What is the best polytechnic college in UP?

Hello , Dear I'm student of government polytechnic. Currently I'm doing computer science 4th semesteru2026. I think it's too misconception that some government college is not as good as othersu2026i told you proudly all government polytechnic colleges have same value and placement opportunitiesu2026to score good marks and got government polytechnic

What is best diversification strategy?

Depending on age and funds available:,Index funds in base country and global or USA- Takes care of diversifying under equity segment.,Debt Fund / FD - Debt funds are already diversified for FD best is to spread across different banks,PPF - If you can only invest in one kind of fixed income excluding emergency fund. This one should be the one.,Gold/

What are the best ways to earn money while traveling around the world?

You can go my route:,Instead of only travelling, travel and work both at the same time. Write to companies beforehand, ask them for a job, show them your skills, and negotiate for pay and accommodation.,I had all my expenses paid for, when I was in Spain, even my food was paid for.,There are many ways to earn money whilst travelling, I found mine t

What are your favorite souvenirs youve collected while travelling?

O wow, I have so many! But, I bought Buddhist prayer beads in Thailand and I lirerally wear them everyday. That was 6 years ago. Besides my own spiritual journey, those beads remind me of a great travel experience (I LOVE Vietnam and Cambodia) but more importantly to follow your dreams. That trip solidified my dream of travelling the world, and tho

How can I increase my flowers on Instagram?

You are not alone in wanting to have more followers on Instagram. Instagram is a social network that is perfect for anyone who loves pictures, imagery and trying to convey things visually. Chances are good that you have an Instagram account and to get as many people as possible to see your photos, you need to somehow get more people to start follow

What are some of the best ketogenic snack foods?

Having embarked on a ketogenic diet over a year ago now, I find that the very idea of a keto snack is almost hilarious, as I find that I no longer crave food at all now. I tend to eat once a day, sometimes once every two days.,Even then, my meals are small, but highly satisfying.,I just had one of those meals in a small steel bowl of the size I usu

What is my characters Chinese zodiac the year of the rat 1984?

When born in February 1984 or later you are a Wood Rat, the first constellation in the Sexagenary Cycle (60-Years-Cycle) combining the 12 Earthly Branches with the 10 Heavenly Stems.,The Wood Rat is a Yang sign. The next is the Wood Ox, being an Yin sign, then a Fire Tiger, a Yang sign, a Fire Rabbit, an Yin sign. The last constellation ins this Se

How did you become a millionaire?

I started with $200, sort of. $200 was all that we had in our savings account and we had about another $1 in our checking account. I borrowed the $200 from our savings, and went looking for something to buy that I could make some money on. I bought a stainless Ruger Security-Six .357 Revolver for $167 at a flea market. I guess I could have started

Would Spinosaurus size and weight have made it difficult for it to move around on land?

For the moment, Spinosaurusu2019 adult size is still being tested. However, German Moroccan paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim in a 2020 Ask Me Anything on Reddit eluded to a possible weight of 10 to 12 metric tonnes for (presumably) a 15 meter individual . If Spinosaurus can reliably be estimated to be this large, it would be heavier than any other ther

Whats the best compact camera with an optical or electronic viewfinder?

Personally, I have a bit of a love relationship with the Canon S-series of cameras. Yes, they don't have an optical or EVF viewfinder, but think about it this way: In designing these cameras, Canon decided to create the highest-end compact cameras they could, and there was no way that they were going to stick a poor screen on there. ,Even in bright

Can you leave the airport during a layover in a foreign country?

The countries I have traveled to in the past, sure, if you have the time. Not sure how COVID may have changed this to date overall. For example, Emirates used to send you to a hotel outside of the airport on long layovers. As of December 2021 - February 2022 they didnu2019t offer this.

What are the pros and cons of S-Corp vs C-Corp LLCs?

First neither S or C Corp would be the default tax classification for an LLC, so you will have to make an election for the LLC to be taxed as a corporation:,S Corp Form 2553, Election by a Small Business CorporationC Corp Form 8832, Entity Classification ElectionPros of S Corp,Pass through taxation, so no corporate level income tax,Pass through pro

What are some examples of early digital photography?

According to PetaPixel, the first digital photograph was a low resolution scanned image of a photograph from 1957. First Digital Photograph Ever MadeThe first digital camera is pictured in this article: Kodak's First Digital Moment The lens was borrowed from a super 8 movie camera. I see an audio cassette. Iu2019m guessing this was the storage medi

Do you have a favorite recipe that uses galengal?

Thai chicken stew (sort of like Tom Kha Gai, but sweeter and not as spicy),four chicken leg quarters, separated into drumsticks and thighs, peel the skin off the thighs,large spanish onion, very coarsely diced,five or six cherry bomb peppers, quartered with the seeds removed,about an inch of ginger, matchsticked,about an inch of galangal, cut into

What is the Philippines like?

Iu2019ll instead show you what my country is like:,Blessed with more than 7000 islands, we do have some nice beaches making it a popular tourist destination.,Cebu:,Surigao:,We eat often, typically 5 times a day (snacks in between lunch and dinner), with rice as our staple food. Palette is more on the sweet side (who would put sugar in spaghetti, ri

Would it be possible to use an iPad as a drawing tablet for a Windows PC?

An iPadIS a fantastic drawing tablet! It is self contained, and you draw directly on the iPad, no computer needed. I do professional illustrations on a simple iPad6, running Proreate, and it is awesome. you can screen mirror to your PC via Lonely screen, or another web based App (downloaded on the PC), and the sync is flawless.

Why doesnt Dunkin Donuts make cinnamon munchkins anymore?

Last year, Dunkinu2019 Brands decided to roll out a u201cmenu simplificationu201d program, which was completed in all USA locations at the beginning of this year. The idea behind this program was to make all Dunkinu2019 Donuts locations nationwide consistent from location to location. As part of that program, Dunkinu2019 Brands decided to cut out m

What is a good action camera that costs less than $150?

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera $54.99Xiaomi's Yi camera raised a few eyebrows when it was announced recently and the result is enough to make even the most well-known GoPro stop in their tracks. Xiaomi's Yi Action Camera is a compact action-travel camera made for the non-sedentary photographer.,The YI Mini Dash Camera features a high-end video processor t

Which is the best south Indian dish?

disclaimer: These are just my personal favorites. I'm from Tamil Nadu. so the dishes described are those famous in my state.. ,1) Ulundhu vada + coconut chutney n,n2) Masals Dosa (Dosa with potato/cauliflower/paneer) though the one with potato is traditional and personal fav. ,,n3) Mini Idlyn Same as normal idly, but very small in size that you get

How can you boost your cell signal at home for free?

If you struggle to get reliable cell signal at home, then there are a few things you can try for free:,Update your phone,Switch to a less crowded network,Use WiFi calling when itu2019s available,Switch carriers,If all else fails, then you can look into your options for installing a cell signal booster. These work by amplifying signal from nearby ce

Should Apple release a brand new iPod touch this year?

Iu2019m honored you think I somehow know Tim Cooku2019s mind. The last iPod touch (7th generation) came out on May 28, 2019 and the model before that came out in 2015, so if that is the pace, then I would guess that Apple will not release a new iPad touch this year. That said it uses the A10 Fusion system on a chip like the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus or th

How is dark chocolate good for ones health?

I'm glad you asked. The answer is exactly 14.78932 grams.,Does that sound about right to you?,Allow me to introduce my good friend, Mr. False Precision. By putting numbers on things, especially lots of numbers to the right of the decimal place, he makes people think that measurements are more precise, and even more accurate, than they really are. I