What is the responsible factor for muscle growth, protein intake or calorie surplus?

Both.,You need calories to fuel your workouts and pack on mass from muscle repair. You need protein to allow that muscle repair to happen.,Carbs puff you up because youu2019ll retain water and have higher insulin spikes with them. Protein just gives you a parts department for your body to repair itself after a tough routine.,A good rule of thumb is

What is the goal of a company?

Though Airbnb doesn't necessarily label anything as a "mission" or "vision" on their website, the below statement is on their about page (airbnb.com/home/about):,,nAs an active Airbnb user and SuperHost (airbnb.com/superhost), I would sayAirbnb's mission could be any or all of the following:n,Connecting people who need a place/space to stay with pe

Which restaurant would you recommend for lunch or dinner, if someone were to visit your city just for a few hours? And what item(s) should one order there (preference: vegetarian)? AddressYelp link would be helpful

The best single items to eat in Nashville (other than meat)If you ever stop through Nashville, Tennessee, youu2019ll be entering a culinary mecca with some of the best food youu2019ll ever eat! To select one place and one dish would exclude a lot of amazing experiences and depends on which foods you like. So Iu2019ll give you a top 10.,It would tak

What is parking like in ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Irvine, CA", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "topic", "tid": 10450, "url": "https:www.quora.comtopicIrvine-CA"}}}, {"text": "?

Ample and free (except for UCI and regional parks). Generally speaking, parking is not a concern in Irvine. This is either due to Irvine being a master- (and masterfully) planned community, or its lack of appeal as a visitor destination. Parking in Irvine is typically associated with shopping plazas, parks and residential areas. It's not like askin

Which is better, Dell XPS 17 or (16-inch) MacBook Pro?

That really depends on the type of work you are going to do on your laptop.,The Dell has windows 10 and Macbook has Mac os iu2019m sure you know that, so the question is what is the main difference between them Cause both can do almost all the works easily.,Now im going to mention few things about both the laptops that is better than other.,Dell :,

I dont understand Cambridge trust scholarships. Do I need to be accepted by Cambridge first to apply for them or am I applying to Cambridge through trust?

They are explained short form here What are Cambridge Trust scholarships?You apply in parallel. To get a (Post Graduate) place at the University, and for Cambridge Trust Scholarship.,Cambridge Trust scholarships are available to citizens of all countries for a postgraduate degree in any subject at Cambridge. Please see the Cambridge Trust website f

How could I safely download Photoshop CS6 for mac?

Hello Phptoshopper,nFirst of all I don't understand your concept of safe download photoshop. I assume you meant licensefree / virusfree .,Suppose you download lets say a version of photoshop CS6 for your mac and you use it safely. Adobe is a very generous company that will allow you to enjoy all the features without any hassel for 60days. Yes that

Have you ever been contacted by loved ones after they passed away?

I have known my kids' dad for 30 years. Our relationship has always been extremely intense. Intense love, intense hate, and even after many years of us not being together, the intensity never waned. 2017 was one of the worst years of both of our lives. After much infidelity he had decided he was leaving his wife of 6 years. Things spiraled out of c

What are some good clothing manufacturers in China?

My answer will be China! Chinese products are cheaper and have a wide range of products. The most important thing is that their prices are really cheap! Now you can use B2B websites to easily find high-quality clothing supply websites. Like: Alibaba, FashionTIY, AliExpress, etc. are relatively good clothing wholesale websites.,FashionTIY is a high-

What does an influencer business model canvas look like?

This should be a discussion, not an answer, but Iu2019ll try to respond.,I will first presume you see the influencer as being a target customer segment. If so, then you need a value proposition for them. Influencers sell their u201creputation, reach, network, brand, etcu201d. What is it you do that would be important to them? What is your u201cprod

Who can write something random here?

If you are a priority,for someone,,you will know.-,And if you are an,option for someone,,they will show.,True Love doesnu2019t always,ends with calling,him/her u201cMine only,u201d,-,Sometimes, it ends with,u201cStay Happy Forever, no matter,with me or anyone elseu201d.,,It is my fault that,,In this generation,of meme lovers..,-,I am looking,for so

How do I recover data from WD my passport hard disk when it is not detected?

The WD external hard drive not showing up on the computer, it means you cannot access the drive to manage your data on the device. The solution to recovering our data from WD hard drive, you should fix the WD hard disk recognized and detected on the computer.,How to Solve My WD Hard Drive Not Recognized in Windows:Update WD hard disk device driver:

What wont be available after 5 years?

