What is the single most purchased food at fast food restaurants in the world?

My wife and I visited a delightful little Japanese restaurant. The food was wonderful. The service was superb. The decorations were great. We loved it.,Two older ladies came in and were seated. They looked at the menu and started asking about why there was no chop suey listed. I couldnu2019t help myself and told them that this was a JAPANESE restau

What was the best hidden bonus you found in your home after living there for years?

Not me but my sister and her husband. They bought an old u201cmansionu201d that needed a total renovation. They got it for, if I remember correctly, $45k, as it was during the early to mid u201970s when mortgages were high and so was oil - an old mansion with an ancient boiler was going to be expensive to heat. No one wanted it. But the structure w

What are some books youd recommend to learn more?

Some great answers already here! Keep up the work guys!,Here is a list of my favorite books that I recommend all my friends.,PSYCHOLOGYFLOW: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HAPPINESS by Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiWhy you should read it?In an unexpected yet mindblowing take on happiness, Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced cheek sent me high) shows through decades of resear

What are the key points or futures to put in a job application letter that can land you a job interview? What is a sample of an excellent application letter?

think very hard and on a scratch paper before writing down on your resume , honestly write down your own qualifications,Think of whatever you have done in the past and pick 3 most important tasks you have done and in a systematic manner , shortly explain the task and they way you did it.,Use keywords from the original job posting.,Do not brag or ex

Are EST and EDT the same thing? If not, what is the difference?

EST and EDT are NOT the same.,Eastern Standard Time (EST) is the common English-language name for the North American standard time zone that is five hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-5). EST is the standard time zone in parts of Canada, the United States, and Mexico and all of the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Haiti, the Cayman

What is the point of a clock in Minecraft?

The purpose of clock in Minecraft is to keep track of time. Earlier in the game, you probably wouldn't need it but as it goes on and you expand your village or build a castle which is very big where its difficult to tell whether its day time or night time, thats when a clock comes in handy or in caves or mines where you have no means of telling wha

Can you use your credit card for PayPal?

Thatu2019s Easy. Add the credit card to your PayPal account. Then you can select the send money option with your card. You can also make online purchases and pay with your credit card

How can I find Chinese food restaurants close to me?

If you are in a place covered by Yelp, do a proximity / map search there. Otherwise, turn on the location feature on your phone or computer and use google. It's gotten very good in recent years about making searches locally relevant, but if not there's probably a way to do this explicitly within maps.,If that fails, you can fall back to the 10-year

What makes Leica cameras so expensive?

THIS FIRST PART IS NEW.nIn the "olden days" there were 2 cameras a photojournalist would use. When I was learning the trade, you were either a Leica guy or a Nikon guy. Leica people knew that their cameras had the very best lenses (see below) and were the simplest, toughest, cameras you could find. There was no mirror or pentafinder to screw up if

What picture of you shows who you really are?

Itu2019s funny how this question took me a really long time to think because I wasnu2019t so sure who I am. But here goes. These pictures describe about 50% who I am. The rest 50%u2026 Iu2019m still trying to explore. Will update when I figure it out *wink*,Iu2019m a Vietnamese girl. Me in our traditional clothes, named Ao Dai:,Iu2019m working as a

Will Microsoft Surface Book 2 launch in India?

My gut says yes. Not on the u201cofficialu201d launch day though.,It will be an u201cexclusiveu201d-ly expensive product though; I expect it will be something north of $2,000 USD (129,766.80 INR as of 2017.10.27) for just the base model. I paid something like $3,250 USD (210,871.05 INR) for my gen 1 Surface Booku2026 which is NOT the top of the lin

What is a Christmas tradition that is unique to your in-laws that you cant stand?

Multi-celebrating. I donu2019t have in-laws, but in a previous relationship, while my in-laws were okay, Christmas was way out of hand.,My partner was pissed with me because I said Iu2019m not going to any more Christmas parties this year because itu2019s just too much.,We had already attended or committed to:,My familyu2019s Christmas celebration

What are some tips & tricks I should know before going to an interview?

Never say a negative thing about your past in an interview nor lie about it.Here is an example of it,,Interviewer- Tell me about your parents.,Candidate- Sir my mother is working in xxxxxx and my father passed away when I was a child.,Interviewer- What happened to him?,Candidate- He was standing in a stage and the stage has collapsed.,Interviews- S

Which DSLR is best for photography for a beginner?

