How do I get views on a freshly made YouTube channel?

I go to Vidcon regularly, and have hung out with a ton of YouTubers. Based on years of studying content creators, learning from content creators and creating content myself, the following would be my evergreen, never-expiring advice:,Focus on the long tail: Since competition is stiff, focusing on the Long Tail is generally recommended. This means u

What are the "must-haves" in modern kitchen design?

I would say ;,Engineered stone or granite. bench tops. ,,Not having u201csoft closeu201d drawers and cupboards doors seems a bit archaic so you need them.,A good range hood is better than any window you could open, and it's definitely a must have.,Anything else is up to the customers space, tastes and preference to design decisions . Since there ar

Which brand of lens generally has better quality, Tokina, Tamron, or Sigma?

Itu2019s hard, a bit unfair and often uninformative to make a generalisation as they all make some good quality aftermarket lenses .. as we really need to compare specific examples of a particular lens/es of similar focal length zoom type etc in order to make a meaningful comparison ..,Iu2019d suggest we use a slightly more technical means of compa

How beautiful is Europe?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in EuropeEuropeu2026thereu2019s no other place like it in the world! Its fabulous monuments reveal one layer of history after another, and its breathtaking natural scenery couldnu2019t be more diverse. From wild to elegant, its countries bring together a kaleidoscope of cultures, and its landscapes are as intriguing

Is it ok to chant Om Namah Shivaya when youre having period?

Yes. Everything depends on state of mind.,It is also OK to chant Om Namah Shivaya, or Om Namo Narayana, when you are having Pneumonia, Stomach Flu or Diarrhea. An elderly grandmother was of opinion that it is necessary to think of the Ishta deva or Ishta devi while having sex.,Similarly, elderly women often guide young expectant women to think of G

Redbull: does redbull energy drink increase your focus?

It helps me stay awake.,Honestly what Iu2019ve discovered is, focus depends more upon your will power. If Iu2019m determined that I will solve this problem set, no matter how much the difficulty level rises as I go on, Iu2019m more likely to be focused.,Yes, but if Iu2019m sleepy or tired due to a long day and its just 11 PM, having a Redbull will

What are the top health insurance policies for 2022?

It can be tricky to find out which health insurance policy is best for you [ ]. After all, there are so many policies out there from so many companies. It can be confusing. You can get into what is known as u2018analysis paralysisu2019. What it means is that when there are so

What are some baby Girl Names Starting With A?

A2A,You might get lots of stuff related to names on Net but the best thought is a combination of your name initials and your husband name initials.,Just write down on a piece of paper both of your names(husband & wife) and try combining the prefix/suffix/initials.You can take help of your husband as well.Write them down as you start getting words a

How do we write a grant for a concept paper?

The first sentences are important. Capture their interest; engage them to continue reading the rest of your concept paper. Purpose In simple terms, state the problem that your project will address or the need that your project will fulfill. Provide evidence as to why this problem is important.,WRITING A CONCEPT PAPER FOR A GRANTWRITING A CONCEPT PA

What is South America famous for?

u201cWhat is South America famous for?u201d,South America is famous for strawberries, cocaine, crime, wind, potatoes, fernet, corruption, earthquakes, ice fields, palta, Gabriel Garcu00eda Marquez, corruption, micro-basurales, cocaine, Mario Vargas Llosa, coffee, crime, the Golden Lancehead Viper, cocaine, pisco, Jorge Amado, trees, warfare with th

What kind of foods do you cook in your Air fryer?

An air fryer is a multipurpose and versatile cooking appliance. The reason its so popular is because it uses less or no oil when it comes to frying or cooking some of your favorite delicious meals. Making this method of preparation a comparatively healthier alternative.,How do you use an air fryer?An air fryer comes with a removable basket and gril

What are some of the most important formulas in MS Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, a formula is an expression that operates on values in various cells. Formulas let you perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, average, even/odd detections, etc. There are many formulas, you get better at memorizing them with regular practice.,Few of the most commonly used are IF, S

What are the four seasons in the Philippines?

