When you worked on cruise ships, whats the shadiest thing youve seen a passenger do?

This isnu2019t super shady but it was pretty common in the photo department.,When a guest purchased a photo, we would first slip it into a transparent protective sleeve and then into a nice, logou2019d display folder. This was a reflexive actionu2014indeed, the first thing we did before even ringing up the sale.,Weu2019d frequently have people walk

Who made the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower was constructed by thousands of french construction workers, out of steel made by french steel millers, which in turn was mined by french miners, and all of those were brought to their respective sites by french truckers and conductors.,Oh, you were asking who designed it? Well thatu2019d be Mr. Gustave Eiffel. No reason he should

Is Spotify Premium family worth it?

There's a great family plan that costs $14.99 per month for up to five people. Even if you only have two people using Spotify, you save money with the family plan. And with a family of four or five, it's a no-brainer.

How do I stream Netflix from an Android phone to a TV?

To do this youu2019d need a smart TV and cast the phone to the TV. Everything on your phone screen will appear on the TV.,However if itu2019s a smart TV then you should be able to install the Netflix app on to the TV if itu2019s not already installed. No need to use the phone.,If your TV is not a smart TV then if your phone supports OTG then get an

How has American colonialism shaped the Philippines?

Massive mining activity in the Cordillera region (in Northern Luzon island) and elsewhere including in Mindanao, which displaced millions of indigenous communities throughout the 20th century. Rapid depletion of forests in the Philippines (I remember reading somewhere that in the early 1900s forest cover in the Phils was around 70%, now its about 2

Where does "The Little Mermaid" take place? What kingdom does Prince Eric rule?

In concurrence with Lena and Ishmael, if weu2019re talking about the original story by H.C. Andersen, Ericu2019s kingdom is most likely a fictional location in or near Denmark. It is never given a name though, and all we really know about it is that it has an oceanic or sea coast.,If weu2019re going by the Disney animation, I have explored the poss

What are the steps to getting started with eCommerce?

Cashing in on the Ecommerce BoomE-commerce is just another word for business transactions that happen online. Popular e-commerce websites include Amazon, Zappos, eBay, Overstock, and others. Itu2019s a billion dollar industry that continues to grow with each passing year.,According to the United States Census Bureau, e-commerce sales for retailers

Is there a secret menu at Dairy Queen? Where can I find it and what is on it?

My dad bought his first DQ back in 1981, and I can tell you that any items that officially exist have been on the menu at some point or another.,There are a few items that customers think exist that never have though. Such as butterscotch sundaes, or shakes. Customers keep asking for these, but get upset when we use butterscotch cone dip. I donu201

Which habit changed your life?

OSome habits that changed my life;,Taking advantage of Microsoft programs like office & excell to print out u201cdaily scheduleu201d with a daily sceduale your able to pencil in everything you want to do, by the hour or half hour. The example templates that they give are really cool and worth looking at. Plus, You can have your morning, afternoon &

How do I decorate a Christmas tree cake?

You can have a lot of fun decorating a tree cake. Just use the different icing tips to make different shapes on the tree and look at a picture of a Christmas tree decorated and just duplicate it to the best of your ability

What characteristics of a home would compel you to purchase it right away?

Are you asking for my dream home wish list?,tropical Florida address,two large bedrooms that can double as guest room and home office,a enormous master bedroom suite: picture room for a king bed, bookcases, TV, dresser, bureau, vanity, desk, loveseat, dollhouse, jewelry armoire. A balcony or outdoor patio access a plus.,walk-in closets,Hidden firep

What are some cute things your significant other does?

We're in the middle of a fight, angry at each other.,We might be saying a couple of rude things to each other here and there.,Then he suddenly asks if I've eaten dinner.,I get angry at him further for changing the topic. Who cares about dinners during a rough fight with your SO?,He insists that I eat anyways.,I don't give in. I'm furious anyways.,H

What is the best automated trading software using interactive brokers?

