Every time my daughter visits her Chinese high school friend she comes home with a bag of basic groceries bought by the friends mother. We are not poor so I find it slightly embarassing. Is this normal courtesy for the Chinese?

My first wife was Chinese. My lovely son is half Chinese. Back when I lived in Los Angeles, Chinese people surrounded me. I could walk down the street and visit a Jack in the Box to get breakfast or cross the street to DiHo, a Chinese supermarket, and get anything Asian. My son loved their dumplings. We had the best of both worlds.,I can recall goi

What is your review of Skyscanner?

I'm a Spaniard living in New Zealand. This trip is one or the longest you can do by plane, often requiring 3 or more flights and more that 24 hours total length. I've made this return trip once per year since 6 years ago, I believe this gives me some credit to talk about travel agencies.,In my life I have bought flights using different agencies and

What was something you were blissfully unaware about, until recently?

So this is the new trick which I learned recently and I hope almost everyone is unware of this Trick,So now a days Everyone upload whatsapp status very frequently but most of them wish to upload whatsapp status in landscape modeu2026So here is the trick with which we can easily convert every video from portrait mode to Landscape mode,So first Downl

Can anyone reliably predict the timeline of AI (artificial Intelligence)?

I completely agree with Jan Krikke u2014 there is currently misconception about the potential of AI at present. AI is undergoing a massive research and already started producing wonderful results for humans in various real life scenarios.,Prediction of timeline of some events currently it is beyond the potential of humans. It includes endless possi

What is a good song with the word clock in its title or lyrics?

u201cRock Around the Clocku201d by Bill Haley & His Comets (1955 single),u201cMy Grandfatheru2019s Clocku201d by Johnny Cash, from u2018Songs of Our Soilu2019 (1959),u201cCuckoo Clocku201d by The Beach Boys, from u2018Surfinu2019 Safariu2019 (1962),u201cClock on the Wallu201d by The Guess Who, from u2018Itu2019s Timeu2019 (1966),u201cWhen the Alarm

Would Spinosaurus size and weight have made it difficult for it to move around on land?

For the moment, Spinosaurusu2019 adult size is still being tested. However, German Moroccan paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim in a 2020 Ask Me Anything on Reddit eluded to a possible weight of 10 to 12 metric tonnes for (presumably) a 15 meter individual . If Spinosaurus can reliably be estimated to be this large, it would be heavier than any other ther

How did people from the Titanic die?

They could've died in a majority of ways:,Hypothermia: The water that night was cold enough that you'd be dead in 30 minutes after getting fully soaked.,Being Crushed: They were under the first funnel when it fell, were under the stern when it split in two.,Being Thrown into something: When the stern was upright, majority of people lost their grip

Why didnt Australia have a larger role in World War II?

Didn't it?,The Australian Army at its peak (in 1942) numbered 476,000 - 6.6% of the population of the entire country.,In total, 730,000 men passed through the Australian Army at some point - an astonishing 20% of the male population of Australia.,400,000 of those men served overseas, with 40%, 160,000 men, serving in front line areas.,Australian so

What are your K-pop predictions for this year?

My predictions are the following:,G-Dragon will come back in the Music industry.,Taeyang will also come back, a month after G-Dragon.,Daesung will release a japanese album at the japanese Music industry, 1 or 2 months after Taeyang.,TOP will be an art curator this year, again.,Seungri will have an innocence verdict.,Big Bang will announce a come ba

Why did some Western media choose only unsightly photos of Chinese gold medal athletes to publish when there are a lot of better photos of them to use? How disgraceful is that?

Thanks for the a2a. In my opinion, itu2019s pretty disgraceful. It shows a lack of professionalism, graciousness, and maturity. You have to understand; the US is extremely competitive. u201cWest is best,u201d and u201cIf weu2019re not number one then itu2019s no fun,u201d seems to be the unspoken rule today. However, journalism requires a level of

Which are the most powerful personal computers?

Dell XPS 8950. The best desktop computer for 2022. ...,HP Omen 45L. The best desktop computer for gaming in 2022. ...,Apple iMac 24-inch. The best all-in-one desktop computer for 2022. ...,HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop. The best budget desktop computer for 2022. ...,Apple Mac Mini M1. ...,HP Envy 34 All-in-One. ...,Lenovo ThinkStation P620.

