Is kimchi easy to make?

YUMMiii !!!!!!!!!Kimchy is basically spicy, fermented cabbage, kind of like the idea of sauerkraut, but with a Korean flavors u2013 garlic, ginger & chilies.,Kimchi is like the heart and soul of Korean cooking. And itu2019s tasty with so many things!This easy kimchi recipe makes enough to fill a large two-quart jar (about 8 cups). It starts with on

Which are the best ideas for celebrating a 19th birthday party?

Something simple or complicated?,Do you want to keep it inexpensive? Does the price matter to you?,At home or out somewhere?,With just family, a few friends, or a large group? Or as a personal challenge?,Do you live in a city, rural area, or suburb?,Do you have access to transportation to do an activity outside your immediate area?,Will you be at h

Why do some people live way below their means than they can afford? My neighbor makes $300,000year, debt free, drives very nice cars but lives in a small 2 bedroom same floor plan as mine home with his wife and son instead of more spacious home.

Perhaps, the $300,000 is short-term. Many people make a lot of money for a few years or inconsistently over decades. Perhaps, your neighbor is planning to retire extremely early and is building investments while reducing expenses. Perhaps, your neighbor anticipates extreme circumstances in the future and hopes to buy a larger home after the next ho

What is the best time of year to visit Salar de Uyuni?

I went to Salar de Uyuni last year in the end of february, and it was amazing! I doubt it would matter too much exactly which month you decide to go, as long as you dont go during bolivian winter (may-sep) - it gets really cold and the desert gets a dirty /brownish colour (instead of the original white one). I recommend that you do some researching

Do you have a recurring dream, what is it about?

M48A3 ARMORED CAV CREWMAN VIETNAM,I've never had terrifying dreams where I've woken up screaming, though I know some guys that have. I've had stressful dreams where I wake up in a sweat. One repeating one is where our tank is alone and we hear the VC clambering onto our tank to destroy us. Our TC yells, "no one with us to scratch our back!" That's

Question for homeprofessional cooks chefs. What kind of mistakes have you made when using a sous vide? What did you do to fix the mistake? Im going over many recipes and it looks like its easy, To useu2026

Canu2019t think of any mistakes. Theyu2019re incredibly mistake proof.,Be sure that you follow recipes for the first few uses and donu2019t put u201ctenderizeru201d into any marinade with meats. The texture will get weird.,My biggest mistake is not using it for pork tenderloin until Iu2019d had my circulator for more than a year.,A little salt and

Who was the first person to say that R+L=J?

Probably Elio or Linda u2026 Benioff and Weiss (GoT showrunners) knew well before they secured the rights to adapt it for HBO. Thereu2019s an old anecdote that says when Benioff and Weiss approached Martin about adapting his work for HBO, he asked them a single question u201cwho is Jon Snowu2019s motheru201d, and apparently they gave him an answer

What is the best picture on the Internet?

I found these pictures on Google today, I think these pictures represent a social or philosophical message in it.,1.The Generation Gap.,2. R.I.P.,3.Who is true owner?,4.meaning of apple changes for rich and poor people.,5.Where thereu2019s a will, thereu2019s a way.,6.God never differentiate,7. The modern era,8.Technology is playing with our health

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus worth buying for the price of $1099?

Well itu2019s a great phone if the price is good. Itu2019s last years tech with a snapdragon 855 processor which is a great processor. They are still over a thousand dollars Canadian near me. I ended up getting the LG G8x for under five hundred as thatu2019s what I could afford and it has the same excellent processor and many similar specs like OLE

How do you order whiskey at a bar?

This is an ambiguous question. It could mean "how ought one to order whiskey?" or "how do *I* personally order it". Then again, the answers are all ambiguous too. There are so many ways, and so many nuances. I'll assume you've already named the type of whiskey you want: Bourbon, Rye, Blended Straight American, Tennessee, and brands thereof, or Cana

How can I update my kitchen cabinets without replacing them?

Some companies sell sort of new cabinet (and drawer) fronts u2014 mostly they want to install them for you and the cost seems expensive to me.,Are your cabinets metal or wood? You could consider refinishing them, painting or varnishing them. If they are wood and currently showing the wood grain, Iu2019d be reluctant to paint them, but some people p

Cooking: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What is the recipe for garlic bread?