It will be a surprise to many Filipinos that summer is not one of the two seasons in the Philippines.,Most countries of the world, in fact, have only two seasons. This is because most countries lie within the tropical zone. It is the region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, within which, everywhere gets to meet the sun at th

What are the best settings (ISO, shutter speed, aperture) or which mode should I use, to shoot night time portraits on Nikon D3500? Should I keep my flash on or off?

Write this down: There are no BEST settings, only what the most optimum that the light demands at the time and light level of each shot. You can be walking down the street at the same time and two compositions will require the optimum aperture and shutter speed at different values. When not shooting a static object with a tripod, leave the ISO at a

How do you compute for the Return of Investment? Is there a formula for this?

This answer will challenge the traditional way to look at ROI.Below is the traditional way to look at ROI:,However, the above calculation doesnu2019t take account of one key component-time.,In this traditional way of looking at ROI, a passive investment that produces, on average, 9% per year, is not as good as an investment that is producing 9.1% w

What are the different types of students in middle school?

The blue-haired girlsColored hair, of course,Theyu2019ve probably diagnosed themselves with at least five different mental illnesses.,They wear those wolf hoodies. Yu2019all know what Iu2019m talking about.,They watch anime,Insist on people calling them by their middle name or something that isnu2019t their name at all,They only hang out with guys

What is a real fountain of youth?

There is an energy cultivation practice known as qigong that is, in a sense, a real fountain of youth. The qigong purges the negative energy from your physical body, and brings in high energy matter from the space of the universe that is not restricted by the constraints of this timespace. It can reverse the signs of aging and eliminate physical ai

What are your favorite taco recipes?

Crispy and juicy Pork Carnitas TacosThis recipe is a little bit of work but it is absolutely worth it.,Ingredients needed,3 pounds boneless pork shoulder, remove the rind and cut shoulder into 2 inch cubes,1 tbsp kosher salt,1 tsp ground black pepper,3/4 tsp cinnamon,1 tsp ground cumin,1/2 tsp chinese 5 spice,1 orange - use a potato peeler to slice

Is Chinas new Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge necessary or is it just a vanity project?

When China started to invest heavily in high speed rail network over a decade ago, people criticized government for wasting money on u201cvanity projectu201d and they were quite convinced the slow trains were good enough for Chinese.,Those critics were just near-sighted and lacked vision of how this would change China and her people and how it woul

Where can I download Adobe Photoshop Express APK?

you can download Adobe Photoshop Express from play store,Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker - Apps on Google Playbut if you want to download APK file which is not completely secure then there is the link,Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker for Android - APK Downloadif you want to use apk then make sure you have good a

What are some awesome examples of simple yet innovative designs?

Innovative design in Visiting CardsCheese Shop's Grater CardButcher's Cleaver CardsDivorce Lawyer's Separating CardPilates Studio's Flexible Figure CardsFilmmaker's Movie Ticket CardsCommunications Expert's Coaster CardsEvent Planner's Zig Zag Ribbon CardFlorist's Flower Bouquet CardsPainter's Paint Chip Cards (My fav design)Clothing Store's Coat H

What are some good entry level bird watching equipment?

This answer is partially an appendage to Stewartu2019s answer.,Iu2019m not advertising in any way, just recommending based on my experience.A good binocular for entry-level birding would be the Bushnell Falcon 10x50 or the Bushnell Falcon 7x35. They has a really good aperture, clarity, and zoom. Itu2019s the ultimate starter binocular. Packs a punc

What are the best ways to earn money while traveling around the world?

You can go my route:,Instead of only travelling, travel and work both at the same time. Write to companies beforehand, ask them for a job, show them your skills, and negotiate for pay and accommodation.,I had all my expenses paid for, when I was in Spain, even my food was paid for.,There are many ways to earn money whilst travelling, I found mine t

What are the places to visit in 2022?

Su00e3o Paulo.Rick and I are going to SP for Pride week, June 2022. (COVID willing.) Never been to Brazil before. We are super excited. We will be in the Bella Vista neighborhood. Former Quora writer (Adriano) will be our guide. We are reallllllllllllllly excited for it.