Where can I get Singapores companies email database?

No wonder, there are more than 400,000 registered business entities in Singapore. In 400,000 companies, you can find partnership businesses, sole proprietorship companies, LLP (Limited Liability partnership), multinational companies, headquartered businesses from diverse industries including healthcare, construction, information technology, manufac

What obstacles are in the way of eliminating desk jobs?

quite frankly, the technology is not there yet to "jack-in". I would suggest reading (or listening to the audio book version as read by Wil Wheaton) the book "ready player one", as the virtual technology described is completely within the realm of possibility of our own future.,Presently, the best we can hope for is using Dragon NaturallySpeaking w

What are things you can not take on a plane?

Any object larger than 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), including handles and wheels.,Alcoholic beverages for consumption in flight or any alcohol over 140 proof.,Liquids or gels in bottles over 100ml except for baby formula or prescription drugs. No limit on nitroglycerin as long as you have the prescription.,Ammunition, f

Which country uses the most oil per day?

No. Even though the US currently produced more oil than any other individual country in the world, it is not producing more than all of OPEC, which consists of a dozen or so countries that each produce a lot of oil. Here is a list of the current (2022) top oil producers in terms of barrels per day..,United States - 11,567,000,Russia - 10,503,000,Sa

How can I open a beer bottle without any tools?

You use another beer bottle and lever it open. I opened a bottle a couple of times with my teeth. Some bottle have twist off caps.,On worksites(!), a swift downward motion against any reasonable edge of a tool or scrap steel or lumber will pop the cap. Typically, after work refreshments. Not official worksites, of course.,Heck, some guys can pop it

Is grilled chicken chop with potato wedges and a side salad a healthy meal?

YOUR grilled chicken chop meal sounds perfectly healthy, but it is questionable in Malaysia.,Our version of u2018Chicken Chopu2019 while popular is the famous Hainanese version sold in coffee shops and restaurants - itu2019s Malaysian-style.,You get a whole piece of battered chicken thigh (skin on) panfried in oil (locals donu2019t like breast meat

How do I get paid while on FMLA?

If youu2019re a rich democrat govt employee you can get FMLAnIf not you probably wont get FMLA UNLESS YOU LIVE INnPaid Family Leave: 10 statesu2014California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washingtonu2014and the District of Columbia currently offer paid family and medical leave. All

What are some interesting fact about the Statue of Liberty?

Very few people know that originally the statue was to have chains around its wrists as a reference to freedom and the abolition of slavery.,The problem was that the country was still in tension due to the civil war, so they decided to opt for something less visible but still transmit the same message.,That's why the statue is chained by the feet,

How should a person decide whether he or she needs psychiatrist or psychologist?

Always start with a psychologist unless you are certain you want medication.,I have known and admired many psychiatrists, and was trained in part by great psychiatrists, though Iu2019m a psychologist myself. For much of my career I worked alongside some very good psychiatrists, and I was even clinical director of two multi-specialty mental health c

What is artificial intelligence?

Let me give you a code-free example of how AI works and how you can play around with yourself!First of all, it is important to understand that AI can be a lot of things. However, at recent time one would probably refer to more advanced AI such as neural networks. It is also important to have in mind that neural networks can be a lot of things, and

How will life be in Dubai for an Indian?

I am Indian and have been staying in Dubai for over 2 years now. I moved here after I got married. I find that life is very fast here as compared to India but overall it has been a great experience. When I first moved here, I was amazed to see so many Indians here. The place is mostly dominated by Malayalis. I will try to explain few points for Ind

What are your thoughts on Scott Morrison becoming Australias new Prime Minister?

Scott Morrisonu2026With his advertising and marketing background, 50-year-old Morrison is ideal for political media. He has a flair for dramatic promotion, as seen in parliament in February, 2017:,In his own way, the pentecostal stalwart Scott Morrison is an honourable man. He took his UNSW degree in applied Economic Geography to a huge career in t

What caused the stock market to crash?

The Everything CrashIt all started last Friday after a strong payrolls print. This manifested itself in inflation/rate hike expectations, yield curve steepening and broader commodity weakness. By mid session Friday, it was clear that the volumes and moves seen in the US were u201cdifferent this timeu201d. The Dow plummeted an eerie 666 points which

How do I score a 95+ in class 12 board economics?