This is my way, which seems to go down well with family and friends. Have your oven heated to around 350 - 375 degrees F. This variance is because I usually have a baked pasta or lasagne that's just come out if the oven.,Take a quarter up of good olive oil, and mix it with half a cup of soft butter. Mix in three or four minced garlic cloves, a tabl

What are the pros and cons of using quantitative research?

Quantitative research uses scientific, measurable, and computational tools to derive results. This structure makes conclusiveness to the purposes being examined as it evaluates issues to see how common they are. It is through this procedure that the research makes a projectable result which applies to the larger general population. Rather than givi

What are the Leading Cities of Canada for Tourists?

Leading Cities of Canada for TouristsAre you ready to know about some wonderful places in the world to stopover?,So if you are planning to visit some beautiful places. The best choice is Canada. This country is situated in North America. There are uncountable Ares to visit with pretty sceneries, lovely and caring people,1:Toronto, OntarioOntario is

What is Planet Fitnesss "lunk alarm"?

It is how Plant Fitness reinforces their commitment to their average Joe demographic that bodybuilder types are not allowed. Or just the plainly obnoxious person that screams, drops heavy weights, and other behaviors that draw a significant amount of attention. These are the individuals that their key demographic surveys as one big reason they avoi

If you wear your wedding ring (whether male or female) on a different finger or a different hand, does it still have or imply the same meaning (that the wearer is married)?

Ring finger is ring finger whether you wear ring or not. Same way wearing a ring on any finger is not a sign of marriage. I used to wear a ring when I was a child an didnu2019t wear ring after marriage. As far as I am concerned wearing a ring on any finger is okay to show that person is married at all married and not wearing it as a fancy). Some wo

Who tried VSDC Video Editor? Is it really free?

I'm a 100% VSDC only user for video editing. Yes it's 100% free. The only difference between free and pro is the followingu2026,Free:,Advanced features are locked such as, advanced masking, chroma key, hardware acceleration when exporting, audio waveform editing and some other features.,If you're looking to cut and split videos, add fades and trans

What is the SWOT analysis of hotel companies?

What is the SWOT analysis of hotel companies?The SWOT analysis is a useful tool to make a quick analysis of a business case or project because it looks into the fundamentals of it and its environment and makes you think how to use your opportunities and overcome your threats, by existing strengths. Also, you can see the impact weaknesses have on yo

What high school in the United States is recognized as having the largest alumni association of any high school in the nation? When was it established and by whom?

What high school in the United States is recognized as having the largest alumni association of any high school in the nation? When was it established and by whom?,Lane Tech Alumni Association has over 5,900 active members all over the world. As a result, the Lane Tech Alumni Association has the largest membership of any high school alumni organiza

Should I buy iPhone 7 plus in 2021?

iPhone 7 was released in 2017. It is an old phone with a strict classic design and a single camera. The device was one of the most popular devices on the market. Today, it is almost impossible to find an iPhone 7 on sale, but there are still stocks of phones in resellers' warehouses.,Here are some reasons why you should buy the iPhone 7:Classic app

Would you rather fail a huge exam or fail a job interview?

Well, both have consequences that i would like to avoid. it is also contextual, as failing a job interview while a full-time student is different than if you are 40 and you wife is due in 3 months.In addition: Exams are something that are 100% on me, as they follow a course of study so I should be well aware what is on the exam.,Job interviews will

What are some things I should know about New Zealand?

We donu2019t have snakes: Frans du Plessis's answer to What are some of the venomous snakes found in New Zealand?We have only one species of venomous spider, called the katipo, which is famous in New Zealand, because it is the only venomous creature that we have. However, almost none of us have ever seen one, because it is an endangered species and

What does social responsibility mean to you personally? Do you think business organizations should be socially responsible? Why or Why not? u2026 Explain with reasons.

I work for a corporation that espouses and enforces an all inclusive, respectful environment. Within this culture is a paradox of tolerance. Blacks freely use the u201cNu201d word. As a white man, the word offends me. I suppose that, perhaps the word is used under the guise or notion of u201creverse racism.u201d I should not have to feel perpetuall

What are some unusual ice cream flavors? Where arewere they sold?

Let's just say that I have a bit of a thing for ice cream [1]. Here are some of the more unusual flavors I've tried:,San Francisco Bay AreaBi Rite (Bi-Rite Creamery):n,balsamic strawberryn,basil,cheesecake with blueberry swirl,coffee toffee,earl grey,egg nog,ginger,hazelnut cocoa nib (made with Dandelion cocoa nibs),honey grahamn,honey lavender,oli