The things which will start disappearing in the next 5u201315 years:,,Bangladesh:,Just a rise of 1 meter in the sea level and 50 percent of it's land will submerge in water. Butu2026 what can we do?,A large part of Bangladesh and India (Bay of Bengal) is vanishing under the sea at a really fast rate. Here is an NY Times article on this : Borrowed T

What small kitchen (workspace) will look nice with dark grey floor and white walls?

What you are looking for is a working colour palette, and youu2019re lucky; grey floor and white walls is a very forgiving concept.,Some suggestions:,This kitchen has a wooden floor, but that doesnu2019t matter here.,It would work just as well with a grey floor.,Note the grey tones of the concrete sink and backsplash. Brass and copper accents add e

What is the partnership form of business?

What are examples of partnership businesses?,While it could be almost any sort of business, these are very common ones.,Law firm,Doctors Group office,Real Estate investment firm,Accounting group,Venture Investment group,Almost any business could be a partnership, but generally not manufacturing, large retail, pharma companies, etc. These often requ

What is your review of Nokia Android phones?

The first complete android phone from nokia is Nokia 6 as you all know(please don't consider the nokia X series) .,Nokia was famous for its durability, sound ,display and camera quality.,Nokia 6 still boasts these features. It has military grade body,dolby atmos sound (dual speakers) and lot more( yes the 4gb of RAM and 64 gb of internal storage) .

Is the movie Cats (2019) really that bad?

Many years ago, on reaching what passes with me for adulthood, I started to travel more, and I developed anxiety about flying.,In an attempt to control my anxiety, I researched air accidents, to see if my fears were realistic.,I read many air accident reports, trying to better understand how accidents happen.,I came to understand that air accidents

What is the difference between atomic mass and molar mass?

The molar mass of a compound tells you the mass of 1 mole of that substance. In other words, it tells you the number of grams per mole of a compound. The units for molar mass are, therefore, grams/mole. An atomic mass is unit less and defined as precisely 1/12 the mass of an atom of carbon-12 not in motion.

What is it like for boys growing up in China?

Hey, thanks for asking :),Itu2019s pretty fun, pretty okay and pretty enjoyable.,uff08uffe3ufe36uffe3uff09u2197,I used to go down to the fields with my mates in summer. We visited our relatives in the countryside. It rains a lot in the summer, sometimes we duck down to the lotus pond and pick some seed pods and water chestnut.,We can pull out the r

What are the most successful start up businesses?

Successful or not, I wont say, as success is not quite easy with Startups.,But I would like to present my startup here, which is on steady & accelerating revenue.,We have launched Paydeck in 2015, Sept in beta & fully it was made live in February, 2016.,Currently we are dealing with 38k registered users.,Most users either Pay their Rent through us

Can you use fabric for photography backdrops?

Yes, you can use almost anything you like for a backdrop. I would however avoid shiny or reflective surfaces. Also many photographers feel your backdrop should be rolled or wadded for storage as apposed to folding because creases from folding can be difficult to deal with in photos.

How do I find my Coinbase account number?

Conclusion. In conclusion, your coinbase account number can be found on the 'Direct Deposit' page. There you will see the account number and routing number. So to accept payments from a bank, you will be needing both of them to make transactions.

What can we learn from the 2018 and 2019 floods in Kerala?

In 2018, the major cause of flooding in Kerala was thought to be the unplanned opening of the dams, causing the rivers to breach their banks.,In 2019, there has been flooding even without the dams being opened. This time, however, there have been numerous landslides.,However, not taking into account the factor of Climate Change, (as it is a global

What is the price of the latest Xiaomi 5G phones in the Philippines?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G Price in the PhilippinesStarts from P14,200. The lowest price ofXiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G is P14,200 at Shopee, which is 66% less than the cost of Mi 10 Lite5G at Shanylle General Merchandise (P41,192). The latest price of Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G was updated on Oct 20, 2020, 19:11.

Is it bad to kiss another girl while in a relationship?

If you have agreed to have an open relationship, then no. If you have never talked about the idea of being with other people while still dating each other, then yeah, probably not a good idea to kiss someone else.,However, this isnu2019t always true. My old roommate was a very affectionate person - he hugged and kissed (on the cheek) everyone, like

What are the best furniture design for small homes?

Hello,,There are a number of different furniture designs for small homes that give a unique look to the interiors of the rooms that include Trundle Beds, Bunk Beds, foldable 2 seater Dining Tables, Wall Mounted Dining Tables, Wall Mounted Folding Study Tables, folding chairs, Wall Mounted TV Unit and many more that is too useful for smaller rooms.,