In my opinion, Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader (C.A.T) is the best-automated trading software using interactive brokers.,There is no automated software or tools that is completely risk-free. CAT can help you with your work while you are not there to do it by yourself. It can also help you to do it faster. Cat bot uses the ping pong strategy. And af

What are the best DSLR cameras in 2022 for photography and video?

None. Those considering buying a new DSLR today will be paying too much for an obsolete product.,I question anybodyu2019s need for a pentaprism viewfinder system today unless youu2019ve relied on one for years in a professional capacity. Instead look at mirrorless cameras by Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Fujifilm and more.

How many minutes does it take to soft boil an egg?

That would depend upon what you consider soft boiled.,Of course, the greater the amount of time, the harder the whites and yolks will become.,Here are eight eggs opened at various cooking times. Take your pick on how you like yours. For me, about five minutes or so sounds about right.,,nThere are a several of factors that may affect the boiling tim

What is Frontier Airlines good at?

Unpopular opinion: I like Frontier Airlines.,Why? Same reason I hate Finnair. I had one terrible experience with Finnair and have decided it is the devilu2019s airline and I will avoid it like the plague. On the contrary, I had an amazing experience with Frontier, so I like them.,First things first. Itu2019s a budget airline. Youu2019re not getting

What are the main things that people from the U.S. notice when they move to Australia?

A shift to another country is a big move for anyone. There are probably bound to be some changes you like and some that you donu2019t. Itu2019s good that youu2019re getting yourself prepared.,Iu2019ve only been to the USA twice, but here are some things I can think of:,Driving on the left hand side of the road - This takes some time to adjust to, e

What time zone is Scottsdale, Arizona in?

Mountain Time Zone. However, since most of Arizona stays on Standard time and does not go on Daylight Saving Time, in reality most of the year we are in reality on Pacific Time. I. The winter, for about 4 months, 2 hours difference from New York, but March through November 3 hours.

What are good non-tomato based pasta sauces?

Pesto. Traditionally, blend basil, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan, and olive oil together. Toss with pasta. Now we make pestos out of a variety of herbs and nuts; pesto varieties continue to grow and are generally awesome.,Olive oil w/.... Mince garlic and anchovies. Add to warm olive oil and cook slowly until the anchovies dissolve. Toss with pasta.

What are the best pictures you saw today?

I saw this picture today. For those who don't know, this is an Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput who battled depression for long but unfortunately committed suicide on 14th June, 2020.,(Image: Google),His death has sparked a national debate on mental health and depression. One of the causative factor to Sushant's depression was supposedly bullying

Would it be possible for a specific fiat currency to become globally rejected (outside the issuing country)? What would the likelihood be of that happening?

Depending on how you define u201cglobally rejectedu201d it happens all the time. In fact, itu2019s easier to answer in reverse. Of 180 national currencies recognized by the United Nations, only 18 are u201cfreely convertibleu201d according to the International Monetary Fund. Call these u201cglobally acceptedu201d:,Australian dollar,Bahrain dinar,Ca

How do you spot a beginner Linux user?

Thanks for the A2A.,Great answers so far. Wowu2026 hard question. I barely knowu2026 where to start!,Linux beginners:,Calling it GNU/Linux, just because everyone else does, not understanding what it means and whatu2019s it all about (or even worse, praising GNU for things they didnu2019t even do!),Calling it Linux OS,u201cWhat is the best laptop fo

Should undocumented immigrants have health insurance coverage in the United States?

Undocumented immigrants have lived, worked, paid taxes for decades. Healthcare is a human right. That's why everyone should have it. Including Americans who are criminals, don't pay taxes, who don't work.,Many current undocumented immigrants get insurance the way many Americans do - through their employer. This is a system of serfdom, so that emplo

What is your favourite British dessert?

Iu2019ve got three fave fab British desserts.Spotted Dick (traditional English steamed currant pudding with vanilla custard) - not a pudding for those on a diet; made from suet, flour and dried fruit but the perfect pudding.,Pineapple upside-down cake - serve with a scoop of ice cream,Jam Roly Poly - classic British that takes you back to memory la