What are the best business ideas for the next 15 years?

Every year, thousands of businesses are initiated, but 8 out of 10 businesses get shut off due to several reasons. Major reasons behind is having a futuristic approach to such business. If you are looking for Future Business Ideas for 2020 and beyond, this article can help you to identify them. Which are the Best Future Business Ideas in 2022 in In

What is it like to bungee jump off of Macau tower?

Personally I would not recommend it to any of my friends.,I have done a u201crealu201d bungee jump in Wales which was a free-fall type of jump over a bridge and I ended up yo-yo-ing at the end of the bungee line for a few seconds before being lowered onto a river, which was a lot of fun indeed.,The so called bungee jump in Macau was actually a cont

What is the new startup to watch?

I have my eyes on some promising looking startups these days and to answer your question I am going to throw some spotlight on them so you could know what wonders are about to happen around us.,Let`s see what they are doing and who is behind these wonders:,1). TransferWise is the clever new way to convert money to send abroad. The idea is very simp

What are some clever medical frauds you have experienced?

Answer in public interest.,Lancet's MMR vaccine fraud (paper retracted but damage is done),Smoking protects against COVID (my favourite) and latest news these days.,Homeopathy supported by Quantum physics.,Prayers increasing IVF success rates proven correct and published,Dietary products linked to cancers by faulty logic and stats.,Accupuncture met

What is the smoothie diet?

The Smoothie Diet Review u2013 Is The Smoothie Diet Program A Scam?About The Smoothie Diet ProgramThis is a type of food habit which really works for people who want to start their weight loss journey in a healthy manner. It works mainly for the people who are occupied in a busy schedule and face problems in preparing everyday meals. In The Smoothi

Can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

Others are correct in saying that black coffee offers very little in terms of calories and that coffee with milk, cream, sugar, and other ingredients can start packing on the calories.,But regardless how you drink your coffee, coffee CANNOT make you gain weight, nor help you lose it.,What makes you gain weight is taking in more calories than you ex

What are John Maynard Keynes economic theories?

Thanks for your question.,Demand creates supply: before Keynes, economists believed, from the classical economists (when it was called political economy), that supply creates demand. Keynes theorised that companies will not change prices according to demand (e.g. they will not raise prices when there is high demand and people compete to offer more

What are the greatest examples of the butterfly effect chaos theory in history?

In rural Russia in the late 18th century a slave was freed. As a result, man walks on the moon.Nikolai Vasilievich Ulyanov was born a slave (or serf) at a Russian farm in 1765. At some point in the late 1700u2019s he was granted his freedom by the owner of the land, Stepan Mikhailovich Brekhov.,With his freedom, Nikolai was able to train as a tailo

What does the bible say about polygamy?

No.,But it does require that anyone fit to be a leader must be married to only one wife. It has become a Christian mark of moral leadership to be monogamous.,Also divorce and remarriage is not allowed unless the partner has been unfaithful, which frees you from blame.,Andu2014if you have sex with someone that is u201cmarriage equivalentu201d snd yo

How do management information systems work?

Let me try to explain my own visualization of how I understand MIS to be. Let's say I am thrown in a room full of a variety of different articles of clothing. This amount of clothing, only to be worn once, would be sufficient to last me exactly one month. I am to document exactly what I wear each day for the whole month. Now, what would you need to

Who is the richest person in the world?

My vote goes to Kim Jong Un,This guy has full control of his country which has vasts amounts of natural resources iron, gold, magnesite, zinc, copper, limestone, molybdenum, graphite and rare earth minerals. It is estimate that the value of this is about $6 trillion dollars (source:North Korea is sitting on trillions of dollars of untapped wealth,

What are some of the easiest photo retouching techniques to learn for amateurs?

My weapon of choice when it comes to photography is Lightroom, but for this answer, Iu2019m going to start with the assumption that you have the more widely used Photoshop, inexpensive software like Affinity Photo or even the free GIMP.,Iu2019ll define u201ceasiest techniquesu201d as something that can be accomplished within a minute or so. So if a

What should I do to be a millionaire online? Would my blog help me achieve that?

Mark Anastasi is the author of The Laptop Millionaire and is an online business expert. Learn how to make money online with Mark.,Bryan: How has the internet changed your life?,Mark Anastasi: Back in 2004 I was an unemployed security guard, $12,000 in debt, with no job, no money and nowhere to live.,The Internet allowed me to connect with millions

What is on the secret menu at McDonalds?

Technically, yes. Essentially, no.,There are items on the register that crew know how to make that arenu2019t on the posted menu boards. These include the Quarter Deluxe and the Daily Double, which are McDonaldu2019s answer to the Whopper and Whopper Junior respectively, featuring lettuce, tomato and mayo. The latter hasnu2019t been on a menu Iu201

Why is the Titanic still under water and why has it not been brought to the surface?

It's 2016, it sank back in 1912, it's already lasted 104 years, it probably won't make it for another 75 years. So that brings up your question, why hasn't it been raised?,It's too fragile, currently at the depth it sits which is 12,500 feet, raising it would mean it'd under go multiple pressure stages, and as soon as it hits the surface, it could

If an object leaves existence, can the same exact object be brought back into existence?

u201cYou cannot step into the same river twiceu201d - Heraclitus .,u201cNothing comes from Nothingu201d. Existence always is - Parmenides While Heraclitus says that things are ever-changing and not the same at any moment, Parmenides holds that all things are same and eternal in essence.,Many people consider these two philosophers to be polar opposi

What are the Latest technology developments in electronics and telecommunications?

Transparent SmartphonesInventors, Jung Won Seo, Jae-Woo Park, Keong Su Lim, Ji-Hwan Yang and Sang Jung Kang, who are scientists at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, have created the world's first transparent computer chip.,The chip, known as (TRRAM) or transparent resistive random access memory, is similar to existing chips k

Suppose we lend money to our close friends, as taught it is better to make a written agreement between both. I would like to know what type of agreement to return and lending should be written, and how, for future uncertainties?

You can get a loan agreement signed by your friend.nA loan agreement is contract between two parties, which includes all the terms and conditions like term of loan, rate of interest, mode of repayment, etc. It is to be signed by both the parties.,Attaching a sample loan agreeement.

What other museums in Paris have you been to apart from the Louvre?

Musu00e9e Carnavalet,This museum is devoted to the history of Paris.,Musu00e9e Cluny,This museum is devoted to the middle ages, but the it also has a small department which focuses on ancient history.,The museum is housed in an an ancient Roman building, a bath complex (Thermae), which is partially preserved.,Apparently, this museum is closed for r

Would a Libra man and a Gemini woman be compatible?

They are some of the very best matches and they usually balances each other very well. Geminis and Libras are both fun-loving people and both of them wouldnu2019t easily get bored of each other (Even though they are easily bored).

If you were responsible for hosting a huge Sunday brunch for 50 people, and you had a budget of $450, what would you cook? Also, what pictures would best represent your layout look when youu2019re done cooking?

Thanks for the A2A, Tom.,When I started writing my answer, I didnu2019t think it was possible to put on a brunch for $9 per person. After checking what was on sale, I was surprised to find it could be done. Given what I found on sale, Iu2019d lean toward a Mexican-inspired menu. We need an egg dish of some type, a breakfast meat, bread, a couple sa

Can you fry chicken with cornstarch instead of flour?

I make u2018oven fried' chicken with potato starch. It results in chicken with a crisp, crunchy crust that is very much like oil fried. The secret is to u2018breadu2019 your chicken and let it sit and dry for about 1/2 hour before baking.