Hey there,So economics trouble started huh?,First of all friend i would like to suggest you..not to run behind marks instead try to run behind your syllabus(try to complete it in minimum time).. marks will automatically catch your pace.,Great..well one can easily score a good percent of marks in economics it becomes more easier for the person if he

I was watching the Olympics and saw a name that I love. "Tamai". Its one of my characters names, and I just looked up the meaning of the name only to find out that its a Japanese last name! Any suggestions for other unique names? (Boys)

I grew up with a boys name and I hated my name and still do. I think a more common name is fair for kids . Or put a twist on a common name so they don't feel like they see. I know we want to be unique but our children don't always feel the same way and they have to live with it . Just my opinion. I hope u find a great name . Good luck and God Bless

Which country has the most colourful flag in the world?

The country with the most colourful flag in the world is Belize with 12 colours,Many of which make up the coat of arms that provide this relatively young flag (1981) with it's complexity.,The Belize flag, like many others is steeped in political history and the prominent colours represent the political parties

How do I manage subscriptions on my iPhone?

Open the Settings app.,Tap your name.,Tap Subscriptions. (If you don't see "Subscriptions," tap "iTunes & App Store" instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID, sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, and tap Subscriptions.),Tap the subscription that you want to manage.,If you donu2019t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already ca

Which are the most expensive hotels in the world?

The Ritz, London..it doesn't rely on artificial star ratings that other hotels appoint themselves..(anything above 5 *) its the choice hotel of HM Queen Elizabeth II attends along with other international royalty, business leaders, political leaders and of significance who command the highest attention to detail. ,Its service is second to none, alo

Whats the secret to good line art when drawing digitally?

There are many secrets, depending on oneu2019s style and the tools that he has available.,This are only my takes on it.,One great help is to have one of the various digitizer-screens available - that makes drawing digitally almost the same as inking on paper.,On a paper with an u201cUndou201d button!,Even if the best ones are the - very expensive -

Do you use photo printing services?

Photo printing services are a perfect way to decorate your home without wasting a fortune. A gorgeous photo print hanging on the wall will add a modern touch and bring liveliness to your room. However, you have to think through the subject of the photos and match it to the atmosphere you want to create in each room.,Digital photosDigital photos are

Was u2018Maharlikau2019 ever the old name of the Philippines?

The Untold Story of the Kingdom of the Maharlikans, now called The PhilippinesIn the early 1930u2019s, Europe was in a depression and Germany was financially bankrupt. An unknown party leader promised the German people that he could create jobs and boost its economy. The Germans dared him and put him in power. His name is Adolph Hitler. In June 193

How did Donald Trump label himself a wartime president combating coronavirus?

Trump wants to call himself a wartime president in hopes of being compared to FDR and Churchill. If Trump had been president when Pearl Harbor was attacked, hereu2019s a timeline of how things would have gone:,Sunday, Dec 7th:,7:55 AM (local time): Pearl Harbor is attacked. About 2,500 American service men are killed; many more wounded.,3:00 PM EST

What are some of the best Skillshare classes to take?

Skillshare is a great platform to learn something new every day. Here are some of my favorite courses:,Animation, Illustration & Graphic DesignAnimating With Ease in After Effects | Jake Bartlett | SkillshareIntro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability | Marieke McCloskey | SkillshareAdobe Illustrator CC u2013 Essentials Training | Daniel Scott | Skillsh

Does taking collagen after 50 help with skin healing as we age?

Iu2019m 53 and I have been taking liquid marine collagen from Younique (they come in individual packets that you take daily) for over 6 months. Iu2019ve noticed a big difference with my skin feeling hydrated, the lines on my face toned down, and fuller eyebrows and eyelashes (among other benefits). Iu2019ve seen tons of pictures from both men and w

Are Han Chinese from Sichuan and Yunnan originally from the Central Plains?

It depends on how do you define what Han Chinese is.,Since ancient time, even before the founding of Qin Dynasty - they had many ethnic groups. Later on these small kingdoms and the barbarian tribes were unified by the First Emperor under the Qin Dynasty.,Later the Qin Dynasty was replaced by Han Dynasty. It is from this Han Dynasty that the name H