take care of Social Media Accounts of different people/companies, the first thing they would tell me u201cwow, you get money for staying and browsing on FB, Twitter, Instagram?u201d,I would laugh and say but I donu2019t just u201cBEu201d on social media u201cI DOu201d social media.,So, to ans

What are the Wonders of the World?

Ancient wonders of the worldn,Great Pyramid of Giza,Hanging Gardens of Babylon,Statue of Zeus at Olympia,Temple of Artemis at Ephesus,Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus,Colossus of Rhodes,Lighthouse of Alexandria,Modern wonders of the worldn,Taj Mahal, Agra, India,Chichen Itza, Yucatu00e1n, Mexico,Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,C

Is the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro worth buying?

Why Mi 11T Pro is an amazing device:n1. 10 Bit display Amoled display.n2. Harman Kardon tuned speakers which are loud and crystal clearn3. End to end HDR 10+ which is highly useful in watching videos on apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, etc and also watching videos on mobile.n4. UFS 3.1 for high-speed data transfer.n5. 120W superfast

What is the best way to route multiple locations on Google Maps?

Now you are advertising a u201cnewu201d service to Google maps, you must be getting lots of money. I say u201cnew because it has taken google maps this long to catch up with the rest of the world, they will be introducing a waypoint system for you to plan a route via multiple other destinations. At this time it might be just a simple one, or two wa

What major did you choose, and why? Do you have any regrets?

Short answer: I chose journalism, because it seemed fun and it played to my strengths (and it didn't involve organic chemistry). And yes, I have lots of regrets.,Long answer: Pull up a stump, folks, because this is going to be quite the tirade. A self-directed philippic, if you will.,[Ahem],I really like Bambi.,You know, the Disney movie.,(No wait,

How do I change an Adobe Photoshop RGB color mode document to a CMYK print-ready document, without losing any color and keeping it looking exactly same as the RGB version?

Iu2019m sorry to say that what you are hoping for is simply not possible. The RGB color mode contains millions of colors, versus CMYK which has only thousands. Donu2019t lose all hope, however. Chances are that converting the image will not result in any glaring color changes. If you do notice changes, it will most likely be in the area of color sa

What should I use as storage for my new gaming PC?

I would recommend you to buy a WD Black 4TB HDD.,It's way better than 500GBu20131.25TB storage you get.,A sandisk SSD will sustain 200u2013300MBps only. It's not quite good performancewise(sandisk extreme pro is good though),WD 4TB black drive has the capacity to sustain 200 MBps so it's quite good.,Instead of a 40u201360MBps HDD with a 300MBps SSD

What are the most sparsely populated countries in Africa?

The top 10 most sparsely populated countries in Africa are (people per square kilometer):,Namibia (2.9),Mauritania (3.4),Botswana (3.5),Libya (4.0),Gabon (8.0),Central African Republic (8.0),Chad (12.0),Mali (15.0),Republic of Congo (16.0),Algeria (18.0),Shout out to the disputed territory of Western Sahara (2.3) which is even more sparsely populat

How do I decorate a Christmas tree cake?

You can have a lot of fun decorating a tree cake. Just use the different icing tips to make different shapes on the tree and look at a picture of a Christmas tree decorated and just duplicate it to the best of your ability

What is better to buy, a Nikon d3400 or d5300? Also, for everyday kind of photography (portrait, events, nature) which lens combo would be best to take?

It's good that you have come down to two options to choose from.,From the options, I would suggest that you should go for D5300 as it has many advantages over D3400 by also taking price into consideration, if you are looking for long-termu200binvestment. But if you want to use this camera for 1u20132 years then go for D3400.,For lens combo go for 1

Who would win a physical fight between Aries vs Scorpio, Taurus vs Leo, Gemini vs Cancer, Virgo vs Aquarius, Capricorn vs Sagittarius, Libra vs Pisces?

An individuals strength really doesnu2019t rely on their zodiac signs, but for the fun of it, letu2019s get into this u201cimaginaryu201d battle and what I think would happen.,Note: Iu2019ll only be doing Aries vs Scorpio since itu2019s going to be a long writing and Iu2019m not in the mood to do all of them.,ARIESAries is obviously associated with

What is the best place in India to visit?

Travel while youu2019re still young. Lose yourself to find your own self. Live like thereu2019s no tomorrow. And whatever youu2019ll explore today will last a lifetime with you.,So, hereu2019s a list of 30 best places to visit in India for a life changing experience BEFORE you turn 30. What are you waiting for? Itu2019s time to pack your bags and s

What does Ka Bel symbolize?

I do not know came back sta,Crispin BeltranLanguageWatchEditCrispin Beltran, also known as Ka Bel (January 7, 1933 u2013 May 20, 2008) was a Filipino labor leader. A staunch critic of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, his imprisonment in 2006 and 2007 on disputed charges of rebellion and sedition drew international attention. He was a member of 13

What is the most popular living room color for 2021-2022?

Your wall colors reveal a lot about you and your home. There are so many colors to pick from that leaving all of your walls white might be tedious.,While white is a popular hue because of its lighting capabilities, other colors can be used to create a far more fashionable environment.,Each hue evokes a different response, so we must consider not on

How do I calculate break even in number of units?

The formula for calculating the units needed to breakeven is n,nWhere:n,Fixed costs $ are the total of those costs that don't change in proportion to changes in sales volume and are expressed as $ per month/year (i.e. rent, salaries of managers, insurance),Gross Profit % is the (Selling price - Cost of Goods Sold COGS) / Selling Price,Variable Cost

How long do you boil heavy cream with cheese in it to make a pasta sauce?

You need to use heavy cream or manufacturing cream (if you can find it), not whipping cream. Whipping cream will break, and doesnu2019t contain enough fat to make a rich creamy sauce. Heavy cream and manufacturing cream can contain as much as 40% fat, as well as stabilizers, which prevent the sauce from breaking when boiled. Alternately, you can ma

What are the most-densely populated countries in Europe?

Itu2019s complicated.,Russia is the largest country in the world, much of Russia is in Europe. You can argue itu2019s Russia, if the Asian part of Russia counts. If not you need to specify further.,If you count Greenland as a part of Europe, Denmark is the next largest with over 2 million square kilometers of territory. But Greenland is on North Am

If a catalyst lowers activation energy by equal amounts for both the forward and reverse reaction, shouldnt the equilibrium be changed as according to the Maxwell curve, the ratio of particle with enough activation would be different?

The catalyst lower the activation of both the forward and reverse reaction. Because these two activation energies will not be equal (generally), the equal drop in value is a greater fractional drop for on than the other. This will affect the Boltzman Factor (fraction with sufficient energy), affect the rates of the two reactions differently and so