How can I update Canon printer drivers?

To update canon printer driver,Open canon and look for settings and then open driver update,Click to install driver of canon printer and follow on screen commands to update drivers.

What are some Indian cooking hacks?

Let's get startedu2026 ud83dude01,Want to have very soft idlisPut a cloth on the idly mould and then pour the batter on that cloth. Like this,Don't ask the logic behind this. But this definitely makes idlis softer.,2. Want to have the tastiest purisIf you are making puris to eat afterwards, add 2 spoons of besan to the wheat flour. It will enhance

Redbull: does redbull energy drink increase your focus?

It helps me stay awake.,Honestly what Iu2019ve discovered is, focus depends more upon your will power. If Iu2019m determined that I will solve this problem set, no matter how much the difficulty level rises as I go on, Iu2019m more likely to be focused.,Yes, but if Iu2019m sleepy or tired due to a long day and its just 11 PM, having a Redbull will

What are the different types of distribution channel in marketing?

Types of Distribution ChannelsBefore we talk about the various types of distribution channels, it is important to know the distribution channels definition. u201cThe route or the path through which product is transferred from the place of the production the final consumers is known as distribution channels.u201d You may transferred goods through bo

What are some tips for making good pork ribs?

A great marinate for pork ribs is a combination of grape juice and apple juice. They impart a natural sweetness (but not too much) while at the same time act as a natural tenderiser. The tanic acid in apples, the ascorbic acid in both, plus the plethora of antioxidants in both, make for a very healthy way of adding flavor, tenderness, and a healthy

How do I get from Manila to Palawan?

Like most things in depends.,Upon?,Where you live - Luzon Island, where the capital Manila and the largest city, Quezon City, are located is going to be far more expensive than outer islands like Palawan, Romblon and Cebu. If you donu2019t need the facilities offered on Luzon or can travel there when you do need them, then you should be g

Which are the best iPhone waterproof cases in 2019?

The people want to take the iPhone 7, when they go out for swimming, skitting, take bath in rain. you can give utmost care to your iPhone.,OTBBA,Lifeproof FRu0112 SERIES,Fansteck,OUNNE,Meritcase,Temdan,LifeProof NUUD SERIES,Pelican Marine,Singdo

What is the value of joining Next New Networks for an online video brand?

Branded channels target healthy niches, good exposure on YouTube (moreso if the buyout rumors are true), in-office green screen studios (NYC), great team of people, and a proven track record with hits including Barely Political (Obama Girl), Backyard FX, Autotune the News, and Key of Awesome.,DISCLAIMER: I've never worked for or with NNN, but I kno

What are some tips & tricks I should know before going to an interview?

Never say a negative thing about your past in an interview nor lie about it.Here is an example of it,,Interviewer- Tell me about your parents.,Candidate- Sir my mother is working in xxxxxx and my father passed away when I was a child.,Interviewer- What happened to him?,Candidate- He was standing in a stage and the stage has collapsed.,Interviews- S

What should I do with 4 days in or around Tokyo?

Excited for you, Tokyo is a wonderful city. ,If this is your first time.. Be aware that taxis from Narita airport will be expensive. The great thing is that there is a bus that runs from the airport straight to downtown Tokyo. It is terrific. You can see the times here: are 3000

What is the best USB microphone for conference calls?

This is difficult to answer. Quality is subjective (somewhat) if you are talking most accurate and most detail capturedu2026 that is probably a scientific microphoneu2026 but they usually do not work well in music studios for many reasonsu2026 they will pick up any and every flaw imaginable. It is better to think in terms of what is the MOST import

Why do kitchens have florescent lighting?

My experience is that people generally want three levels of lighting:,Task lighting,Ambience lighting, andSafety/night lightingWhen people are actively using a kitchen for workingu2014such as cooking, cleaning, searching for ingredients or putting away groceriesu2014they need task lighting.,Task lighting is generally brighteru2014higher in illumina

What countries in Africa should I avoid during travels?

As of November 2018, I would be very careful of the following.,Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, RCA ( Republic Central Africa), some selected parts of Mali, Niger, and Nigeria. My criteria are very simple.,Any place where there is a war or some sort of extremism going on ( Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, and parts of Nigeria).,Any place where foreign troo

Is India a famous country?

