Out of everything in the world, what would be the absolute worst pizza topping?

Azidoazide Azide (1-Diazidocarbamoyl-5-azidotetrazole, hereafter referred to as A.A.) would make a very poor pizza topping.,Itu2019s extremely explosive and extremely sensitive u201cto the point of detonating from no obvious stimuliu201d.,Not much is known about it because you practically canu2019t even think about A.A. without some batch somewhere

What are some amazing houses you can share pictures of?

We all have some sort of idea of how our dream house might be look like. Some of us have just got to have a pool, while others want clever modern design, sustainability or integration with natural elements. No matter what it is that makes your dream house unique.,Here are a few pictures of unique houses where people have been able to realize some o

What does cutting hair mean in Joseon?

It was a big deal if you had cut your hair in Joseon. If you did, it would have been considered cutting a part of your parents off of you since hair is what your parents gave to you.

What is going on in Russia at this early year of 2022?

Hello from brutalsky Russia,,Today, on 15 January 2022 by Julian calendar, I show and tell about new micro-region Nekrasovka in the south-east of Moscow, why Putin is the best president since Khan Batu, and why Russia is prosperous, peaceful, future-oriented and well-developed. Please upvote and leave comments so that captain Ivanov give me bonus.,

Prime vs. zoom lens, when does one become more useful over the other?

Itu2019s hard to say. It depends so much on what youu2019re looking for. Letu2019s look at the pros and cons:,Zoom lenses:,Cover a range of focal lengths.,The only option for video in many cases.,Primes:,Smaller,Cheaper,Wider aperture (u201cfasteru201d).,Better image quality.

Can you share some ideas for a front yard garden?

Someone once told me a house is not a home, and its what we make out of it. This is true. For those who love to decorate, the house will be adorned with all lavish and beautiful decor. The gardens will not be any different. The gardens will be emaculately manicured and colorful. Whether you have a big or small garden, the ideas are endless. However

What are some other foods like dumplings in China?

What are some other foods like dumplings in China?In China, the go-to dumpling is called jiaozi (u997au5b50). They are small stuffed parcels made of unleavened dough and savoury fillings such as minced meat, and or vegetables.,Pic below: jiaozi in Sichuan red chili oil,The jiaozi I eat in rice-eating southern China are usually boiled or steamed; wa

What are the different types of Christmas tree lights?

The holiday season is illuminated by Christmas lights that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The bulb type, energy source, and design are all factors to consider before making your purchase. Armed with buying information, you're sure to twinkle, shine, and glow brighter than any of your neighbors.,Common Christmas Bulb TypesBoth incandescent a

Which are the best commercial office interior designers in Coimbatore?

It was really good to get the interior work of my apartment done from Tribe of Architects . Their designing is awesome and meets the current trend. They are very cooperative and has a customer friendly approach . He attends to minute requirements of the customer. Quality of work is excellent and quotes (costing )are very competitive . In a nutshell

Does Sony have good cameras?

Yeah of course! Sonyu2019s cameras dates back 1981 when they launched their first digital camera named Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera). Afterwards with the passage of time Sony kept on introducing one after another marvelous creation in the form of Sony A-mount cameras, Sony alpha cameras, Sony E-mount cameras, Sony CyberShot cameras, Sony DSLR came

What is the best mid-range zoom lens for Nikon DX cameras ?

I totally agree with Gen Kanai, my preferences to lenses change over time. But one remarkable mid-range zoom Nikon lens that I recommend is the Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4D. Why?,It's fun: macro-mode at 1:2 helps you explore macro photography at a low-cost, you will discover small things in a totally new perspective.,It's fast: yes it's aperture varies f

Have you ever been burgled when youve been at home at the time?

I had dropped my parents off at the airport, for their vacation flight to Europe for two weeks. It was almost around 7pm for their flight, and its almost dusk. After I got home, I started to prepare myself some dinner, while watching a movie in the living room on my xbox. My cat is asleep on the couch next to me, and my dog on his bed. Itu2019s aro

Do you have example vision statements?

I can share ours. "Client Focus's vision is to become the best place in the world to be an employee or a customer.",I am going to assume that you want more than just a statement, so I'll take the liberty of sharing how this came to be.,The thing is, we didn't sit around trying to figure out what our vision statement should be. Instead, it happened

What is your go to (mixed) drink?

