What is the best food to try when visiting the United Kingdom?

Well you know, these types of questions are quite silly. The UK, like a lot of western nations, is incredibly diverse: people from all over the world have settled here, and brought their traditional foods with them. Walk down the average south London high street and you might find an Indian, a Turkish, and a Caribbean restaurant, among others.,Plus

Why should you consider staying at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver?

Excellent location, itu2019s right in the heart of downtown Vancouver and is adjacent to the mall Pacific Centre, with connections to both Skytrain lines. Iu2019ve never been up to the rooms but all my friends who have stayed there had nothing but good things to say.,Unfortunately, their lease was not renewed and so it is closing down in Jan 31, 20

What is the difference between call center agents and customer service representatives?

Theyu2019re pretty much the same except for some few differences in terms of doing tasks. A customer service representative does the phone handling and deals with types of customer concerns. In reference to call center agents, it could either do other duties other than answering calls. However they are just basically working in the call center indu

What would you advise to someone who wants to start a zero waste lifestyle?

It is such a great news that you are asking this! I have been practicing zero waste lifestyle for almost a year now so I can tell you some steps that I had applied to myself at the beginning.,Look around you and look into your daily routine to see where your wastes (which are not degradable) come fromFood: This should be your 1st focus since most o

Is buying a 3D printer really worth it?

3D printers have been around for many years, but they were always too expensive to be widely adopted by the general public. However, thanks to continued technological advancements, 3D printers are available at affordable prices and some companies even have them in their office to produce prototypes of their products. While this seems like an amazin

The Philippines appears to have very little to offer tourists and foreign remote workers, relative to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia. Why does it look like an overpriced trip to dilapidated Cuba on all of social media?

The Philippines is an archipelago nation comprised of more than 7,000 islands dotting the Pacific Ocean, like Indonesia; both Thailand and Vietnam are part of the Asian mainland.,The country's official tourism slogan is u201cItu2019s More Fun in the Philippinesu201d because whatever type of travel adventure youu2019re looking for, youu2019re bound

What did Americans in the 19th and 20th century think of Australia and Canada?

There is a long tradition of Americans visiting Australia and giving their opinions of the place.,Mark Twain was an early contributor to this body of literature.,Due to his complete lack of business acumen and his habit of investing in failed gadgets and inventions he was often broke. Such was the situation in 1894 when he was obliged to go on a sp

How do you do due diligence in a private company?

You can only do as much as is available to you. First and foremost you can look into the incorporation of that company and I believe (at least in NY) request a company standing from the Department of Corporations of that state to ensure the company is in good standing. You can then make sure all the accounting and financials line up and I would per

What is the use of wooden tiles?

Due to the fact that wooden tiles are durable and require zero maintenance they are a go to option for house owners these days. The good thing about wooden tiles is that you can also use them on your floor and also on your walls to add that glowing effect and the another good thing is that there are plethora of designs for one to choose from. If yo

What are some unique pure Tamil baby girl names starting with K?

u0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0ba4u0bbf nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bb2u0bb0u0bcd nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bb2u0bc8 nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bb1u0bc8 nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bc1u0b95u0bbfu0bb2u0bcd nu0b95u0ba3u0bbfu0baeu0bc1u0b95u0bc8,u0b95u0b9fu0bb2u0bc2u0bb0u0bbeu0bb3u0bcd nu0b95u0b9fu0bb2u0bc6u0bb4u0bbfu0bb2u0bbf nu0b95u0b9fu0bb2u0bcau0bb2u0bbf nu0b95u0b9fu0bb1u0b

What are some of the creativity level 100 photos?

It is always believed that ad campaign costs a lot.But people on the internet are proving to us again and again that creativity costs $0.,Take these young people from Lagos, Nigeria as an exampleu2014without any expensive equipment or fancy gear, they took some stunning shots that could be surely mistaken for a professional ad campaign.Apparently,

I am travelling to Manila, Philippines in coming march for two weeks, and have about a week to visit local nearby and cheap tourist attractions. Any suggestions?

If you have to mix business with pleasure, you'll be limited to the environs around Manila, where land travel is a pain because of the awful traffic conditions. Be sure to ask for local suggestions or have a Filipino friend guide you around. Download Google Maps of the local areas. Below are some of my suggestions:,La Mesa Dam - it's a forested par

Is it easy to cancel Amazon Prime after a free trial?

You can cancel the prime membership free trial from the subscription page located at amazon app.,Note: in order to save the money from deduction for the prime membership you must cancel last day of the trial subscription.

How is sociology as an option at the UPSC?

I secured 295 in sociology in UPSC CSE 2017.,Sociology is an amazing subject. From the exam point of view, it can help you in GS Paper 1,Salient features of Indian Society, Diversity of India.,Role of women and womenu2019s organization, population and associated issues, poverty and,developmental issues, urbanization, their problems, and their remed

How did Mauna Loa volcano form?

Mauna Loa volcano is one of the volcanoes on the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean. Here the islands and their volcanoes have all formed by a hotspot or mantle plume called the Hawaii hotspot which acts like a blow torch burning up through the crust,Mauna Loa would have started as a submarine volcano, very much like the newest Hawaiian volcano,

What is the best recipe for beef taco meat?

If your talking carne asada. Homemade salsa (onions, tomatoes, cilantro, fresh garlic, season of your choice and a few limes squeezes add jalapenos as much as you like. Sauteed the carne asada , put to the side. Heat up some corn tortillas. The salsa is the only takes up most of the time but it's not only quick but the flavor speaks for it self. Ma

Why do I keep dreaming about being kidnapped?

When I look at my own dreams I always ask if what is happening in my external life is influencing the dream. Some people having a dream like this can feel kidnapped by their job. Meaning that they are stuck in an environment that they are forced to continue even thought they donu2019t like it. That is just an example. But such a dream can have any

What are some good but affordable laptops for students in India?

Hi, It totally depends on your need.,If you are from a Computer Science department or IT or you need for Coding in schools, then go for HP laptop with maximum Core I3 (If you want in cheap)- Search under flipkart you can get the same under 25000 INR. It will also help for Civil Engg and Mech Engg students who uses AutoCad or similar software.,If yo

What is the best meat seasoning?

Depends on the meat, doesnu2019t it?,The only thing a good steak needs is a generous layer of salt and pepper, finish with a pat of butter.,But thatu2019s what you do when youu2019re having a steak. If Iu2019m doing fajitas, Iu2019m using a marinade of equal parts soy sauce, Lime Juice and avocado oil, adding in some brown sugar, cumin, chili powde

What are some good mobile apps for crowdfunding?

Check out these 4 crowdfunding platforms:,1. KickstarterApp Specific: NOPlatform: AnyKickstarter has entirely transformed crowdfunding, itu2019s been growing fast and making a business opportunity possible for every innovator or entrepreneur who is determined enough to get started.,It is one of the platforms where people can launch projects to rais

What are the best places to visit in India during mid-August?

Top 20 Places to Visit in August in India 2019August is the time when rainfall has started its work in most of the places in India. You can find the land to be freshened with frequent mild showers but, the showers would not hinder your vacation as they are usually mild and short.,August is usually not the tourist season but, you can enjoy a lot of

What are the best Instagram hashtags for 2022?

Why do we use the Instagram hashtag strategy? Because you're a brand actively looking to get more impressions likes followers conversions hashtags are a free way to expand your reach to a wider audience that's why you should use them or at least experiment with them.,How do hashtags work?Do you know what a hashtag looks like and you know that when