Which phone should I buy in 2022?

Life can never be perfect but your phone can always be. The phone is a very important thing in our day to day life. Without a phone, we can't imagine our lifestyle.,Buying a new phone is depend on the customer's needs and wants. Some customers want to buy a premium phone to maintain their class. Some customers buy a phone for work and some purchase

How are cadets accommodated in the NDA?

Every cadet is allotted to one of the 18 Squadrons . Each Squadron is housed in a magnificent three story building with flanks on either side on each floor .,A squadron houses the squadron Office on the ground floor at one flank and has a big Ante Room on the other flank . It has standard size single rooms called Cabins for around 125 cadets.,Cadet

Why did camera quality in the 90s look so bad compared to the 80s and even the 70s?

Are you speaking of image quality, or that of the cameras themselves? And which sort of cameras? Doesnu2019t really matter, becase they go together.,The Photo Enthusiasts, Circa 1950u20131960Smaller cameras in the 1950s for serious users were really nice. Made of finely machines metals, they were literally mechanical works of art.,However, these we

What is the purpose of a mission statement?

There are many interesting and enlightening answers to this question. Unfortunately, they fall prey to a common problem with mission and vision statements. In the literature, the experts use the terms in 3 different ways.,In one (the one I prefer) the mission is simply a statement of what the company does and who it does it for. The vision is the h

What is the best tourist destination in San Juan, Batangas?

I currently reside in the Philippines, but prior to that I travelled here about 6 times when I was living in China. This country is a great place to enjoy a holiday. With over 7,000 islands you canu2019t imagine how many beaches that means!,Most of the luxurious, or better beach resorts, are owned by westerners who are married to Filipinas. In that

What are some of the best Halloween Christmas Tree Ideas?

If October is the month of Halloween then what is it? As soon as the month starts everyone starts embellishing their homes with Christmas-inspired Halloween decorations. Halloween is all about pumpkins, spiderwebs, witches, skulls, etc.,Let's discuss some best ideas to decorate your Halloween Christmas tree -,-> Mini PumpkinsHalloween Christmas

Whats the cheapest phone ever made?

The cheapest smartphone on Earth?,New or used?,Working or not?,What precisely is a smartphone? What features must a phone have to be called a smartphone?,Sorry, but your question lacks the necessary specificity to honestly answer it. I must downvote it awaiting answers to my questions. Thanks.

How great is the iPhone 11 Pro camera?

If you are planning to take photos for commercial purposes DONu2019T use a mobile phone camera primarily dues to its minuscule inadequate lens and its tiny sensor.,Use a DSLR.

How can you calculate the percentage of two numbers in Excel?

You use the / (divided by) sign - numerator divided by denominator.,If A1 = 2 and B1 = 5, the formula =+A1/B1 will result in the answer 40% (2 divided by 5).,If the number is displayed as .4, you will have to format the cell to a percentage format, which will then display it as 40%.

How do I enable 2FA in Fortnite?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be used to help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring you to enter an additional code when you sign in. The Two-Factor Authentication feature currently supports the use of an authenticator app or an email address authentication method.,Once youu2019ve opted into Two-Factor Authentication, you

What is the most popular movie ever?

I'm sure that no one has ever asked all of the people in the world which movie they liked best (or were you just interested in the opinions of moviegoers in the United States?). Even if it were possible to do that, I'm sure opinions would be swayed by the most recent blockbuster to be released.,So, we have to look at different yardsticks for measur

What are some popular tourist destinations that you have no desire to ever visit?

Machu Picchu looks like a yoga parlor these days. Also like speed dating. Pretty sure every woman on Bumble and Hinge in my city has been there recently. Because itu2019s a fad like yoga and internet dating.,Alternative: Arequipa or Lake Titicaca. Iu2019d go to either of those places in a flash. But I agree with another answer here: Machu Picchu lo

What are some good examples of postmodern architecture?

Postmodernism in architecture takes many forms, so itu2019s difficult to come up with one building or a single set of features that define the essential characteristics of postmodern architecture. Firstly, my use of the word u2018essentialu2019 would come under attack since postmodernism distances itself from the ideas of purity, essence, absolute,

Why is the Philippines considered poor, but I saw a lot of nice buildings and streets in Metro Manila and met many well-educated and capable Filipinos?

(edited to answer some comments),Maybe because you grew up within a social circle and with teachers that taught you that if one is a poor country, then everybody there are poor, badly educated (perhaps even full of bad or stupid people) and all the sceneries and buildings are poor and miserable and dirty or slum-looking. And if one is a rich countr

Is there an equivalent of selecting image A on Photoshop and then using it to cut out a shape perfectly in image (A + B), so youre left with just image B for audio software, a way to exclude acapella perfectly from a song by using the instrumental?

Yes. This is entirely possible if the conditions are correct. You can use destructive interference to remove the common sounds and be left with only the difference between the two versions. If one is instrumental and the other is the exact same instrumental plus the vocal you can use the instrumental to cancel out the instruments from the vocal ver

How can I get a rental agreement in Kannada (in Word format)?

Greetings Friend,The Rental Agreement should be made customized according to the Period, Terms and conditions accepted mutually. Making in the English language is Easy,More appropriate in all probability.,However,if you wish in any local language, Better approach any Senior Advocate/ Document Writers for Perfect Drafting legally,Hope,this would imp

How can I sign up for GDAX or Coinbase Pro as a student with no income?

Go online and sign up.,You donu2019t have to have income to open a bank account, or a brokerage account, or a cryptocurrency exchange account.,You just need enough money for the initial deposit for the account you are opening. In the case of a cryptocurrency exchange account, that amount is zero.

Whats awesome about the Galaxy Note 4?

The 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a 2,650 x 1,440p quad HD Super AMOLED display. Its pixel density is 515 ppi. ,It takes excellent outdoor shots on its 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation and 4K video recording. It also has a 3.7 megapixel front camera which also has a group selfie/panorama mode. ,Using the pen/stylus is more

What is the best backpack for international travel?

For one thing, it will make your life much easier. For another, it'll keep you safe and secure while travelling. But if you don't choose a good backpack for travel u2014 or worse yet, if you bring the wrong one u2014 you could end up with a miserable trip. How do you avoid this? Read on to find out which backpacks are best suited for international

Who owns the most expensive house in the Philippines?

That's a hard one to answer since there is no public list of such houses in the Philippines. But my guess is that it belongs to any of these families: Ayalas, the Sys, The Tans, the Gokongweis, etc. They are the richest families in the Philippines who operate the biggest business conglomerates in the Philippines. These families, however, try to pla

How do I make drinking alcohol at home?

Sign up for a course or get taught by someone who knows what they're doing. Home-brewed alcohol has the potential to be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing (chemical imbalance, mysterious percentage, etc.) Every year I spot a couple stories in the news of people who died from home made hooch.,If you live some place like Ontario, there are

How do I organize thoughts and ideas?

Pick a method that works best with your brain!There are probably dozens or even hundreds of different methods available for organizing thoughts and ideas. But for now, letu2019s simplify everything and focus on these 4:,classical,digital,visual,on the move,,Method #1. Classical.This is the traditional method and also my favorite way of organizing i

What is taught in physical education in class 11 and 12 in the CBSE board?

See dear u2026u2026 after you pass your class 10 , you come to be introduced a new subject called PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Usually it's a subject which include information about different games and sports ,value of games and sports in our life,sportsman spirit,development in the field of sports and etc.,Physical education is generally of ,,Theory - 70 m