What is the best way to cook pork?

I enjoy pork country style ribs bone in or out and pork ribs in general.,My secret not so secret marinade recipe is thusn, * Pork Ribs (duh!)n * Apple Cider Vinegarn * Star Anise (crushed)n * Lawry's Seasoned Salt (or 1/2 part white pepper, 1 part each (turmeric, onion powder, garlic powder, cornstarch), 2 parts paprika, 6 parts sugar, 8 parts salt

What are the negatives of globalization?

Alongside the obvious positives, globalization does have some powerful negatives and most of us will be touched by them:,,Wage race to the bottom due to global overcapacity in the production of commodity products like steel or paper or agricultural products like cotton. This means that production shifts to places with the lowest wages and domestic

How many of the seven wonders of the world still exist?

It depends which seven wonders. The idea as become so popular that numerous organizations have created different versions.,The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World were:,The Collossus of Rhodes,The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus,The Pharos of Alexandria (basically a giant lighthouse),Hanging Gardens of Babylon,The Statue of Zeus at Olympia,The Temple of

What was the most mature thing you have ever done?

Being a guy, I once told a girl to correct her dressing style.This incident happened in 2012, Bangalore.,It was during my first year engineering, there was this girl in my class. She was new to the city. She got famous among many guys due to her choice of attire. According to few people her dressing was u201coddu201d and for few others it looked u2

What is the best new camera phone for 2022?

If you take a look at our upcoming flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 10 Pro, youu2019ll notice that we collaborated with Hasselblad to improve and refine our camera systems. By combining Hasselbladu2019s expertise in traditional photography and our learnings in software algorithms and processing, we were able to deliver a more versatile and fully-fl

What is the actual difference between the direct and the indirect cash flow method?

What the direct method and the indirect method cash flow statement have in common, is that they have three main categories: Cash From Operating Activities, Cash From Investing Activities and Cash From Financing Activities. Together these form the net increase or decrease in cash during the year. You then sum that net increase or decrease with the c

Which is better, Dell XPS 17 or (16-inch) MacBook Pro?

That really depends on the type of work you are going to do on your laptop.,The Dell has windows 10 and Macbook has Mac os iu2019m sure you know that, so the question is what is the main difference between them Cause both can do almost all the works easily.,Now im going to mention few things about both the laptops that is better than other.,Dell :,

How does lucky bamboo grow with just water?

Lucky Bamboo is not a real Bamboo; it is a Dracaena.It is easily propagated by cutting the stems and placing them in water until they grow new roots. It will grow in just water for a while. But after it has roots, it will do better if grown in soil like any other plant.,,

What creates market segmentation?

There are mainly Internal & External Factors that Affect Market Segmentation:,Internal Factors includes:-Strengths & Philosophies,Organizational Culture,Operational Issues,Human Resource,Organizational objectives,2. External Factors includes:-Competition,Economic Culture,Market Dynamics,Changing technology,New Trend, fashion, Preference

What are good ways to cook delicious pizza?

I used to work at a restaurant that was frequented by a group of people with various medical conditions. Two of the group could not eat solid food, so we would puree their meals with our immersion blender and serve it to them like soup. Usually they would order Fettuccini Alfredo or our soup of the day, which were easy to puree and eat.,One day the

What is the importance of yeast in bread making?

Yeast ferments sugar to produce CO2. The CO2 expands the volume of the bread to be expanded. Its works same as leavening agent. (Though in leavening agents, you can use CO2 (using baking soda), H2, air, and steam (for Yorkshire pudding?),But it only works with dough that can trap the CO2 in its u201cpocketsu201d. This is achieved through kneading p

How long does the coronavirus live?

The last pandemic, swine flu, was officially declared as one in January 2009, and officially declared over in August 2010. So thatu2019s 20 months in total, give or take.,Before you start thinking that there are only so many things to watch on Netflix, itu2019s worthwhile remembering that there was a considerable drop-off in the number of new cases

What foods are good for losing weight?

I would suggest you some easily available foods which helps in losing weight at a faster rate !,Take 2 Almonds soaked in water once you get up in morning .,100 ml of lemon and honey juice before breakfast .,Barley Porridge or any dish you could wish to do with barley for evening snacks .,Sprout's before bed time .,Green Tea with leamon .,Eggs .,All