Of the top 20 tallest statues in the world, 15 depict a Buddha or are Buddhist in nature. How did a religion typically associated with aeseticism and impermanence come to produce such ostentatious art?

Good question,Itu2019s people I guess,Itu2018s good to show devotion; would be ungracious to turn down offers to make such projects; seeing such beautiful displays inspires people; Buddhists are generally frugal except for such devotional displays,Reasons like that,Buddhist rulers or patrons made these out of generosity and did not tax or tithe to

Which type of force of attraction is present in Intermolecular forces?

The three types of IMF I talk about in first-year chemistry classes are, in order from strongest to weakest,,Hydrogen bonding,Dipole-dipole,London, Dispersion forces.,There is a kind of continuity of all these. For example, a water molecule has actually all three types of forces, polar molecules have the last two of these three and non-polar molecu

Which is the biggest country of Asia?

Population-wise, China is the biggest country in Asia. If you are asking about the land mass, Russia is the biggest one. However, Russia is sometimes considered as European country and in this case, China is again the biggest one in terms of land mass.,The biggest countries in Asia by the total area are :,Russia,China,India,Kazakhstan,Indonesia

How do you convert standard deviation to variance?

Hi there,,If you use the following notation,,sigma = standard: deviationsigma ^2 = varianceThen it follows that if you take the standard deviation you have and square it, then you have your variance.,Hope it helps

How do I change clothes in Photoshop?

You need to learn good amount of manipulation skill using Photoshop and human body postures.,Or you can hire someone skilled to do this (easy way),:)

What are the worst travel experiences you have ever encountered?

I was in Bermuda at the end of 2016. Itu2019s one of the most beautiful places on Earth, in my opinion at least. On my last day there, I woke up extra early and went exploring. I stumbled upon a beautiful cove, where I sat and read a book for an hour. No one else was there, and it was so peaceful.,On my way out, I snapped the picturesque photo belo

What does your room look like?

Almost after 20 years of marriage, I got a chance to take the first step in my dream house in Chandigarh. Chandigarh, the city beautiful, first planned city in India. Here no house can be built above the second floor.,Home, where we all feel safe, secure, and comfortable. To me, my home is a place of love and worship.,A very small, cute and compact

Can brown paint be turned to gray?

Yes, I think so. You would probably need to add quite a lot of white to lighten it. You will find probably find that it has a warmish hue. You need to neutralise this by adding the approximate opposite hue.

What are the best - and the worst - things about living in Bangkok?

ProsLow Cost of Living: If you arenu2019t a heavy spender, you can live happily in Bangkok in under USD 1,000 per month in Bangkok even after a strong Baht. I love Thai food and I can eat a filling local meal in around THB 40. Thatu2019s a little more than a dollar.,Availability of Alchohol: If you consume alcohol, it is just so easy to pick up boo

How can I increase my flowers on Instagram?

You are not alone in wanting to have more followers on Instagram. Instagram is a social network that is perfect for anyone who loves pictures, imagery and trying to convey things visually. Chances are good that you have an Instagram account and to get as many people as possible to see your photos, you need to somehow get more people to start follow

How is compound interest calculated on mutual fund investments (monthly or quarterly)?

The most accurate way to calculate return of any mutual fund investment (lump sum or SIP) having (purchase or redemption) with (dividend payout or growth) is IRR and XIRR. It calculates return considering date of investment till today and helps you to compare performance of all mutual funds in your portfolio.,The CAGR doesn't show real picture beca

Will wired charging still exist in the next 25 to 50 years given the fact that breakthroughs will free us from charging cables, perhaps utilizing WiFi networks u2014 a technical use case Apple has filed a patent for?

Itu2019s probably still going to be cables. I wouldnu2019t bet on WiFi for most things. Or any other wireless power technology.,Qi Had the Right Ideau2026.The ideas behing the Qi standard, the most common wireless charging protocol, was never to send all the way across your house. Rather, it was to put wireless charging devices in pretty much every

Is the iPhone X camera better than the DSLR?

No. Aperture and shutter controls, sensor size, the RAW file format and other DSLR features, plus interchangeable lenses, makes it no contest. A good photographer understanding composition and use of lighting will in all probability take a good picture with a smartphone, but the DSLR is the winner in any comparison.

How do I split the screen on Windows 10 with two monitors?

With 1 HDMI output, you will get the same image on either monitor with a splitter.nConnecting 2 monitors to different (HDMI, DVI, Display Port) connectors will allow you to have different images. (an expanded desktop),Monitor 1 is connected to an HDMI port on my GPU.nMonitor 2 is connected to the DVI port on the GPU.

Why is an under screen camera needed in a smartphone?

An under screen camera is not needed in a smartphone. In fact, no front camera is needed unless youu2019re doing videoconferencing (the original purpose of the front camera), video calling, or youu2019re into selfies.,And in fact, very few phones have under-screen phones. Back in the days of phones with large u201chatu201d and u201cchinu201d bezels

What is the best multi-purpose microphone?

Letu2019s say you need two or even three inexpensive and good microphones. One of them will be Superlux TOP-258 or Shure SM58 (Shure is better to be bought used from the States, more chances to get original). Another, for camera use, will be HTDZ HT-320A or Rode VideoMic on red prongs, thatu2019s shotguns, HTDZ in u201cteleu201d mode is really dire

Is it safe to save private pictures on the Google Photos app?

Secure yeah. Have you tried logging into your Gmail from an unfamiliar device (look at the memes). Private no, Google uses your photos to improve their AI, although it's not a human looking at the vacation you took last year it's automatically being used so the machine can understand this is what a vacation look like, this is Jim and Jim comes up i

What is missing for South Korea to become a better country?

As someone who since 54 years has an intensive view on Korea, has many Korean friends in Germany, has run a Korean restaurant in Germany and has often travelled to South Korea, I have these remarks:,First of all I admire what the South Koreans had achieved after the Korean war and which had made them number 10 economy in the world and member of G20

What exactly is unhealthy about instant noodles, other than their high sodium content?

I personally believe that an "unhealthy" or "healthy" meal would differ completely based on an individual's needs. A single "unhealthy" meal may be fitted into a healthy diet.,Having said that, let's take a look at the caloric breakdown of instant noodles:n,,Instant noodles are considered unhealthy or junk food mainly due to the following reasons:n

What are some examples of totally lame company mission statements?

To provide quality service at a competitive price.,Note: this is made up, but is a composite version of so many I've read. It might as well read, "To be all things to all people at all times and still make money." Lame. Usually the way such mission statements are derived is by a committee of academic-types who have no understanding of the customer

How do I take a good photo at a wedding?

Make your client comfortable.. try to make use of the natural light if it is an outdoor photoshoot and if it is an indoor photoshoot then Bounce the light properly. Get the emotions of the bride and the bridegroom. Remember to capture the happiest moments of the bride and bridegroom because you're not going to get another chance of the emotions

What are some healthy substitutes for mayonnaise in a tuna recipe?

Mayo substitutes for tunaOne answer already given is good but was colllapsed for some reason: Sandy Fornesi's answer to What are some healthy substitutes for mayonnaise in a tuna recipe?Mayo is not unhealthy in small doses. Other things you can substitute with are sour cream, yogurt, crema, mustard, etc.,Do not use low-fat Mayo as it has extra calo