How much is a gold 1989 $1,000 peso worth in Mexico?

A 1989 Mexican peso coin would be valued as an u201cold pesou201d meaning a coin minted prior to the peso devaluation in 1993. So, what was worth $1,000 pesos in 1989, and actually through the end of 1992, became worth a single peso in 1993.,Todayu2019s exchange rate between the peso and the U.S. dollar is about 18.5 pesos to the dollar. So, $1,000

How do I convert CR2 to JPG in Windows 10?

Since the CR2 is the Canons RAW image file, just download the Canon Digital Photo Professional program.,For clarity, RAW files are not converted, but processed and then exported as a JPEG image file.

What is the state of the art for propagating a new telephone number?

There is SpellDial, a startup from Cebu, Philippines.,On their landing page:n,Numbers are uber difficult to remembernIt's such a hassle to inform all your friends when you change itnAnd, most of all, Numbers don't express who you aren,nBasically, you sign up for a unique name per country code. For example, +ph.mynameiskit.

How do I contact American Airlines customer service?

Depends what you mean by u201ccustomer service.u201d If you need help making, changing, or cancelling a reservation or ticket, call the main number 800-433-7300. If you have a complaint, compliment, or question, you can go to their web site and fill in the u201cEmail Usu201d form to contact Customer Relations. If you have a question or problem rega

Did the Obama administration give Pearson Publishing $350 million in tax dollars to create a Common Core curriculum, and did Obama get a $65 million dollar book deal in return? If so, is that a quid pro quo?

The theory here is that President Barack Obama, who was a best-selling author before he became president, engaged in an act of corruption in order to get a book deal for him and Michelle after he left office?,Under this theory, why do you think there was such a bidding war among other publishers for the book rights? Bidding hits $60M on Obamasu2019

Which films make the best use of color?

Primary colours are the heart of La La Land. They are responsible for the colourful, bright magic that erupts throughout the movie that Damien paints throughout.,You see the blue flow in everything from the brick backdrops to the gradient of a Los Angeles sunset, red touches the neon lights and shirts while yellow drenches Miau2019s dress and radia

What are the best mirrorless cameras that are future-proof (2022)?

Nothing in tech is future proof. With that said, mirrorless cameras will be more long lasting feature-wise than DSLRs because a lot of what they do is software driven. So they can be upgraded to improve current features, and add new features (within the limits of the hardware). This is true of all brands of mirrorless cameras.,The main thing, and t

US universities are so much better than European in terms of resources, sports, housing, etc. And usually more affordable. Why there are almost no European students in USA? A lot from China, Africa, Eastern Europe, but no Germany, France, UK, etc.

More affordable? Jeez, I want the stuff you smoke.ud83dude1c,I will use Germany as a comparison, but the results can be translated to France as well.,In Germany, university education is FREE. Yes, that is right. There is a fee per semester, which includes a heavily discounted ticket for public transportation, and a social contribution. On average,

What is a special diet to conceive a girl?

THE DIET TO CONCEIVE A GIRL SHOULD,have high calcium and magnesium ions,low sodium and potassium ions,low fat content less than 30% of your daily calories should come from fats,reduce your intake pf poly unsaturated fatty acids i.e. omega 3 and omega 6,plan to conceive when you are reducing weight lose enough weight to lower your bmi by 2 units. th

Can I buy high quality office furniture at budget-friendly prices?

Yes, you can buy high quality office furniture at budget friendly prices.,You office needs to look elegant and also enhance the employee productivity.,If you visit a local store and have a good contact with the owner, you can get good discounts.They will be branded as well as discounted products.,I have visited RNG furniture online. This furniture

How can I put a white background on a photo?

Not sure if you want to shoot an object with a white background or create a white background for an existing photo. Shooting with a white background is usually done with a light tent or a white backdrop and lighting is used to eliminate any shadows. A white background for an existing photo can be done a few ways in photoshop, open the photo then go

Will China be internationally considered less barbarian if they banned food-used dogs?

My personal opinion, and that of my close friends, is that no, Westerners will still object to the Chinese eating other foods that are different from the West, under other names.,uff08The Western media never says otherwise, and the dog meat eaten in China actually comes from a type of dog that has been cultivated in China for thousands of years for

How do you manage project management (even if you are not a project manager)?

How do you manage project management? Some have taken this to mean how do you manage projectsu2026,However, at our company I wrote our current project management procedures, so the question is not as off-base as it may appear.,(1) In one sense you are almost thinking about the function of the PMO in a large organization, where the project managers

Can I use steel utensils to preparebake a cake?

Dude this is a big mysteryu2026inspired by a few homebakers i bake cakes and cookies for timepass and as a hobby. So having no special cake tins i started initially in microwave safe tupper wares .,This is my first time i made cake 2 years back.,Even this was made a few days later the first one and these turned amazingly tasty and yummy.,After a fe

What is the new startup to watch?

I have my eyes on some promising looking startups these days and to answer your question I am going to throw some spotlight on them so you could know what wonders are about to happen around us.,Let`s see what they are doing and who is behind these wonders:,1). TransferWise is the clever new way to convert money to send abroad. The idea is very simp

What relieves bloating?

First it is important for you to understand the cause of your bloating. Most of the time, it is due to some food which we eat that might have an adverse reaction. In more serious occurrences, it can be as a result of ulcers and other conditions. If it persists, an examination is necessary.,I would advise you to try using probiotics. These are healt

Do South Koreans like Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Yes, but itu2019s because KFC has its place.,And my observation after nearly 30 years is that it doesnu2019t have as much to do with the love that contemporary Koreans have for fried chicken in the first place, but rather is akin to KFC being a dependable fast food chain that will always deliver that signature taste.,Hereu2019s what that means:,A b

How did Nicephore Niepce invent photography?

OPOQ> How did Nicephore Niepce invent photography?I have blocked this QPP questioner for over 4000 u201cinsincereu201d questions, BUT I am still getting questions from him . WHY?,There is no evidence that he is interested in. or reads the answers given.

How much time should you spend visiting Palawan?

Thanks of A2A. I am thankful for having visited, several times, Puerto Princesa City and the u201cneigboringu201d town of Aborlan (70 kilometers south). However, I have never been to any u201ctouristu201d spot there, except for Baywalk in Puerto Princesa City.,I think if you spend 3 weeks, it will still be not enough if you are an adventurous / bac