INDIA is very popular around the globe for the following reasons:CricketIndia is among those countries in the world having the mostcricket frenzy people. However, the national sport of the country is hockey butcricket is highly popular among the citizens. The cricket team of India or theMen in Blue have earned 3 major world championships. Some of t

What if you hear the voice of goddess Durga in your dreams?

This actually reminds of a very popular bhajan on Maa Durga, sung by none other than Sonu Nigamji.,u201cSoja sapno me khoja, sapne me darshan degi maa,Soja sapno me khoja,Soja sapno me khoja, sapne me darshan degi maa,Mata jo hai shero wali, parwato pe rahne wali,Tere sang meri bhi hai maa,Aisi mithi nindiya me khoja,Soja sapno me khojau201d,Seeing

What are the top 10 home based business courses on Udemy?

The question is a bit too vague: what are your objectives ?,Learning to become an entrepreneur ? You are already entrepreneur, but you want to expand your skills ? What domain ?,Udemy provides lots of courses over a broad domain, from programming to cooking or learning to play with a music instrumentu2026

What are the possible and useful usages of an iPad if you have a laptop?

Iu2019ve got a bunchu2026.,Reading. I read, a lot. Sometimes I read stuff on web sites, which can sort of go either way as iPad vs laptop, but usually with a slight nod to the iPad, as portrait orientation is more efficient for consuming large quantities of text (for me).,That applies in spades when moving from u201cwebsitesu201d to documents - Iu2

What is the settings for Street photography?

The best camera settings for outdoor photo shoots. An aperture (or f-stop) around f/4 or lower is good for single subjects, while an f-stop around f/11 is best for group shots and landscapes. Shutter speed - How long the shutter stays open. The key to a great outdoor portrait is considering how bright it is outside. In full daylight, use a lower IS

What is the real definition of niche in biology? I googled it & the definition is "a position or role taken by a particular kind of organism within its community. " but my AP book said "Organisms that live in the same area and use the same resources"

My usual explanation in teaching is that u201chabitatu201d is your address, u201cnicheu201d is your occupation. Your habitat is a physical location on this planet, or rather, a small area at that location which might contain many different types of subregions, the microhabitats. Your niche is how you live in that area; the details of microhabitat y

What are some examples of cryptocurrencies that actually have intrinsic value, i.e. its blockchain has a business model involving providing services and goods, and possession of the currency giving access to those goods and services?

Thanks for the A2A!I am definitely Southeast Asian, because I am Indonesian.,Disclaimer: It is very hard to answer this question objectively. Because of that, my answer below is purely my subjective opinion. In addition to that, I also make a lot of generalisations. So, please bear with me...,The Philippines is one of the most (if not the most) Wes

What is the difference between front end and back end development?

There are three people in any Web Development team:,Front End Developer - Let's call him John,Back End Developer - Let's call him Dave,Web Designer - Let's call him Leo,John codes what you see on your screen when you visit a website.,This includes the buttons, text fields, forms and animations.,John doesn't design the website.,He doesn't choose the

Are there any foods that only humans enjoy?

Fudge brownies.After the last brownivore was killed in the Great Plains in 1912, humans were left as the only brownie eating creatures on earth. Why, the Brownie Bear was such a majestic animal, filling the entire horizon as far as the eye could see. People would shoot them while riding on trains across the Chocolate Hills of Cocorado.,Edit: Iu2019

What is the best polytechnic college in UP?

Hello , Dear I'm student of government polytechnic. Currently I'm doing computer science 4th semesteru2026. I think it's too misconception that some government college is not as good as othersu2026i told you proudly all government polytechnic colleges have same value and placement opportunitiesu2026to score good marks and got government polytechnic

What makes flying first class worth it?

I am currently living in Vietnam Teaching English Online and I was shopping for groceries one night. After I completed my purchase at the store I pulled out my phone to request a Grab (Uber).,The motorcycle wouldu2019ve cost me about $1usd while a Grab car wouldu2019ve cost me $5usd. I had my hands full of bags but I couldu2019ve made it work on th

Why dont European Union members unify the language?

OK, letu2019s start on eliminating languages that have a small number of speakers. I nominate that we start with Yiddish (maybe a million speakers? maybe many, many fewer?) Thatu2019s it, weu2019ll start by going after the Jews and eliminating their culture.,Oh, dear. That sounded bad, didnu2019t it. Letu2019s refocus on a larger group of people.,T