DSLR is one of the most powerful camera now a days for shooting (photography, videography recording live video etc) is available in many brands. Finding ideal camera is most important thing. The important features tou need to check before buying is camera body quality and lens quality is most important feature to check. Now a day there are dozens o

For a single traveler, what is the best way to spend 3 or 4 days in the Philippines?

If you want to be in the country, then get out of the city ! Leave Manila as quickly as possible and head to Cebu, where you are close to Diving and related activities and also close to Cebu City. I suggest that Mactan would be a good place to be and good clean, cheap hotels can be found for $ 20.00 per night ! Some might even provide Breakfast !

Why would Disney Parks deny entrance to a bride in her wedding dress?

A Mustang.,Well, not exactly a Mustang, but that was how I added it up. I was married at Disney World, more specifically Epcot Center, in front of the fountain in the France area, next to my bride in her wedding dress, with the u201cEiffel Toweru201d in the background.,Background, oh yes that. My bride is a fan of Disney. She helps manage her famil

Is 2gb Vram gddr5 enough for HD video editing in After effects?

The min specs for After Effects look like this:nProcessor: Intel and Apple Silicon (Rosetta2 Supported) Multi-Core Processor,Operating system: macOS versions 10.14, 10.15 or macOS Big Sur 11.0 and later. macOS Big Sur is supported in After Effects version 17.5.1.,RAM: 16 GB minimum (32 GB recommended).,GPU: 2GB of GPU VRAM.,So, it would seem that,

Who owns the most expensive house in the Philippines?

That's a hard one to answer since there is no public list of such houses in the Philippines. But my guess is that it belongs to any of these families: Ayalas, the Sys, The Tans, the Gokongweis, etc. They are the richest families in the Philippines who operate the biggest business conglomerates in the Philippines. These families, however, try to pla

How can we make British self-raising flour?

add 2 teaspoons of baking powder for each 150g/6oz/1 cup plain flour. Sift the flour and baking powder together into a bowl before using, to make sure the baking powder is thoroughly distributed.

Is the non-stop flight from Newark to Singapore too long?

Depends what you define as long.,,Itu2019s pretty much the longest flight weu2019ll ever see, as SIN and EWR as about the furthest distances you can get on the Earthu2019s surface with enough demand to support a flight. Weu2019re already seeing Melbourne to London (through Perth) as a fairly profitable flight because it links to very important cont

What are the 3 most significant ways you showed your leadership skills?

Lead by example - I was running a chess club on campus and as a President (leader) I learnt that the most important trait is not commanding your employees/members but rather leading by example and delegating tasks to make them feel part of the group.,Pass the ball forward - Also, it is important to step back and allow the next generation of leaders

How did Steph Curry get so good so quickly?

I disagree with the premise that he became good "so quickly". Steph was drafted in 2009. It took him 5 seasons to make his first all-star team. It took him 6 seasons to make his first All-NBA First Team and to win his first MVP. He did that during his age 27 season. ,Let's compare Steph's ascension with the other recent MVPs:,Kevin Durant was draft

What is Aphrodites origin story?

As her name denotes. She was born out of the foam of the waves. Her birthplace is the sea of Paphos-Cyprus near the Yeroskipou town which come from the ancient Greek words > which means holy garden.,Aphrodite. The Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure passion, and procreation. Associated with the Roman goddess Venus. The unfaithful wife of Hephaestu

What kind of party should a 5-year-old have?

A small, short, inexpensive one.,I tried to follow the rule, "one more than your age" for how many children were invited to a party for my daughters. It made the party manageable.,I had their parties at home when they were younger. ,I kept them simple - cake, ice cream, some decorations, easy games and crafts,For example, for a Princess themed part

Which is the best point and shoot camera under 10k for nature photography?

You didnu2019t say what kind of nature photography. That could be anything from underwater to star trails, macro to panorama or super-telephoto.,The first 3 are pocket point-and-shoots. The Nikon is a larger u201cbridge camerau201d. The Olympus is a DSLR.,It all depends on the size, weight, feel and capabilities you prefer. Theyu2019re all good.

What was your biggest cultural shock while living in or visiting Saudi Arabia?

I've spent around 10 months in Riyadh which is the capital of KSA (kingdom of Saudi Arabia). I am a software developer and I stayed there while working on one of the projects for our prestigious clients.,These are some of the things which shocked me during my initial days in Riyadh -,Abaya (black cloaks) are everywhereThe dress code for women is go