People are always interested in new trendy cocktails, but most people (and bartenders) are not familiar with the truly great classic cocktails:,Martinez,Gin cocktail created long BEFORE the Martini,Requires a teaspoon of Maraschino Liqueur, and orange bitters,Rich flavor and complex,Aviation,Gin cocktail, requires Creme de Violette and Maraschino l

What exactly happens when you die in a dream but do not wake up?

Possibly because your death is symbolic in the dream. You're not actually afraid of dying or you'd likely wake up. For example, in falling dreams a person usually awakens before hitting the ground.,In your dreams it's likely that you're reviewing the potential implications of a major life change (symbolized by the death of your old self), and the i

Which is the cheapest place to stay in or near Electronic City?

Go to Ecity phase 2 you will find so many PGs there.,YOu will 3sharing room in 5k .,2 sharing 6k including 2 times food , Ecity bill , Water bill, TV, Wifi etc.,same thing you can find on phase one also.,But there are less no of PGs there in phase 1.,If you are looking cheaper than this then you can search inside the phase one itself but that will

How many celebrities can be real princesses or queens in the world?

Not that many. Being a celebrity is not the same as being real royalty. Celebrities get this status because itu2019s their career and chose this life for themselves. Being real royalty is not a career. Itu2019s a role they are born into or married into. They see it as their duty and lifetime commitment to their country. They donu2019t do it for the

What is the performance of the "First Internet insurance Stock" ZhongAn Online?

Listed for Three Years, Lost For Three Years. Is the "First Internet Insurance Stock" Zhong An Still Good?Backed by Tencent, Ping An, Alibaba, and Ctrip, Zhong An Insurance was established in 2013 with a registered capital of 1 billion. The actual controller is Ou Yaping.,In 2015, it completed a round of financing of 5.775 billion backed by institu

How do I score a 95+ in class 12 board economics?

Hey there,So economics trouble started huh?,First of all friend i would like to suggest you..not to run behind marks instead try to run behind your syllabus(try to complete it in minimum time).. marks will automatically catch your pace.,Great..well one can easily score a good percent of marks in economics it becomes more easier for the person if he

Is Amy Chua right when she explains "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal? Have children of such parents benefited?

No. Chinese mothers are not superior. It's clear that the author Amy Chua has a new book out and linkbait headlines in the WSJ will help her sell them. I understand she uses the term "Chinese Mother" to represent a certain parenting style - one that I am very familiar with from personal experience. ,Here's my take on it. My family immigrated to the

What should you eat for breakfast when you have the flu?

Consider eating the following foods when you have the flu.Chicken soup.,Garlic.,Yogurt.,Vitamin Cu2013containing fruits.,Leafy greens.,Broccoli.,Oatmeal.,Donu2019t forget to check my space VI Sighted & profile Rakibul Hasan Tanmoy There waiting for something new.

How do I paint a room?

It takes a lot to achieve the dream look that you want in your bedroom. Right from determining the overall style of the room to adding the right finishing touches, itu2019s important to pay attention to every aspect of spaceu2019s decor.,But itu2019s the wall painting that sets the foundation of how the look of your bedroom will turn out to be. Ber

Was Soviet Union a welfare state?

Free housing in the Soviet UnionNo Free LunchNothing can be u201cfreeu201d in a state.,The state budget is filled with money earned from selling goods and services. Funds from the budget are allocated to state expenditures, including construction of the housing.,The state pays for the concrete, bricks, glass and metal, and the labor costs from arch

What is academic English?

Academic English is a specific way of writing for a specific audience (other academics). It is more formal than normal English, but also has a number of other characteristics that people might not normally be aware of.,The University of Leeds describes it as u2

How do you calculate standard deviation from sample size, mean, and confidence interval?

This type of problem tests your understanding of confidence intervals in statistics. The typical confidence interval for the mean is a 95% confidence interval.,95% CONFIDENCE INTERVALThis is defined as an interval of values,Mean + or - 1.96(SE),where we have the following definitions:,Mean = sample mean,SE = standard error of the mean = SD/sqrt(n),